Swastika and ‘Kill Muslims’ Painted in Stockholm Mosque

Daily Stormer
November 28, 2016


He doesn’t even know which way the flag sits 

Is it possible that cucked Sweden is finally getting sick of being infested with Mudslimes?


Unidentified hooligans made their way into a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday morning, throwing fire crackers and painting swastikas and anti-Muslim slogans on the walls. 

The incident occurred shortly after morning prayers in a mosque in the Bredäng district of Stockholm.

“One or more” perpetrators painted a swastika and wrote “kill Muslims” on the walls before fleeing the scene, SVT reported.

Unfortunately we have no way of knowing if this was just another staged hate crime and I doubt anybody would be shocked if it was.

I would be very impressed if it wasn’t, because it’d be nice to know that their citizens are starting to get restless with the current state of things in Sweden.


Beautiful Swedish Aryan children playing

Firecrackers were used, leaving “huge amounts of smoke in the mosque,” Orhan Karan, a Muslim community representative, said.

Most worshippers left the mosque before the attack, with only one person remaining.

He was described as being “not injured physically, but very frightened” by what he witnessed.

Swedish police are investigating the incident as vandalism and a hate crime. Arrests are yet to be made.

You’d think with the current rapefugee crisis that they’d have more important things to worry about.

But let’s not forget that the police in Sweden blamed the rapes on ‘Nordic alcohol culture‘ after they finally admitted that majority of rapes are in fact committed by migrants.

They even said that it’s possible these rapes are occurring because refugees can’t handle alcohol and get horny.


Because that makes us feel so much better about our women and children getting molested.


Bigoted police. Don’t they know Muslims aren’t allowed to drink alcohol?

Mustafa Tumturk, who was among the founders of the mosque in 1985, said Saturday’s incident “is not something one would expect.”

“It’s hard to understand what is going on in society, both internationally and in our own country. I don’t recognize Sweden anymore,” Tumturk told TT news agency, as cited by The Local.

And nobody would also have expected that millions of Muslims would be allowed into Europe after being so outspoken about how they want to take over, but hey stuff happens.


But Goyim, poor muslim Mustafa is scared and feels out of place!

Sweden has seen a rise in attacks against mosques and refugee centers as the country took in a record 245,000 refugees in 2014 and 2015.

And if those number aren’t bad enough- just a friendly reminder that this is Sweden’s current Minister of Culture:


How can you not trust her to preserve their white heritage?

If Muslims feel out of place, they’re always welcome to remove themselves from the country that isn’t theirs and return back to their own homeland.


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