Smithsonian Red-Faced After ‘Treblinka Star of David Tiles’ Shown to be Not Jewish At All

New Observer Online
April 15, 2014

The Smithsonian YouTube Channel announcement that “Star of David” tiles have been found at Treblinka which “prove” the “gas chambers” at the camp.

The Smithsonian Institutes’ TV documentary division has been severely embarrassed with the revelation that its recently-released “Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” documentary—which claimed to have “proved” the existence of “gas chambers” at Treblinka because of the discovery of “tiles with Stars of David,” is an extremely amateurish hoax.

The Smithsonian advertised the documentary on its YouTube Channel by saying that “The watershed discovery of Star of David tiles confirms the existence of Treblinka’s gas chambers and becomes the key to reconstructing the death camp’s sinister workings.”

The documentary follows British forensic archaeologist, Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls, from Staffordshire University and her colleagues as they carry out diggings on the Treblinka camp site in eastern Poland in an attempt to refute Holocaust revisionists who say that the camp was only used as a transit area and not as an extermination center.

An early advertising poster for the old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland, showing the brand mark. It is in fact known in the heraldic world as a pierced mullet star, and is not uncommon in pottery and porcelain marks.

The complete lack of any physical evidence that the camp was used for exterminating hundreds of thousands of people, has long been a great source of concern for orthodox historians, to the point where the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper admitted in a 2014 article that the “absence of physical evidence allowed Holocaust deniers to maintain that Treblinka II was a transit, not death, camp.” (“Uncovering the Remains of Treblinka,” Jewish Daily Forward, March 27, 2014.)

The Smithsonian documentary showed Colls and her colleague Ivar Schute digging in a ditch and finding four pieces of ceramic tile.

The narrator of the documentary then announces that “Dutch archaeologist Ivar has just uncovered an orange tile with a Star of David on the base.”

An early advertising poster for the old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland, showing the brand mark. It is in fact known in the heraldic world as a pierced mullet star, and is not uncommon in pottery and porcelain marks.

The camera then moves to a close-up of Colls and Schute handling the tiles. Schute tells Colls that he has uncovered “four tiles, three yellow ones and one red one.

“As you see, the Star of David on the bottom, which is quite remarkable,” Schute tells Colls and the camera, then asks her, “But have you ever seen the tiles?”

Colls replies “No” and then Schute goes on to say that these tiles “fit in with the idea that we are in the area of the gas chambers.”

Colls then says what “immediately springs to my mind is that witnesses who were allowed in the gas chamber and the area talked about the Star of David on the outside of the gas chamber building to build up the illusion that people were going to somewhere that was safe.”

Example of a Dziewulski i Lange terracotta tile which use the same brand mark wrongly identified by Colls and Schute as a “Star of David.”

On this basis—that tiles had “Stars of David” on them—the narrator of the video then asserts that “Treblinka eye-witnesses have identified tiles just like these.

“Now for the first time, Caroline and her team have hard evidence confirming the existence of the gas chambers,” the narrator adds.

Unfortunately for the Smithsonian, Colls and Schute, the “Star of David” to which they refer is nothing of the sort.

Firstly, the symbol—a six pointed solid star, with a dot in its center, surrounded by a circle, and with a clear “D” letter to its right, is imprinted on the back of the tile—which means that wherever it would have been placed, the symbol would have been cemented onto the floor, and would not have been visible.

This makes Colls’s claim that the symbol was there to “make people think they were going somewhere safe” complete nonsense.

An early advertising poster for the old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland, showing the brand mark. It is in fact known in the heraldic world as a pierced mullet star, and is not uncommon in pottery and porcelain marks.

Furthermore, no “eye-witness” has ever claimed that there were Stars of David “inside a gas chamber” at Treblinka—only that there was a large Star of David over the “front door” of the gas chamber.

But, even worse for Colls, Schute, and the Smithsonian, the symbol which they all claim to be a “Star of David” is nothing of the sort.

It is in fact a brand mark of the 125-year old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland. That factory still exists, although it was renamed the Opoczno Terracotta Products Factory in 1950 and is today just called Opoczno S.A.

The company’s symbol is known in the heraldic world as a pierced mullet star, as is not unusual for porcelain marks and coats of arms around Europe.

