Sweden: 13-Year-Old Girl Locked in School Bathroom and Raped by Haji – Including Anally

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

I don’t have to explain to you about making omelets, folks.

Some 13-year-old blonde girls are going to have to get raped – including anally – if we want to create a future without racial hate.

Fria Tider:

The Syrian immigrant Mohammed, who claims to be 19 years old, forced a 13 year old girl into a school toilet and raped her, according to the indictment submitted to “Östersund” District Court. When he was finished, he threatened the girl with beatings if she should tell anyone what happened.

It was December 21, 2016 at Wargentinskolan in Östersund which Mohammed forced a 13 year old girl into the school bathroom and locked the door. Then he raped the girl both vaginally and anally, and also pushed his fingers inside the girl’s genitals, according to the indictment.

He is accused of forcing the girl to sexual intercourse through violence. When 13-year-old pleaded with him to stop Mohammed pressed her against a wall, pulled off her clothes, bent her forward and held her hips, said the prosecutor.

The indictment says that Mohammed is significantly older and stronger than the girl, so that she had been in a particularly vulnerable situation. Mohammed “committed the offense with intent and had in any case reasonable grounds to believe that the complainant was under 15 years,” it says in the indictment.

Mohammed were also prosecuted on suspicion of abuse of the legal proceedings because he allegedly threatened to beat up the girl if she told anyone about the incident, writes “SVT”.

Translation via Torgrim.

We have to realize that they are doing this because of abuses the Swedes did to them in history, including the Crusades a thousand years ago.

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