Take the Stormer 30 Day Paleo Challenge!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2015

We are men.  We should eat as men eat.
We are men. We should eat as men eat.

Four days from now begins the ultimate challenge – the Stormer Paleo Challenge!

I, Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Neo-Nazi and Anti-Feminist Main Base am challenging thee to change your diet for one month, and see how this changes the way you look, feel and train.

If you don’t feel, look and perform better after completing the challenge, all of your money will be returned to you immediately.  As this challenge is free, you will receive nothing.  But it doesn’t matter, I won’t be paying you back anyway, because this will work.

Here’s the deal: beginning on the 18th of this month, you will follow the ultimate man-diet of paleo.  On the 18th of June, you will have decided your life has been changed and you will eat this way forever.

This is your life.  And you only get one shot at it.
This is your life. And you only get one shot at it.

I was originally going to begin this on the 15th, but I realized that is a Friday.  The 18th is a Monday and it is much easier to start things on a Monday.

I realize this is technically a 31 day challenge, but “Stormer 31 Day Challenge” tested poorly as a name for this challenge.

This challenge is a key part of the plan to help men who read this site develop health and wellness as a part of the development of their natural, primal masculinity.

If you complete this challenge, you will not only feel healthier, you will feel stronger and more like a man.

The Paleo Diet is the Natural Diet of the White Man

For those who do not know, the paleo diet comes from the word “paleolithic.” The idea is that our bodies are evolved to eat the hunter-gatherer diet, and that the introduction of grain (though necessary for the development of civilization) was a negative health development which our bodies have never fully adapted to.

"Keep your bread, soft man, we have come for your meats - and your women."
“Keep your bread, soft man – we have come for your meats – and your women.”

In particular, grains contain gluten and antinutrients which can irritate your digestive system.  You are also not adopted to properly digest dairy products.  Obviously, you’ve grown up eating these things, so you aren’t aware of how much better you will feel when you cut them out.

Maybe you don’t like the way this sounds or think it is stupid for some reason.  That’s fine.

But because we can argue endlessly about whether or not the paleo diet is the one true diet, and that there is no diet but the paleo diet (peace be upon it), it is better that we offer a challenge.

Dare ye take the Stormer 30 Day Paleo Challenge?

The Details of This Diet

Basically, you want to think if something would have been available to you in the natural habitat of Europe, where we are tuned to live.  Or if it is nutritionally identical or very similar to something that would have been in our natural environment in Europe.  If it is not, it is probably no good.

There is no limit to how much you can eat.  You should eat until you are full, even if you are overweight.

Notes on Carbs

Also, this is not a low carb diet, unless you are overweight.  There are many carb options for those living an active lifestyle.  However, if you are not training regularly, it is only logical that you don’t need a high amount of carbs, as carbs are designed to provide fuel for activity.  You should consume only the carbs you can burn, which prevents your body from storing extras as fat, and if you are overweight, you should allow yourself to go into ketosis regularly, which your body will do naturally if you cut your carb intake.

Note that this even if you don’t exercise at all, this diet will still help you feel better. And you can lose weight without high activity (though it won’t be super-fast), assuming you cut the carbs.

If you are using this diet to lose weight and so are going very low carb, you still must once a week eat carbs to let your body know you are not in a state of starvation.  If you go more than a week without eating any carbs, your metabolism will slow drastically, which causes you to keep the weight on.

So, let’s just go through the details of the dos and don’ts.

Grains and Sugars

The number one thing here is to avoid all grains.  These include bread, pasta, cereals and so on.  Even if you believe I am too extreme in believing these things are negative, there are, even based on nutritional information everyone agrees on, options far better than these.

And obviously processed sugars, as are contained in all candies and deserts of any sort, should be completely avoided at all costs.  Except on Christmas or Thanksgiving or whatever your feast day is in your country.  Maybe two or three times a year, you can have a piece of pie.

You should have the self-control to avoid these poisons.


All forms of meat are good forms of meat.  Meat should be the main part of your diet.


Chicken is the worst and the most likely to contain very dangerous female hormones which will turn you into a faggot.  Organic chicken is okay, if you can get it, but is still not really that high quality of a meat.  I don’t really eat chicken at all, if I do it is only once a week.


Pork is the second worst, but also the most delicious.  I eat a lot of pork.  It is a solid meat.  One thing to beware of is that sausages often contain filler which contains gluten.  As you become more natural in your eating habits, even small amounts of grain can cause a serious reaction, so one should be aware of traces.