It borders on the grossly amateurish for so-called “specialist archaeologists” like Colls and Schute to make such a basic error—and for the Smithsonian to then broadcast it to the world as “proof” of a “gas chamber.”

Example of a Dziewulski i Lange terracotta tile which use the same brand mark wrongly identified by Colls and Schute as a “Star of David.”

To make matters worse, Colls also knew that the tile was made by Dziewulski i Lange—because she mentioned that on her official website dealing with the excavations.

The farcical documentary does not end there: After excavating for hours on end, the “specialist archaeologists” finally earthed what they claimed were 40 bone fragments, which they immediately pronounced as evidence of “three mass graves.”

The “specialists” then quickly decide to rebury the bone fragments because, as Colls asserts, all they will do is “find more” (an incredibly poor reason to stop the digging). She then claims that these bone fragments and tiles “prove that [the] Treblinka I camp [was] more than just labor camp.” Of course, it shows noting of the sort, and is merely a concoction of a series of ignorant mistakes and ungrounded assumptions.

A few hours later, digging in another spot, this time in the alleged “Treblinka II” camp, some brick and mortar foundations are discovered, and, without any further ado, the Smithsonian narrator announces that the team has “Confirmed the existence of the gas chambers and [has] confirmed their location.”

The terracotta tile excavated by Ivar Schute at the Treblinka camp, and wrongly identified by him, Colls and the Smithsonian as a “Star of David.” The symbol is in fact a brand mark of the 125-year-old old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland.

In reality, nothing of the sort has happened.

All that happened was that the “specialist archaeologists” have completely misidentified a tile brand mark, found what they claimed to be 40 bone fragments, a handful of assorted personal items and some foundations.

These finds do not “prove” anything—and this very poor “scholarship” has not only placed a large question mark over the team’s ability to intelligently interpret data of important historic significance, but will also have added fuel to fire of the revisionists who question the Treblinka story.


  • Last Chance Armada

    LMAO! Why would the Germans make special “Star of David gas chamber tiles?” This is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard lately. Are the people watching this tripe all five years old?

    • wheatandtares

      Since the lemmings already believe the Holocaust-fable, these archeologists can put any item forth as proof that will reinforce their beliefs. The jews can show them for example an old hairpin and say it was from a little jewish girl who was holocausted 70 years ago, and the goyim will take it as proof that 6 million jews were gassed.

      You cannot imagine how stupid people are when they willingly turn their brains off. They will believe absolutely anything they see on TV. It is only when people start to THINK for themselves that they can figure things out.

      • Vlad the Impaler

        They still show US military people delousing stations and tell them thats where the nazis gassed jews. They believe it without any investigation! I get in many a argument with these WW II vets that say “I was there”. So what you were there, a pile of dead bodies proves nothing! But, all the sheeple cheer the old vet and curse me to no end.

      • JD

        Do you mean that 6 million people really didnt die in a 2.5 car, garage sized, vented room by use of bug spray within 18 months as advertised?

  • slavic_muse

    besides she’s a jewish bitch on the video. look at her hooked nose @ 2:30 here
    i dont believe a thing she says, that it occurred like that!
    liars and devils!

  • Vlad the Impaler

    I don’t know if this is the best match but I wanted to throw it out there before I forget! It’s about a teen girl writing about the fake holohoax, I liked it and bet you will too :-)

  • Brian

    I have never seen any proof of gas chambers.

    • slavic_muse

      you dont even need gas chambers to kill ppl.
      jews do this all the time ..even on the streets!
      now they have all other races programmed to do so, on their benefit, to do the same to us?

    • Vlad the Impaler

      They used gas chambers to delouse clothing and blankets. These were small rooms and sealed/vented properly. The US army showed this to soldiers and told them they were used for gassing jews. That’s why all those WW II guys tell me “shut up, I was there”

      • slavic_muse

        They tend to destroy All the evidence, and All the witnesses somehow ‘disappear suddenly’ or ‘end up dead’, pls? So of course we cannot arrive at the Truth!

        • Vlad the Impaler

          In the Zundel trials, not a single eye witness could be found, not one! What does that tell you?

