Texas Teen Watches Horror Film, Murders Family Because They are Racist

Andrew Angiln
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2014

A 17-year-old Texas boy, Jake Evans, murdered his mother and sister last October.

Jake Evans. He seemed like such a nice boy.

Recently, the court released a copy of his written confession, which explains, in some detail, that he did this because he repeatedly watched the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween, and realized that it would be easy to kill his family.  In the confession, he cites the fact that they were “racist” as one of the key reasons he desired to murder them.

With the mother and sister he killed.
With the mother and sister he killed.

From the Daily Mail:

‘My plan was to kill my sister and my mom at my house and then go over to my grandparents and kill my oldest sister Emily and my two grandparents,’ Evans wrote.

Authorities have said his father was out of town at the time.

Evans, who was home schooled, said he argued with his 15-year-old sister, Mallory, that day after she made a racist comment, and he felt his family were becoming people he hated.

‘The people who are racists, bullies, and who are full of themselves are the really evil ones. And it amazes me because those three qualities are extremely common today.

‘I was very sad because I felt like my own family were becoming the people I hate’, he wrote.

After hitting golf balls, running errands with his grandmother and watching television at home, Evans put a knife in his pocket and thought about killing Mallory, according to the statement.

But he decided to kill his mother and younger sister with a gun stolen from his grandfather so they wouldn’t feel pain, he wrote.


At the time of the slayings, the 911 call was released in which Evans can be heard calmly explaining to the dispatcher what he did and why he did it.

He told her: ‘This is going to mess me up in the future…I told my sister that my mom needed her. She was in her room, and she came out of her room, and I shot her. And she rolled down the stairs and I shot her again.

‘And then I went down(stairs) and I shot my mom maybe three or four times.’

The handwritten confession.
The handwritten confession.
Evans with his lovely sister, murdered for her racism.  This likely entailed getting fed up with sickening sexual comments being spewed at her by non-Whites.
Evans with his lovely sister, murdered for her racism. This likely entailed getting fed up with sickening sexual comments being spewed at her by non-Whites.
The family lived in a half-million dollar home in a gated community in Aledo, Texas.
The family lived in a half-million dollar home in a gated community in Aledo, Texas.

Here is a transcript of the 911 call:

911 Dispatch: Parker County 911, where is your emergency?

Jake Evans: Uh, my house.

911: What’s the emergency?

Evans: Uh, I just killed my mom and my sister.

911: What? How did you do that?

Evans: Uh, I shot them with a .22 revolver.

911: Are you sure they’re dead?

Evans: They’re dead.

911: Okay, I want you to stay on the phone with me. Are you alright?

Evans: Yeah, I’m alright. (The gun) is on the kitchen counter.

911: Jake, are you on any medication?

Evans: Uh, no. I’ve been going to the allergist, I’m on allergy medication. Other than Zyrtec and Advil and Pseudoephedrine, I don’t take anything else.

911: Is there any reason that you were so angry at your mother and your sister?

Evans: I don’t know. … It’s weird. I wasn’t even really angry with them. It just kind of happened. I’ve been kind of, uh, planning on, uh, killing for a while now.

911: The two of ‘em, or just anybody?

Evans: Pretty much anybody.

911: Why?

Evans: I don’t know. I don’t really like, uh, people’s, uh, attitude. … I think it’s kind of, very, like, you know, emotional. They’re verbally rude to each other and stuff like that. I don’t know. It’s just my family is just kind of really I guess this is really selfish to say, but I felt they were just suffocating me in a way. I don’t know, I’m pretty, I guess, evil…Whatever, I’m sorry.

911: Were your mom and sister in their beds?

Evans: I don’t know. This is going to really mess me up in the future. I told my sister that my mom needed her. She was in her room, and she came out of her room, and I shot her. And she rolled down the stairs and I shot her again. And then I went down and I shot my mom maybe three or four times, but I’ll never forget this. My sister, she came downstairs and she was screaming and I was telling her that I’m sorry but just to hold still – that, you know, I was just going to make it go away. But she kept on freaking out, but she finally fell down and I shot her in the head about, probably, three or four times.

911: Are you in the kitchen?

Evans: Yes.

911: Where’s your dad?

Evans: He’s out of town. Washington, D.C. And, uh, I guess for future reference, I don’t really want to see any of my family members, like visiting or whatever. I just don’t want any type of visitors.

911: You don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?

Evans: Just to let you know, I hate the feeling of killing someone. (Sighs) I’m going to be messed up.

911: You just take a deep breath. We have deputies coming, and they’re going to help you. Just to let you know, we’re going to help you, we’re not going to hurt you.

Evans: I understand if ya’ll want to.

911: No, we’re there to help you, Jake. Everybody thinks we want to do bad things, but right or wrong, we want to help people, and we’re gonna help you. Do you understand that, Jake?

