Space Niggers: The Untold True Story of Niggers in Space

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

For decades, white controlled media and history books have hidden the truth about the pivotal role niggers played in the NASA space program. Quite simply, if it wasn’t for niggers, the space program would have been completely non-viable.

Finally, Hollywood Jews are bringing to the stupid, racist masses the true story of how nigger female math geniuses built the space program.

The film is being hailed by Jews as “totally accurate” and “completely based in actual facts.” Other Jews have said that it is “truthful” and claimed that it shows “the reality of NASA finally revealed.”

Along with inventing space travel, nigger women also created time travel and did the genetic research which led to the resurrection of the dinosaurs currently housed in Jurassic Park.

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  2. eric says:

    I am getting tired of explaining to people that jew/Hollywood films do not equal real life, however with movies like this it is getting easier.

    Just make sure every article you see about this movie you put the link for the "African Space Programs" I think people will get the idea.

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