Sweden: Half a Million Sexual Assaults in 2015

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2016


I don’t know about you guys, but my personal favorite part of mass non-White immigration is the way they enrich our culture with vibrant diversity.

I mean.



More and more Swedish women say they are victims of sexual crimes. New figures from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention show that 480,000 Swedish women were sexually assaulted in 2015. That is worse than any previous year, worse than ever.

In a new study, three percent of women say they were subjected to some form of sexual offenses in 2015. The corresponding figure last year was just under two percent.

Most vulnerable are women aged 16-24 years. Among the young women, nine percent said that they were subjected to sexual assaults during last year.

The figures come from an interim report by the National Crime Survey (NTU), which the National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) has published, writes the Swedish newspaper Borås Tidning.

Soon, Sweden will reach maximum enrichment level: ISLAMIC STATE.

Notable Replies

  1. I cannot comprehend this number. All I know is that this is over 9000.

    I think what's happening is being mischaracterized as 'sexual assault'. The poor unaccompanied minors are being vilified because of irrational hatred for their skin color. I seriously doubt the veracity of this report because I haven't heard a single person who fights for social justice and women's rights, in the current year, talk about this. If this indeed was a part of the horrific rape culture plaguing our modern society, they would have told us so and done something about it. All these unaccompanied minors would have been fired from their jobs already.

  2. _DH_ says:

    These figures are correct and are a result of the non-European immigration. You really saw a spike with the invasion of Iraqis fleeing their own country in 2003. Really wish Americans would have trapped them there and massacred them en masse, so they wouldn't have come to us. Then later on Sweden started acceping lots and lots of Somalis, and other savages.

    The definition of sex crime is quite broad here though, since feminists have had quite a lot of influence over legislators and courts.

    It's a messed-up situation. Feminists have increased the number of supposed rapes with the new definitions and through encouraging immigration. When Swedish men step up and want to protect women from these imported rapists, they're attacked instead by these feminists, since fhey claim we're all bad. So in essence, feminists don't want to protect the young girls that really suffer the brunt of this savage invasion.

  3. But where are the feminists now and why they don't talk about this?

  4. Bon says:

    Enrichment also includes boosting the economy and saving social security systems from certain bankruptcy:

    Sweden: 0.27% of Invaders Working

    only 500 out of 182,270 “asylum seekers” are actually working in that country after two years.

    They've come to revive the Swedish economy, save Sweden's retirement systems and boost Sweden's impossibly low birth rate:

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