Evans: Yes.

911: Is it a gated community? Is there a gate?

Evans: Uh, yes. You want the password? (He gives her the password)

911: It’s going to be alright, it really is. They’ll be there shortly, won’t be long now. Jake, would you mind turning any of the porch lights on?

Evans: I have turned the front lights on. (pauses) I was thinking of my sister. She was 15.

911: How long ago did (the shootings) happen?

Evans: About, uh, 30 minutes ago. (breathes heavily)

911: You’ll be alright, Jake.

Evans: I’m really worried about, like, nightmares and stuff like that. Are there any times of medications, and stuff?

911: Well, I think there is. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor but … I’m sure your family will get you the support you need.

Evans: I don’t mean to sound like a wimp or anything, but this is, wow, I’ve never, like, done anything violent in my whole life.

911: You don’t sound like a violent person. But um, help will be provided for you. Medical and psychological. That will be provided, so you don’t have to worry about that right now. Take deep breaths for me now, you’re doing fine. In through your nose, and out through your mouth so you don’t hyperventilate, okay?

Evans: (breathing)

911: Good, you sound a lot calmer right now.

Evans: I didn’t want them to feel pain, that’s why I used a gun, but it’s like everything went wrong.

911: Jake, my officers are almost there, would you be willing to walk out on your own?

Evans: Um, yes, I forgot to say before I called, I put the gun on the counter, it’s still loaded.

911: Okay, that’s fine. I’ll stay on the phone until it’s time for you to walk out. Are you on your home phone? Is it cordless?

Evans: Yes.

911: Jake, what I want you do to is walk outside, but when you’re walking outside, stay visible, don’t walk behind any furniture. When you open the front door, put your hands up in the air, just walk very slowly, and walk outside, and keep your hands visible, alright, sweetie? I’ll talk to you later.

Evans: Thank you (puts phone down)

911: You’re welcome.

This is all about as sick as it gets.  Clearly, the boy was severely incapable, psychologically and emotionally, but it is unlikely that without the influence of the Jewish entertainment industry, along with the Jewish anti-racist brainwashing, these killings would have happened.  It seems that he was otherwise a gentle boy, simply very vulnerable and easily influenced.

The Jews claim that producing excessively violent and Satanic movies has no effect, whatsoever, on the integrity of White society.
Defying any and all types of basic logic, the Jews claim that producing excessively violent and Satanic movies has no effect, whatsoever, on the integrity of White society.

When you look at the present “culture” being forwarded by the Jews, what Jake did is really the logical end result for anyone who is incapable of resisting it on some level.  If you do not have the psychological strength to offer some resistance to the indoctrination machine, killing your family over remarks you thought were racist is simply a direct response to the overarching modern stimulus.

I will note here that I would completely support prosecuting Rob Zombie and the Jew producers of the film – the Weinsteins – for accessory to murder.  If Charles Manson can be prosecuted for telling people to kill people, there is no reason these men should not be dealt with in the same manner.

But in my ideal society, this wouldn’t be an issue, as I would never allow Jew movies such as this to be produced in the first place.

Charlie Manson is still in prison for allegedly telling people to kill people 60 years ago...
Charlie Manson is still in prison for allegedly telling people to kill people 60 years ago…
...While Harvey Weinstein is a billionaire.
…While Harvey Weinstein is a billionaire.

No doubt “access to guns” will take the blame for this.  Because we are not allowed to question the culture itself.  It is assumed, because it is an outgrowth of everyone doing whatever they want, that it is good and correct.  And only a Nazi would question such an assumption.  How could anyone other than a hater imagine that something bad could happen as a result of removing all morality and restraint from society?

  • concerned citizen

    What really, really saddens me, is that this guy’s sister was so beautiful! She clearly was beautiful, smiled and looks like she had a great personality, had good genes and was proud of her race (if not just totally fed up with other races).

    Some young, successful, white man might have married her some day, but because this race traitor little shit killed her there is no hope for her to reproduce. Meanwhile, a dozen fucking niggers and hajis will suck up the resources she leaves behind. This story really breaks my heart and I hope this race traitor who did this finds out how suffocating it can be in prison when you’re getting rammed up the ass by a big buck nigger.

    • Jasmin Barker

      You are all quite mad. I have stumbled across this site purely by accident. It’s cause for great concern that people with your views walk among us. No wonder all avatar’s are digital – none of you with guts enough to put a face to the vile, hateful, poisonous garbage you spew.

      • Andrew Anglin
      • Stoss

        Hahahaha you just got owned!

      • Roy

        Jasmin —

        Rather than bitching, let’s see you REFUTE one single issue that is raised on this site.

        Just what is wrong with our views?

