Swedish Mother Gang-Raped – 48 Semen Stains

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2017

We’re trying to make an omelet here, people.

You gotta break some eggs.

Just gotta do it.

Fria Tider:

The Swedish mother of two was gang-raped to the sound of laughter and joyful shouts by at least nine refugees at a refugee camp in Småland Mariannelund, Sweden. The woman was almost apathetic after the rape and still feels that she has something stuffed in the genital area. Today, the prosecutor presented the evidence, consisting of semen probes, against nine men, of whom several defends their actions against the woman.

‘She is a whore,’ says the Swedish Migration Board interpreter Bahaduri Rafi, 25, who is one of the defendants. …

Prosecutor Gunnar Brodin disclosed that forensic scientists found 48 semen stains in the refugee apartment where the gang rape took place. Inside the victim’s rectum and farther up the digestive system was recovered sperm from at least four people. In total, nine men are connected to the rape.

Besides the sadistic gang rape, which was committed by Afghan refugees, the mother of two was close to death because her airways was clogged during the rape, stated courtroom clerk Charlotte Bokelund during the trial. …

The mother of two, who have chosen to follow the trial, repeatedly felt so bad that she had to leave the courtroom to vomit.

Translation via 10News.dk.

Story is from 2012.

Notable Replies

  1. more fucked up shit :rage:

    so much for fucking bitches in politics!

    this is why nationalists must seize power and destroy ZOG!

  2. The more of those stories I read, the easier it will be when the day of the rope comes.

  3. Logic dictates that the pendulum will swing at some point in most Western nations to the Patriots. When this happens, we must remember to have NO mercy for the traitors, for the enablers, NO mercy for ANY of them.

  4. Dispicable...

    I have lost touch with some of my Swedish friends. One of them (female) works with child refugees and she's mentioned to me "The other EU countries have t do their part, the boys told me about hte horrible atrocities that they had witnessed over there SomeIstan..."
    So I read these stories, and I can't talk to her... I just don't wanna talk to her.

    I've only told this my husband... she had sex with an underaged (officially 14, but she thinks he was 17) refugee that she was looking after. Then divorced her husband ... their son was 5 at the time...
    well.. then she remarried some Swedish guy and they have a daughter...

    I dunno, fam... and then I read these Swedish horror stories and I just don't wanna talk to her and know anything about her.

    Am I wrong?

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