      • Jack Effing Laurence

        If you were responsible for destroying a beautiful country like Old Germany, the intellectual and cultural heart of Europe for nearly a thousand years, and burning its people alive in Dresden and killing men, women and children- raping them too, then were watching hundreds of thousands of soldiers being starved to death behind wire…. if you were an American who was drafted into that mess, then you’d find some way to justify having done all of this to them.

        General Patton: on destroying Germany and ‘saving the Jews’, “we killed the wrong people”.

        • Vlad the Impaler

          Yeah, even that fat alkie churchhill admitted that saying we slaughtered the wrong pig

  • Wolf

    On their Facebook page, they have an image of their Lebensmittelkarte (Foodstamps) — There is flour (mąka), bread (chleb), sugar (cukier), marmalade (marmolada), meat (mięso), and others (różne).

    —- and a massive family reunion, all well and alive.

  • Julian C. Lee Mickunas

    Still looking for a gas chamber. Any gas chamber! Even a photo!

    The gas chambers myth is nothing but Jews projecting their own minds onto Germans. The Germans had small gas chambers to SAVE and protect Jews~! Did the Jews have any small delousing chambers in their Russian work camps when they were holocausting the Russians? Unlikely. They just let the lice spread, I am sure.

  • slavic_muse

    Besides whats a gas chamber? It is really a closed place with no openings or tight openings, so the fumes that they throw in would not easily escape, and by trapping inside many people to die of those fumes.
    They actually make movies on the same idea that in middle ages used as a tactic of some sort. Maybe they used that as a tactic in the past too, but We used to face Our Enemies Directly and Fight them, and Not close them up to kill them like animals peevishly and intimidating.
    That’s why jews ARE NOT Slavs, And WE Differ Alot in Character!
    They have Killed Lot of My people And Other people’s. However I can see now, where my people have failed.
    They should have just KILLED THEM ALL< when We had a Chance!!!!!
    Hope that happens in the near future !

  • slavic_muse

    Jews are known to Create Evil, and Punish Actually the Victim Side!
    They keep doing this From beginning of time Till Now, To All the People in the World!
    And I’m sick of Reading about This!
    Everything they write is a lie, and all you have to actually do is turned it upside down, for the Truth to be Seen!

  • slavic_muse

    Besides that David Star is from ancient times used by jews.
    So why would there be a Factory in Poland, Creating those David Stars, if it wasn’t A Jewish Factory in the first place?
    Polish people are Slavs, they Have No Use for the David Stars!

    • OzzyBonHalen

      Jews didn’t even start using the “Magen David” (Star of David) until well in to their Talmudic era well past past the inception of the Torah. On the other hand, the Hindus have been using it as a good luck symbol for at least 10,000 years, predating jewish usage of it by at least 5,000 years. The Hindus referred to it as the “Shatkona”. And the muslims even used it as a symbol on their cups to signify clean drinking water (halal) at one point in their history. The Hexagram is far more ancient than the myth of judaism.

      • slavic_muse

        Right, it still doesn’t answer my question, Why would there be a Hindu, Muslim or Whatever star, that Slavs at the Time Are Not using even?
        We have bunch of our Slavic Suns in the ancient Slavic Culture, so there is not Reason for Poland to have any David Stars factories, if they are not jewish owned ?

      • Franklin Ryckaert

        Hinduism is not older than 3500 years, while the Jews as a people (“Israelites”) are not older than 3750 years if you consider Abraham as the first Jew. Most geometric symbols are simply archetypes and can be found among all peoples.

        • wheatandtares

          Abraham was a pure white adamite, shemite and a hebrew. His white grandson Jacob/Israel became the father of the twelve tribes of Israel, later to be known as white western man.

          The jews are edomites and canaanites. They claim to be israelites but that is just another satanic jewish LIE.

          It is amazing that some self-proclaimed jew-wise whites believe anything that these jews say after they have lied to us so many times before.

          Nowhere in the Bible does it say that jews are descendants from the Biblical Israelites.

          • Franklin Ryckaert

            I have little patience with Christian Identity idiots. Perhaps you could consider there is such a thing as SCIENCE when it comes to answer questions about the origin of races and peoples. Creating your own myths from the Bible, itself a book full of myths, will not do.

          • Krsnik

            Franklin, you do not understand science and its limits. Science has no sway over metaphysical matters, so cannot bring evidence against metaphysical claims. By believing this, you take a secular position from the beginning, and your assumptions force your conclusions.