      • anti-hate

        Jasmine, you are 100% right. I accidentally came across this vile site. At least you’re sane as well. This kind of hate filled website is terrible. I still think that the site to be allowed (freedom of speech) but I wish there weren’t any idiots to produce articles for it.

      • Mr.a

        you are a coward

  • Heidi

    Free Charlie!

    Have any of you seen the interviews that he gives about the Germans? Or about the “sacrificing” of the “aryan maiden”? I think he’s more political prisoner than he ‘accessory to murder’….

    • Billy Ray Jenkins

      Charles Mason may be Crazy BUT he understands the JEW and the NEGRO very well. I have read his quotations on the Jews exterminating white people and I laugh because HE GETS IT.

      The question is if everyone from Charles Manson to Kevin MacDonald gets it WHY DONT MORE PEOPLE?

  • Mary O

    Where was this young man’s father?

    • anthony

      Are you fucking retarded? if you’re going to comment on the article, how about READ the fucking article u dumb bitch, it clearly states where his father is…

      • George

        Just cool it, Ant.

        Just “Washington, DC” would have sufficed.

        Don’t you have the decency to give a straight, civil answer to a woman?

        • Mary O

          Thank you, George. But what I really meant was, where was his dad all along? His father should have taken responsibility for him, and made sure he got help for his mental health issues.

  • Lachdenan

    Killing one’s family is exactly what being “anti-racist” IS.

  • Troy

    To Kevin, goodbye! I will not visit this site again!

    • Kevin in L.A.

      Thank you for proving my point.

      …you know I’m not the publisher, right? You’re welcome here, as far as I’m concerned; I just don’t appreciate being called a troll and a Jew, on top of you ignoring what I wrote with honesty.

      Stick around, pal. We all need to work together:)

  • http://www.cwporter.com CARLOS PORTER

    He looks scared, and he’s got good reason to be. Hang yourself in jail while there’s still time, you evil sonofabitch.
    Enjoy death.

  • http://www.cwporter.com CARLOS PORTER

    I wouldn’t even want to tell you what I’d like to see happen to this guy, and no doubt it will. If there’s a hell on earth, he’s going there. Who needs Satan when we’ve got niggers?

    • Random Passerby

      Wait why are people using racial slu- ohhhhhh sotthat’s what the cross meant…

  • Vanessa

    What did his sister say that was so racist? That she didn’t want to have sex with his black buddy? That she didn’t like rap music? I bet he’s a Call of Duty pro. I hope this little homie gets to suck 1000 black cocks every day for the rest of his life to prove how committed he is to eliminating racism. His asshole is about to do more for race relations than a whole fleet of freedom riders, and i hope he stays conscious for every agonizing minute of it.

  • Canuck

    Half a million dollar house in a gated community, anti racist, etc etc
    Hmm. It seems unlikely he has ever been around a black person, leave alone a group of them (they are so much worse in a group). He is going to get a real good lesson in racism for the next 20 years or so until his death-row appeals run out.

    • Mary O

      Real estate prices vary around the country, maybe TX prices are very low,but only $500K for a mansion of that size??? How did these people make their money?

      • CrimsonTide

        I’m not being funny but that’s not a mansion in the south, that’s a middle class home. I’d be surprised if it even cost 500k, probably less.

  • Jack

    What a little bastard

  • Robot Sam

    What a beautiful rare young woman, murdered and destroyed and wiped from existence by a fucking retard who took the jew poison deep down with him. This is what the jew loves. They have been sending people into school to make white kids hate themselves and the people who have their best interests in mind/ or merely want to protect themselves for 50+ years now. This goddamned fuck destroyed a living work of art. Look at her. She is so rare, and her type is getting only rarer. What a tragedy.

    The jews and their supporters are demonic creatures who revel in the destruction of young white girls like this. If not by outright murder, then by feminism, nigger rape or murder, lesbianism, careerism, porn, or through party girl lifestyles. There will be no mercy.

    • Stoss

      Indeed sir. However I hope that those two went to heaven, they really are martyrs. I should be seeing pictures of them on clothing not that trayvon martin fag. I get depressed when I see newscasts like this. I would publish more positive or humorous articles If I was Andrew Anglin. 1488

  • Scott the Strategerist

    No, this doesn’t make sense. Does anyone know if the kid was on psych meds? THAT would make sense.

    • Mary O

      I agree. He was probably on some type of psych meds, which reacted with the allergy meds. Carelessly drugging young people can’t be criticized though; the industry has so much money.

  • Forlani

    Anti-white mindset is a deep spiritual sickness. It’s beyond intellectual, beyond just skin color. The Jewish & colored’s hatred for whites is deeper then skin color it’s other worldly.

