Sick Fag James Alefantis Threatens to Murder #Pizzagate Researcher’s Family

Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

A huge break in the Pizzagate investigations just occurred. A museum named Pegasus, owned by Comet Ping Pong/Besta Pizza’s James Alefantis is exposed as the site of unpermitted underground tunneling under the guise of roof repair.

Google Street View images show men from the roof surveilling the neighboring playground and a pigment resembling the color of dried blood saying “kids” with an arrow pointed underground. This is harrowing stuff, folks. That these people remain uninvestigated by federal authorities is unfathomable. Why did we waste so many taxpayer dollars carving out ways for the government to unconstitutionally murder people if the President doesn’t use it to dronestrike despicable faggot perverts?

The real smoking gun here, however, is that the guy that produced this video had his life personally threatened by James Alefantis himself. After publishing this video James Alefantis messages the guy his real name, then threatens to have his whole family killed and sends him some pictures of his loved ones. This is crazy. People who are innocent do not threaten to kill people’s families to have investigations silenced. That is the absolute height of desperation, and shows a depth of consciousness of guilt that is unequaled.


In my opinion, there is no way this could be coincidental! All JA’s properties perfectly align with what we know about the newly discovered tunnels! I even punched in the Pegasus Museum and it was a perfect match! Now we have a reason for why he bought the properties he did. The 3518 property was so strange, but not when you know about the tunnel system that is known to exist.

First, a link to an article on the tunnels Harrison G. Dyar built: and to my previous post on the discovery of the tunnels:

In the article, it says workmen were excavating property at 2115 P street northwest. This will come into play later on.

Now we know where this tunnel starts, but where does it end?

Pizzagate is obviously real. If you deny this now, you are an idiot or a lying shill. DC and NoVA are filled with tunnels to disturbing locations with weird child sex aesthetics and people surveilling playgrounds.

Sick fags like James Alefantis keep saying we should let the agencies deal with it, even though Alefantis (top 50 influencer in DC according to GQ magazine by running a pizza joint – everyone knows pizza buys massive political influence) has documented connections to the human trafficking unit of the DoJ. Something has to be done about this, and there’s no valid argument that it should be left to the hands of three letter agencies that clearly are cozy with what is clearly a violent monster.

It’s up to us to expose this thing and bring these fag perverts to justice.

Virginia has the highest per capita rate of missing children in the US. I wonder why?

Notable Replies

  1. And it must be exposed quickly, as it's likely that they've already been trying to cover up their tracks.

    The people who have diligently investigating PizzaGate have not only had to deal with all of the ridicule and nay-sayers in the media, they've had to explore the abhorrent details of the information they've uncovered, and now they're also receiving various levels of threats -- up to death threats against themselves and their families.

    The "code talk" in the Podesta emails was never explained. It would have been easy to debunk the whole PizzaGate "conspiracy" by simply addressing the emails -- except that there is no rational explanation for the contents of those emails, and that's why they've never tried to come up with an explanation.

    Now with Alefantis blowing up and making death threats, it clearly is time for a quick and thorough investigation.

  2. Back in the day - they could publicly hang pedophile jews in broad daylight, now it's like it would have to be done at night with the filthy corpse being discovered - in a public area in the morning:

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