Beef is the most expensive, but also the healthiest meat.  Red meat is the ideal food of European man.

Lamb is on the same level as beef, but often much more expensive.

Venison, rabbit, squirrel and other game meats are also excellent if you hunt or know someone who does, or can buy them locally.  You can also eat rats and snake or whatever, it doesn’t really matter – all flesh is good for you.

Organs are also very good, if you are into that (if you’re Anglo, you’re probably not).  Liver is especially good, as are kidneys and brain.

Regarding the price of meat, in most countries you can go in to the butcher’s area of your local grocery and ask about miscuts, which they will sell you for cheap.  They will also ground them for you, if that makes it easier to cook them.  Fresh meat is also generally discounted after a certain time of the day at most markets.

All meats should generally be grilled, but can be pan-fried using certain oils.  One can also live on cold cuts alone, though this could get pricey.  It is, however, a good option if you don’t have time to cook yourself.

Sea Food

Sea food is basically the same thing as meat.  All of it is pretty much good.  Depending on where you are, it could also be cheaper than meat.


Fish is good, though larger fish can contain mercury, which you may or may not be concerned about.

Sardines in a can are an excellent staple option if you are on a budget (and even if you’re not – also a good choice for people without time to be bothered making something).

Canned sardines
Canned sardines

There is no amount of sardines which is too many sardines. Just check the label and make sure it isn’t in some weird sauce.

Shellfish are fine, though generally cooked in or served with sauces which could be a problem.  Sauces are generally processed crap these days, whatever kind of sauce it is.


Always eat eggs.


All vegetables should be eaten, though some are more valuable than others.  As with everything, you should be thinking about the micronutrient content of the food.


Green vegetables and particularly cruciferous vegetables are all fantastic, and you should eat as many of them as possible.

Carrots have a very high micronutrient density, and should be eaten regularly.  May be best eaten raw, the verdict is still out on that.

Tomatoes are actually a fruit, but they’re fine.

Starchy vegetables like eggplant should be avoided if you’re trying to go really low carb (if you’re overweight), but are otherwise good.

Corn should be avoided.

Potatoes in the section on carbs.


Beans are not a vegetable even though some of them get called vegetables, and in my opinion there is no reason to eat them, ever.  They are difficult to digest and can cause stomach complications which cause your body to use up energy dealing with them.  Energy that would best be spent elsewhere.  They also contain antinutrients which leach nutrients from other foods in your digestive system.

Slave food
Slave food

And there is no reason to eat them.  Yes, they do contain protein, but it is a protein much inferior to meat protein, so there is just no logical point in indulging in beans.  They are a slave food, which is why short pudgy Mexicans love them so much.

Rulers eat meat.


Fruits are more tricky.

Currently, our markets are filled with fruits which are imported from tropical climates, and are thus not natural to us.  The problem is that they contain too much sugar, something that Southeast Asians and Americans Indians are adapted to but we are not.  That having been said, there is nothing especially wrong with these fruits, and if you are training hard and not overweight, they can be a nice treat.  When I am training regularly, I don’t hesitate to go for tropical fruits, as they are rich in nutrients.


Our own fruits of Europe, however, are a generally better option.  Apples, pears, grapes, berries and so on.  But it should be noted that these have, for the most part, been selectively grown to be nearly as sugary as tropical fruits, and as such, if one is trying to lose weight, they should be avoided (except on the one day a week you have to eat carbs).


If you are highly active, you will need straight carbs in order to support your activity.  This is the spot grains have generally filled since the dawn of civilization, but since we cannot properly process grains in a healthy way, we should switch it up.


The best forms of pure starch are white rice and potatoes.  Neither contain gluten or the antinutrients which are contained in the shell casing of wheat.

Note that these contain no nutrients, and thus have no other value save to give your body energy.  It may be better to consume fruit instead, but if you feel you need pure carbs, go for rice or potatoes.

Corn should always be avoided.

Nuts are okay, technically, and contain many micronutrients.  Just make sure they’re not roasted, as cooking them to that temperature causes the fats to oxidize.  As such, roasted nuts are no different than potato chips.  Remember than peanuts are not an actual nut, and should always be avoided completely.

Cooking Oils

Generally in history, we would not have been frying foods, but cooking them over an open fire.  Still, it is possible to fry foods, if the correct oils are used, and this is generally more convenient in this age as well as delicious.

There are three types of oils which are good, and these are olive oil, coconut oil and butter.