  • MrKalani

    the jew has cast spells upon our people and this is the result, he has not merely projected his sick alien ideals onto us, but has infected our people so they carry out deeds they otherwise would not have, Jew movies are to blame partly , the full extent of this would be the whole jewish poision that has infected every part of our lives, even us the so called awakened ones are deeply poisoned even if we admit we arent, alien ideas have penetrated our minds, we have become sick and twisted , Everyone in the western world is infected by jews, some people like this young man simply cannot hold back a deep rage which was exploited by the jew influence. our consciousness must be clear from alien ideas if we are to ever reclaim our peoples natural minds.

    • Jonathon R

      Well said.

    • Mr.a

      too true

  • MrKalani

    It’s never one factor , In this case It’s defenitatly true

  • Barny

    This is the brainwashing of our youth. The authorities and media have set innocent White people up for this with their continual dehumanising rhetoric. Blaming Whites for everything.

    Expect more.

  • Stoss

    I cant stop crying after reading this, prayers for his family and may his mother and sister rest In peace. The guy should burn, he has no regrets, he killed them and was calm on the phone about It like nothing happened. Surely he Is a radical antifa physco self hating liberal piece of shit, I can see his point of view about his family not being Idealogically Identical to him or being like someone he despises (even though me and him are clearly politically and Idealogically opposite) but If he really loved his family he would try to change them, I will be honest, I became frusterated and angry at some of my family members for their false beliefs, but I would never ever kill them…..anger Impairs you so you cannot think straight and later on you regret your actions when you were In a rage. However this bastard planned their deaths and he Is a decieving liar as well, If I was In his shoes I would control my anger. If you allldid not know, a temper Is oneof the seven deadly sins for a reason…..I also see his little sis and mom as martyrs, and I hope he gets what he truly deserves, torture and death,….and If he doesnt repeant, for a well deserved eternal damnation.

    • Mr.a

      typical antifa, no argument; just name calling and mud throwing. always thinking violence will solve it, as they really have no case or argument.
      their ideal world is this! ours is normal! root out the scum, some man of the family, watch the jew the infiltration could happen to someone you know!

      let me say. in not raising your children with nature, or simply saying let them learn for their own, will leave kids alone. when alone the jew and marxist will recruit your child to malfesence. this kid is extreme but look at this fucking weakling!

      • Stoss

        You are a good man Mr a.

  • AJP

    The kid sounds like a sausage jockey. He’ll get plenty of action where he’s going. Someone just needs to beat him to a bloody pulp.

    • Mr.a

      “are sports too rough for kids?” cnn at 9 et.

  • 11

    “Evans with his lovely sister, murdered for her racism. This likely entailed getting fed up with sickening sexual comments being spewed at her by non-Whites.”

    Excellent observation, Andrew. Beautiful long reddish-blond hair is bound to attract plenty of hate from jealous barbarian females.

    As you said the only thing MSM will tell us about this story is that guns are evil and homeschooling is evil. And maybe that Whites are evil but that’s only if the family is not Jewish.

    • Mr.a

      i date a redhead she is always afraid of muds. they inantely hate blondes and redhead as they can never regardless of anything acquire that bueaty. eub them out of our lands fuck em all. 18/ our place is eternal our lives mere happenstance. our race needs us to vigoursly pursue and protect our female population. to give love and peace to our spouse, while to instill fear and spill the blood of all those who attempt to take it. muds and wigger Whites.

  • http://whiteid.com Julian Lee

    We have to conclude that he killed his family because he was perved up by Jewey media and Jewey media cretins. Not because his family had ethnic identity because that is an asinine reason.

    • Mr.a

      she was “courted” by a mexican. ie touched without consent. she beefed. a NS brother would have contacted the school. a confrontation would be good but as the mexican can not legally be slaughtered this would have to do. A Marxist brother, says my family, my blood, is wrong, why idk? im going to shoot two women who love me because my sister dislikes being groped. some older brother one word. marxist.

  • Kevin in L.A.

    So, in your ideal society, am I no longer allowed to watch RoboCop, because this dipshit went nuts?

    • Falla_REPENTANCE

      There’s a huge difference between RoboCop and these extreme movies like Halloween and Saw.

      And to show this to people who have not had their brain fully developed (happens when 20 years old) is pure Jew lunacy.

      And he’s not a dipshit. The Jew is to blame here. No one else. His brain was fogged out by this Jew society. (Perhaps even drugged)

      RIP to his angel sister. She is in a better place now.

      We should honor her death by dedicating our lives to create a healthy culture where her brother would not be exposed to Jewish filth. A better world where both of them would feel at place in a Hitler youth environment. This would set the groundwork for them to marry young and have a large families in a Nation of everything beautiful and good devoid of Jewry and degenerate filth.

      If you can’t sacrifice your RoboCop for that then I guess you’ll have to convert to Judaism.

      • http://www.cwporter.com CARLOS PORTER

        “If you can’t sacrifice your RoboCop for that then I guess you’ll have to convert to Judaism.”
        Love it. Perfect answer.

