Swedish Police Sent to Defend Immigrants Who Got Away with Gang-Raping Woman in a Wheelchair

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
October 10, 2016


A wheelchair-bound woman on the Swedish island of Gotland says that 5 or more North African/Middle Eastern men gang-raped her for several hours.

The Swedish courts ruled that it wasn’t rape because she didn’t fight them, so all charges have been dropped. The woman says that she was too scared to fight them, but she did cry “no” throughout.

Outraged Swedes started protesting at an asylum center on the island demanding justice, and now the police have been sent to protect the immigrants.

Police investigator Mats Holst says police reinforcements were sent because people were trying to “influence the legal system,” and the police will not allow people to “take the law into their own hands.

He also said people were making too much of a big deal about it, and that “Gotland is relatively, compared to other places, very safe.


These are the kinds of Swedish police officers who will be sent to Gotland. Pretty damn scary…

Wow. This is insanity.

Wake up! The elite are trying to get rid of you. It’s White genocide. And it’s not just happening in Sweden, if you live in a Western country – it’s happening in your country too.

Notable Replies

  1. Oh dear God. What the hell is wrong with that fucked up country?

  2. smhz83 says:


  3. ADrake says:

    The fact that the judges feel safe enough to make a ruling like that shows just how fucked Sweden really is. If those judges aren't swinging by their necks within a week, Sweden should be nuked.

  4. These cops are worse than the paki rapists by far. Ive said it before and I will say it again. People need to hold these people accountable and not keep constantly getting angry at subhumans. This is like if im sitting in my living room and a Swedish guy named Bjorn walks in with a bengal monkey on a leash and has it shit all over my floor. Am I supposed to get mad at the monkey and be "shocked" that monkeys are not house trained? No, I should take Bjorn and gouge his fucking eyeballs out and this way when his buddies "Sven" and "Karl" say "hey Bjorn why are you blind? What happened to you?" He can say "I was bringing monkeys into peoples houses and one of the owners got mad at gouged out my eyes" They would then look at him and say "Hmmm maybe we shouldn't own a pet monkey, we don't want to go blind."

  5. If that wheelchair bound woman fought back SHE would have been prosecuted.

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