          • wheatandtares

            Franklin. When you say that Abraham was the first jew you are using the Bible as historical source. So am I. I just claim that Abrahams descendants are the white race, not the jews.

            A disagreement about this does not justify any name calling.

            If you believe in evolution thats fine with me, but there is absolutely no evidence for it.

          • Vlad the Impaler

            I’m not totally convinced about evolution. But, if I were God, that’s one way I’d consider doing it.

          • wheatandtares

            Hi Impaler.

            I highly recommend this movie: “A question of origins”

            Or watch this interview for instance:

            Listen to the arguments and judge for yourself.

          • Vlad the Impaler

            I’m very anxious to get going on this wheat, thanks! BTW, I’m in a science field and constantly admonished because I don’t fully subscribe to evolution. To me, there’s simply too many logically inconsistencies. I think creation was scientific, not magic, but there’s definitely something missing in my opinion.

          • Krsnik

            Vlad, science itself comes bundled with a set of philosophical assumptions that force certain conclusions, despite their feigned objectivity.

            I, too, am in a science field, and know the shallow thought of most scientists. They don’t understand their foundations, and sheepishly adhere to Jew positivism or Jew Popperism. They have no understanding of logic and the link between empiricism and logic because they don’t care to know. They follow their Jewish idol Feinman in eschewing all philosophical underpinnings (despite the impossibility of such a thing) and building on sky hooks, all but ensuring inconsistencies in their own views.

            I encourage you to read up on epistemology and logic, especially the arguments for and against empiricism, and traditional metaphysics before jumping on the gleefully ignorant scientism train packed full with dense materialist Jews. Study this and you will be prepared to defeat any slavish science worshipper that comes your way, though they may not even recognize their own defeat due to ignorance.

          • wheatandtares


            I agree. If one is a materialist or subscribe to the scientism which is so common today, evolution just have to be true if not their entire worldview crumbles down.

            Evolution is so obviously a joke when you look into the details.

    • Jack Effing Laurence

      I think he was asking why an early 20th century factory in east europe would have a jewish-style-star as its logo. The thought entered my mind too, actually… the star of david wasn’t always a symbol for judaism for all time, but in the early 20th century it was. Wouldn’t it be ironic if they kept pushing this as proof of gas chambers, then it was discovered that a jewish guy owned the factory that was paid to build the gas chambers… heh. Infowars exclusive, right? xD

    • Vlad the Impaler

      The star of david was given to them by King of Bohemia Charles IV, at least in flag form. I don’t think wiki is telling the full story, like I’ve said before, never trust wiki as a source:

  • slavic_muse

    Well Jews wouldn’t be powerful and leading the world, if they weren’t so sly, and evil people.
    This could be that Slavs -Polish were killed there, and Not the actual jews.
    So jews used the factory to kill them in, and leaded them there, without their knowledge of their evil.
    Saying that holocaust didn’t occur, Sure, could be For the jews, but for the rest of the Whites/Slavs is a false assumption to make!
    Slavs and Germans were held against their wills, and were killed by jews, either in Europe or in Russia.

  • Mike Hunt

    Even if it were the Star of David on the front of a tile, that hardly equates to a gas chamber. Maybe it was a Jewish temple of worship instead.

    • slavic_muse

      While the Entire Focus is On the Chambers and Freaking Ugly Jewish Shit Star,
      Yea So keep talking about jewish Temple!\
      YOu Shit!

  • bargain bob

    amateur archeologists, professional LIARS!

  • Terracotta Tiles

    I am not sure I get it. Why is Smithsonian red in the face? Are Holocaustians capable of embarrassment?
    Why would any of the facts or logic matter to people who need none of evidence, as the verdict is already reached?

    The more outlandish the claim, the readier the faith based community is to accept it.

    The Prophet of Shoah, Shteven Schpilberg who taught the world about archeology, space travel, dinosaurs and Six Million is very well aware of this principle.

    • Nationalist

      “The Prophet of Shoah, Shteven Schpilberg who taught the world about archeology, space travel, dinosaurs and Six Million is very well aware of this principle.”

      I see that you are more than familiar with where most Americans get their education of the world.

  • Roy

    You say the Smithsonian is “Red Faced”.