      • Mary O

        I suspect this family had serious mental illness though. The accusation of “racism” may be due to his feeling emasculated that he could not protect her from some assault at school (?) Don’t know details of the case. Men who feel that they are failures will often turn violent against women.

      • Kevin in L.A.

        “If you can’t sacrifice your RoboCop for that then I guess you’ll have to convert to Judaism.”
        Wrong. Imperfect answer. For one thing, RoboCop was made by White men.
        For another thing, you missed the point in everything I said here regarding censorship.

        Mr. Porter, you’re a wonderful historian, but a terrible artist.

    • Clark

      Robocop is basically a Judge Dredd ripoff anyhow.

    • 11

      He wasn’t modelling himself after Robocop. Actually he reminds me most of Frank from God Bless America. Killing out of moral indignation is easily the highest form of killing. I’d need more detail on this story to make a judgement. He is clearly morally sensitive. If his family was toxically vicious this would affect him much more than an average person.

    • Kevin in L.A.

      I love RoboCop and Judge Dredd…my point is…I’m a little weary about the insinuated form of media that would occur in our society…I don’t like The Weinsteins anymore than you guys do, I even met one of ’em…but I certainly don’t want things to be like “Father Knows Best.”

      I enjoy action movies. I must admit, as I get older, I am a little more sensitive to extreme violence…but, in some cases, that’s what makes the movie better, by showing you something so shocking. When I saw RoboCop, I was 8 or 9, and, I was terrified at how cruel people could be…and I turned out to be a kind person who loves animals and kids.

      To put it bluntly, it just scares me that, if White Nationalism gets big, a bunch of prudes will take over, and we’ll all go back to the Hayes Code, where a man and woman can’t be shown in bed together. Maybe we should all wear Puritan clothes and not have women show their ankles.

      I’m for Free Speech. If a Neo-Nazi group gets big in America, I will support them…but, if they want the media to revert to some G-Rated unrealistic gibberish, then I will stand against them. Try telling the Vikings to play nice:) I just don’t want a bunch of prudes taking control of the airwaves, thinking they’re “protecting us” just because this shithead flipped out.

      Manson himself explicitly directed his followers to kill. The Weinsteins never explicitly said that. It’s not exactly the same. I still want Free Speech. I won’t live under a bunch of prudes, and neither will most people. Everything can have it’s own channel, and each family can decide what channel their home receives.

      Is Andrew Angiln going to come to my apartment and sort through my DVD collection, throwing out what he deems inappropriate?

      • Kevin in L.A.

        Dammit; I knew it was “AngLIn.” Sorry, man:) It says AngILn at the top of this page.

        • DICARLO

          This corrupting jew garbage needs to be removed. It is profound evil conjured up in the insane mind of jews, descriptive of their blood lust for gentiles. Many of us have already been indoctrinated and succumbed to a sick curiosity for it, but when we remove it, the trash won’t be missed, and certainly future generations of White Men & Women will be better for it.

      • Clark

        “To put it bluntly, it just scares me that, if White Nationalism gets big, a bunch of prudes will take over, and we’ll all go back to the Hayes Code, where a man and woman can’t be shown in bed together. Maybe we should all wear Puritan clothes and not have women show their ankles.”

        Why would that scare you? You’re gonna stand against your people because leaders of a White NS gov. would take sex and violence out of movies? No offense, brother, but you need to rethink this position.

        • Jonathon R

          I think Kevin is saying he loves porn and wouldn’t dream of giving it up.

        • Kevin in L.A.

          lol, man, a lot of you guys, like Jonathon and Roy, are so certain about me, just from a few comments…

          What I mean is, we can envision a better way and still implement NS, without having the pendulum swing too far in the opposite direction. i wouldn’t stand against my own people, but I’d propose a solution that’s more open-minded while still securing our future.

          If the media is so tightly controlled and stuffy, people will eventually break free of it, like the 60’s counter culture. Led by Jews, yes, but still, it was exciting to people and they took to it. Gotta make sure the pendulum doesn’t swing too far, otherwise it will swing back. We must remain centered to retain control.

        • http://www.cwporter.com CARLOS PORTER

          “To put it bluntly, it just scares me that, if White Nationalism gets big, a bunch of prudes will take over, and we’ll all go back to the Hayes Code, where a man and woman can’t be shown in bed together. Maybe we should all wear Puritan clothes and not have women show their ankles.”