Extra virgin olive oil is very healthy, but the problem is that it oxidizes when it reaches a certain temperature.  That temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celsius, which means you can’t actually fry anything safely with this oil.  You can, however, use it for other cooking purposes which involve lower temperatures.  Good to brush on already cooked pork chops or add flavor to a salad, Greek style.

Coconut oil is the ideal frying oil.  It can get very hot without oxidizing, and tends to be delicious.  It can probably be bought pretty cheaply.


Butter is also a fine choice for frying.  This technically violates the no dairy rule, but actually it doesn’t because all that remains of the milk when made into butter is the fat, which is very similar to any other animal fat, nutritionally.  Make absolutely sure it is 100% pure butter, with no other ingredients.  It is also better organic, if possible.

Animal fat itself is of course great, but you cannot really buy this anywhere these days in most countries.  What you can do – and what I do – is in the morning, cook your bacon first, then fry your eggs in the grease of the bacon.  Delicious and healthy breakfast to give you energy throughout the day.

You may also attempt to save your own pig fat, but I’ve found it is a hassle.  But I’m not really good at such things.

Processed Foods

I suppose it should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: all processed foods should be avoided completely.  This includes not only grain-based processed foods such as breads, cereals and pastas, and obviously sugary or salty processed snacks, but also processed meats such as hot dogs and processed “microwave dinners.”

Most every type of sauce is a processed food and is poisonous, probably made nigh entirely with corn and/or soy and sugar.


Alcohol is generally unhealthy if consumed in high amounts, but I understand well that for most men a certain amount is necessary.

The worst form of alcohol is beer.  I know that for some people that will be very difficult to hear, but it is simply the fact.  It contains high levels of gluten and crap carbs.  It was designed to make people tired as they become inebriated (see the beer purity laws) so they could get drunk and not cause too many problems.  For the same reason it makes you tired, it also have a devastating effect on your metabolism and testosterone levels.

The overweight, slobbish beta-male beer drinker is a stereotype for a reason.
The overweight, slobbish beta-male beer drinker is a stereotype for a reason.

The best alcohol to order at a bar is vodka or tequila.  Gin is the third best.  The rest of the spirits, including whisky, are all better than beer.

For a dinner type setting, red wine is good.  Quite healthy actually.  Just don’t order red wine at a bar, unless that is for some reason socially acceptable in your country.


This diet is not written in stone and can be adjusted to suit your needs.  However, for the first month, you should follow these instructions strictly.  After you begin to get healthier, you will be more in tune with your body and more capable of knowing what it needs.

You may, when initially cutting out grains, feel tired and even depressed.  This is because grains are an addictive substance which provide a kind of high.  Also, if you are doing a low-carb version of the diet, you will feel tired for perhaps a week, maybe longer depending on your own physiology.  This is simply a natural transition phase.  You have been fuelling your body wrong for your whole life, and there is a comedown from this.  Do not be alarmed.

You may wish to take photographs of your body when you begin, and then every week onward.  Again, even if you are not training, you should see physical changes.

Finally, I am not a health professional and am posting my opinion only.  This is not medical advice.  Or at least not the sort of medical advice that is illegal.  Please consult a physician if you have a condition.

Get Ready

The 18th is a week from now.  This should give you time to clear out any fresh breads you may have bought.  If you want to start now, do so.  Of course you can also start later, or not take this challenge at all, I’m not the boss of you.  I’m just some guy from the internet.

However, I think it will be a very interesting experiment if a few hundred of us do this together.  I will be making posts every week where people can give us their updates and ask any questions they may have.  You can also ask any questions you have here, and I will do my best to answer them.  Others can also answer them, as many of our readers are already on this diet, given that it is tied to masculinity in the same way that Fascism is tied to masculinity.

Because both are about power, and power is the root of masculine identity.

Good Luck

You will remember this, because it is going to change your life.  Whatever your current fitness, you are going to be more fit from now on.

It is important to me that you, my brothers, are healthy.  We are not going to be able to accomplish any of our revolutionary goals as a bunch of limp-wristed weaklings.

I wish you all luck.  Set your calender.  I will be posting in one week to remind you.

Questions welcome.

Hail Victory.

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  1. Hitler was a sissy who was trying to destroy the White Man by introducing a strict grass diet on the Aryan people. Have no doubt in your mind he planned to make all of Europa a vegan-weakling society!

    “But there’s one thing I can predict to eaters of meat, that the
    world of the future will be vegetarian!”

    – Hitler’s Table Talk, p. 125

    How can the White Man fend of hordes of Blacks, Asians and Jews if he has got no meat in his belly? Think about this. We are a meat-eating race.

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