    Surely you are hoping they are red faced. Somehow I don’t think this will ever be reality, unfortunately.

  • NS-in-CA

    Good article.
    However, 90% of the robots out there will believe every word without thinking for themselves…like they do in most matters which involve critical thought.

    This “documentary” was so amateurish though, so who knows.

    • Bob in DC

      About 80% are sheeple who follow any leader,
      where the remainder are fought over
      by our fraction of 1% vs.
      their fraction of 1%.

      INTO THE WIND !!!

  • Will Mossop

    I saw this so called archaeologist on a British television “documentary” on either Channel 4 or 5. There was so much cobblers being presented as fact it was hard to see how anybody with a brain could be taken in.
    However I’ll not hold my breath waiting for the British media to report on this hoax nor for an apology for trying to insult my intelligence with their garbage. The trouble is most people who watched it without a cynical and critical eye will still believe it to have been true just like the soap and the lampshades and that is the real intention of such overt propaganda.

  • wheatandtares

    I find when trying to tell my friends that the Holohoax never happened, that many people just don’t want their worldview challenged. They get angry instead.

    But if you simply look into it with an open mind it is obviously a lie.

    • Ray

      Without the Holohoax the Greatest Generation/Good War myth would crumble. It’s a lot to ask people who lost loved ones in that war to consider that it wasn’t a honorable cause.

      • drdeeselixir

        But it was and remains honorable for the ordinary people who fought and gave their best and knew nothing of the lying Zionist Jew agenda that actually caused WW II. No genuine nationalist would ever attempt to take away the credit due to these patriots who gave their all. But some unscrupulous semi-literate pro-Zionist Jew modern-day ‘archaeologists’ who will do anything to stop the Truth about WW II from reaching the public – now that’s a completely different story – these charlatans care nothing about the Truth, they only care about pleasing the Zionist Jews & their controlled media to advance their careers and gain fame & fortune These creeps make a complete mockery of the profession of archaeology – just look at the lies that permeated anthropology for generations under the ‘leadership’ of Zionist Jew Franz Boas. But isn’t that what undue Zionist Jew influence always does – corrupts every single thing it comes into contact with.

      • Roy

        Ray — good point. Cognitive dissonance I guess. It is amazing how people will hang on to their pride and ego, over the truth. My family is in this camp. They now know the truth, but they don’t want their little bubble of comfort (friends, careers, 401ks) to be disrupted. They can’t admit they were wrong.

        Bob in D.C. makes the point that it is our 1% versus their 1%. In theory he is probably right, and for sure this was the case in history. but now I’m not so sure. I don’t see how our 1% can ever make the difference without the numbers and without money. Anything we do just gets squashed. It is always 1 step forward 2 steps back. Glenn Miller — whatever his motives = 1 step forward 2 steps back.

        All I’ve heard today on the Networks is the evil of racism; anti-Semitism and white nationalists. Anyone on the fence who may have doubted the holyhoax, now just forgot all about their doubts.

      • wheatandtares

        Yes it is hard to accept the truth. Many people can’t handle it. We have all these hero stories, american/allied soldiers liberating the concentration camps and liberating the poor innocent violin playing joooos, shoved down our throut from early childhood.

        But the truth is the truth regardless. If we are going to continue believing in lies forever we will all die.

      • wheatandtares

        I don’t for one second blame the allied soldiers who were duped into this war. They had no reason to question the propaganda since they had never experienced being lied to. Had they been on the german side they would have fought just as heroically.

        We have all been duped. That is what we are trying to change now.

      • Jack Effing Laurence

        The veterans themselves are capable of more truth, actually… there have been a lot of them who came out afterwards talking about Allied War Crimes and abuse of prisoners, and, obviously Gen. Pattons thoughts on the Jews and Soviets…

        It’s harder to talk to their stupid grandchildren about it though, these modern day dumb goyim relish the opportunity to get offended if they decide to think you’re insulting their grandparent because you’re talking about WW2.

        It’s my wish that ever 70/80/90 year old, before they get too old, can sit down with their children and grandchildren and tell them what really happened.. and tell them what they think about gay rights and race-mixing too.

        Maybe they have done, and that’s why they get thrown into retirement homes, eh? What a sad state of affairs.

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