          That’s ridiculous, they made good gangster movies, crime movies, detective stories, comedies, everything, for 50 years without any sex and without any swearing, classic films. Who needs it? Incidentally, they did show couples in bed together, with the sheets up to their chests and usually the man wearing pajamas and the lady wearing a night gown, but what the hell.
          Sex scenes are bad art. They distract the viewer from the story line and they don’t give the viewer what he wants. If you want to look at porn, they’re not giving you enough, and if you don’t, they’re just distracting you.
          As for swearing, which is easier, to write good dialogue without it, or just toss in every obscenity you can think of? The first is obviously far more difficult, and much more creative. I can’t stand films like the recent remake of SCARFACE. The original was a good film (even if Paul Muni was a Polish Jew), although inferior to LITTLE CAESAR in my view (even if Edward G Robinson was another Jew). What about PUBLIC ENEMY? There were thousands of good films. What about ASHPHALT JUNGLE, THE KILLING, and hundreds of others? You don’t notice the absence of sex and swearing, you simply don’t notice it. They’re not necessary.

          • Krsnik

            I think the movies were better at that time because they didn’t have the easy draw of sex. Sex sells, but that makes it an easy out for writers and directors, so they don’t have to work as hard to make a decent plot. Today the only things I watch are cartoons because they don’t rely on blue comedy. This means they usually have to have some cleverness if they want to be funny, since it’s easy to get laughs with bawdiness.

          • Krsnik

            The Hays Code was applied by Joseph Breen, who knew what the Jews were about.

            He said
            “a rotten bunch of vile people with no respect for anything beyond the making of money. Here we have Paganism rampant and in its most virulent form. Drunkenness and debauchery are commonplace. Sexual perversion is rampant…any number of our directors and stars are perverts. Ninety-five percent of these folks are Jews of an Eastern European lineage. They are, probably, the scum of the earth.”

            And we see now that he was exactly right about Hollywood.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Mr. Porter, I greatly admire your work. You helped me wake up to The Holocaust nearly 10 years ago. Thank you for all your work. It is truly an honor to communicate with you.

            I actually agree with everything you’ve said here. I love those old movies from the the 30s, 40s, and 50s. My girlfriend and I just watched “Torn Curtain” from Hitchcock, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

            I hope I haven’t made myself sound like somebody who needs constant explosions, gore, drug use, and overt sexuality to enjoy a movie. I like ’em all, and I agree with what you’ve said. My main point, and I probably could have lightened up on the sarcasm, is, just because we’re all tired of the garbage going around, and this unfortunate fool murders his family members, the rest of us who can handle these kinds of things shouldn’t have to be “protected” by the overbearing censorship of a Nanny State Media.

            As for sex scenes, you’re right; in this case, less is more. I prefer the style of 60s Bond films, where the camera simply moves away, and we all get the idea. I agree that today they are garbage.

            But my question is, how do we enforce what is accepted? Media and Art is a relative, subjective thing. I would imagine The State to only endorse and approve of inoffensive material, and I would support that. But I also support independent creation and expression. I’m against banning and suppressing. I’m for open exposure and fair, free speech, so that, any dissenters can spew their Marxist gibberish, and then we can simply prove them wrong in public.

            Same with art. Let the freaks make these “Human Centipede” movies. Most people won’t recreate the scenes in that movie, that’s for sure. I wonder how we would legislate against such a thing…make it illegal? Make it punishable with time in a labor camp? Execute the filmmaker for being degenerate?

            Regarding swearing, I don’t often approve of it, and make an effort not to do so myself, even in my own thoughts. When I’m reading on the internet and somebody curses, I usually breeze over it and edit the word in my mind to something that makes the same point, but isn’t foul; “bullshit” becomes “bogusness,” “fucked up” becomes “messed up,” etc. I am not a very vulgar person…but I believe in freedom of expression. I’m not going to force anyone to speak like me, and I expect the same from the other side.

            I have not seen “Public Enemy,” “Asphalt Jungle,” or “The Killing,” but I love “Little Caesar” and both versions of “Scarface.” I enjoy those movies as much as I like more recent ones like “Terminator 2″ and “The Dark Knight.”

            Cinema is my primary talent, hence, I’m “Kevin in L.A.” I work in Hollywood; I’ve met some of these people. My main point is, I’m for openness and answers, rather than suppression and ignoring; simply “banning” them and pretending they don’t exist. We can create a detailed system for Our People, and not simply sweep things under the rug, thinking that will be good enough to be loved by the people we’re trying to save. We can treat them with more maturity. We can let our people be free without censoring what they can see with a Nanny State Media.

            I’ll close with an interesting quote from Our Main Man about what people do in their private lives. It’s on this page: http://books.google.com/books?id=2zxfyeUHKEAC&pg=PA97&lpg=PA97&dq=hitler+my+boys+are+no+angels&source=bl&ots=PHVNvnMNp8&sig=IN1BR1FT-qfFnH6dY9lTwC_A9Mw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=KNTpUuvlIYeAogSw6oKIBA&ved=0CD4Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=hitler%20my%20boys%20are%20no%20angels&f=false

            I apologize for the long response, but, I hope that this clears up this entire matter. Thank you.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Krsnik, you are right about The Hays Code being a tool to prevent Jewish perversion I like a lot of movies that came out during those days. I would never force people to only watch movies with sex and violence,.

            My question is, if The Hays Code was so successful, then how come we had a Jew-led counter culture in the 60s?

            See, the Jews took the allure of what was being repressed: the sex, the drugs…and they were able to make it intriguing.

            The Hays Code worked for a little…but it was a temporary solution that may have done us more harm in hindsight, because it suppressed these human urges and tried to make them G-rated…so the Jew was able to pick up the repressed ideas, and package them into a “new” and “modern” revolution.

            If we win tomorrow, and suppress everything we don’t like, it’ll only be a matter of time before somebody takes that suppressed idea and uses it to turn everything upside-down, with the allure of the forbidden.

            I’m proposing that we have free speech and expression in art, as long as all sides are allowed to speak evenly. Then we can take the Marxists to task publicly.

            I’m for the G-rated and the X-rated. I believe that if both are given room to speak, the people will choose wisely…and it’ll be somewhere in between. Anything else is tyranny and thought control.

          • Kevin Sommers

            Completely passed my mind, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been brought up already. Do you think something similar as to your turning to cartoons for their less degenerate nature is why so many young whites are turning to anime now? Some of it is just as bad obviously, but I’ve seen a big push recently towards shows that are from Japan and contain little to no degenerate content. We could really plant the seed in these people if we were to make moral white animated shows, people are actively looking for ‘whiter’ entertainment.

          • Krsnik

            I don’t know why kids are turning to anime. It may be because they often have more complexity and thematic depth than western cartoons. A lot of it was carryover from when video games were dominated by Japanese developers I think, so fans of Japanese video games started becoming interested in Japanese animation as well. Pokemon was one of the first big ones, and all the kids were obsessed with the show and the games at the time.

          • Andrew Anglin

            People watch anime mostly because it is awesome, probably. And yes, the lack of degeneracy is refreshing – doesn’t make you feel dirty watching it like basically everything else does these days.

            The only time I really watch movies is with family members, and it makes one very uncomfortable when there is nudity and sex jokes or even just excessive profanity.

            I agree with Carlos that there is simply no need for it, artistically.

            And Kevin’s arguments in favor of it are unmoving. Filth didn’t show up in the sixties by magic because it had been banned, it showed up because of the Jews. If it were not for the Jews, we would still have the same culture we had before the war. Movies would still be made without all this dirtiness.

            I also responded to you, Kevin, in my Sunday post. I think you missed it, I meant to link it here and forgot:


            Krsnik, what cartoons do you watch? I have not watched any American cartoons, really, besides classic stuff. The Jew “adult” cartoons do not interest me at all, really, and the kids stuff they make is like a drug trip. The only one I’ve appreciated is Adventure Time. But even that is so weird. It just happens to be so well done, I can excuse the nonsense format. Pixar stuff was always good, but I don’t take the time to watch it anymore.

            I think the Japanese just do a much better job, generally. The peak of American animation was Loony Toons and living Walt Disney.

            I don’t really watch much of anything anymore. I never have a TV and my laptop is too small to watch anything on. Plus I don’t really have the time or interest, would rather read pulp science fiction or crime novels in relaxation time. Because I can’t afford comic books.

          • 11

            You’re not missing anything really, Andrew. I have a collection of comic books, almost all of them over 10 years old. Some I consider gems of art as well as story. I stopped buying them few years ago because they’ve deteriorated in content.

            Drawings are often still good but story is usually incredibly stupid. A friend has a wall of comic books and keeps on massing them, I sometimes borrow and give back without reading. The dumbing down is relentless.

          • Krsnik


            I watch Adventure Time and some of the older Cartoon Network shows like Dexter’s Lab. I like the older Spongebob seasons, too, but that show really dropped off after the 3rd or 4th season. I don’t spend much time on watching shows, but those are the ones I like. Adventure Time is really good and the only one that I watch currently.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Thanks for your response, Andrew. I didn’t see the Sunday Wrap-Up until now. I thought it was level-headed and humorous. Thanks for not calling me a troll and saying I shouldn’t have kids:)

          • Kevin in L.A.

            I haven’t made unmoving arguments, so much as I have pointed out scenarios that will happen in your proposed system, and those scenarios have not been discussed.

            A council will decide what art is good for the people. So, how is this council going to approach a person in their home playing music alone. What if they play music the council doesn’t approve of? Will they be arrested and have their instruments destroyed?

            What about people making a movie on their own time? If they make a horror movie the council doesn’t approve of, and only distributes it to their friends, but somebody from the council finds out, what becomes of the filmmakers?

            This subject is huge, and it cannot be swept away by simply saying, “A council will decide. Degenerate art will be banned.”

            I have come up with many examples and questions in my various posts in this thread, and none of them have been answered. Art is a very detailed and personal field. What if somebody is painting alone in their home, and they happen to make some garbage that looks like Jackson Pollack’s trash? If one of their friends comes over, do they report him to the police, and they raid his home?

            The easy answer of a council will have to think over these tiny scenarios which will inevitably arise. As an artist, I stand by my view that I will not have a panel of sociologists and theologians tell me what I can and cannot imagine.

            Agreeing to disagree,

          • Kevin Sommers

            Other Kevin ;),

            Personally I’d say that any ‘indie’ art should be left alone, the only exception being if someone was distributing porn to their friends/neighbors. If something gains enough popularity in the indie scene that it’s starting to become a trend, that is when the government should start to take a look at it. If it’s gotten that far though, in an all white society, chances are that it is either compatible with the white mindset or something with blatant subversive elements.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Exactly, Kevin-Prime:)

            That’s what I’m saying: big things are either good or bad. Free speech will allow us to combat the bad, whereas censorship will only suppress the bad, and make it more appealing, in a rebellion sense. That’s how all sorts of stuff got popular, by stuffy turtle-neck people pretending it doesn’t exist.

            Even the great Anglin couldn’t provide a response to my hypothetical scenarios; is he really gonna serve us as our imaginative Leader? You’re Sunday Round-Up didn’t account for any of the specific scenarios I’ve described, Andrew. I understand you are busy, and I greatly appreciate that; I don’t mean to be antagonistic, but I mean to warn you that this sort of thing will come up; you can’t just say “ban” art…art is intrinsic to the human soul.

            Folks like Mr. Porter are great at documenting history…but are terrible at creating everlasting art. Shakespeare had all sorts of raunchy sex scenes…so did Roman legends…

            White people can handle things that are considered X rated…to try and confine us to G rated stuffiness will only result in a counter-culture.

            Andrew, if the counter-culture was solely the fault of the Jews, then why did it work? Why wasn’t the 50s culture of American masculinity strong enough to prevent the hippie movement?

            The majority of us are mature enough to handle things that are R-rated. I’m terrified of a society run by prudes who have to have everything family oriented; our people have never lived like that as a whole…you’re denying history.

            White people can take that shit. If you can’t you’re as weak as this idiot who killed his family. Maybe YOU should be hidden from explicit material, and leave the rest of us mature adults who can handle it alone. We won’t bow to you.

      • Roy

        Kevin in L.A. –

        Your living in fantasy land brother. Have you spent much time on this Website or any Jew wise website?

        All you care about is whether or not you will be entertained.

        Wake the fuck up man. We’ve got a major problem going on in this world. Selfish jerk. All you care about is yourself.

        • Roy

          I’d give up Movies and Television for the rest of my life if it meant ridding the world of the jew. All you care about is your fucking entertainment. You are a putz man. Wake up. Do some READING! I pray you do not have offspring.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            lol wow calm down. your language is pretty foul; perhaps you should be fined for violating the Verbal Morality Statute.

            (That’s from Demolition Man.)

          • Darlene Cunningham

            I am 46 years old and I have never owned a t.v. my entire adult life from 18 years till now. This is quite amazing since I was addicted to t.v. when I was growing up. I have no interest in being entertained by these people. The enemies know that it wastes our time and ruins us on all levels, spiritually, socially, mentally and morally. It also damaged our physical health as well.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            I know what what you mean, good Miss Cunningham. Bur we can’t forget, art is a natural talent. Some people are comedians, some people are mechanics…we invented these machines, we harnessed the airwaves. Whites invented movies, and it’s been called the most powerful art form on Earth. Just because the Jews have a monopoly over it doesn’t mean they’re bad in themselves.

            If we were to win tomorrow, I would still come up with ideas to make into stories, I would still write music, I would still learn about life through motion pictures, which are mythology put to technology. It only wastes our time today because it’s controlled by wastes.

            I know we all want to be rid of the garbage out there, but, imagine 200 years ago, would we want to destroy printing presses? Or only print history, with no fiction? Is “Frankenstein” degenerate art, because it’s about a man made from corpses? How about Shakespeare? Maybe he was too sexual, and we should destroy all his work.

            I’m wary of people who aren’t talented in my field trying to control my field. I don’t know a whole lot about cars, and I surely wouldn’t try to set regulations on what mechanics can do. Every one has a place, that’s what NS is all about. I’m speaking from The Artist’s point of view.

            I applaud you on your lifestyle, Darlene.

          • Troy

            Roy, Its pretty obvious this guy is a troll, and probably a jew at that!

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Hey, Troy, how ’bout we actually discuss things? You wanna refute anything I said, or offer your point of view?

            Would you like to describe the details of our proposed system?

            Or you wanna keep calling people trolls and offer nothing?

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Troy, read my comment that I posted above your obscenity. I put all that detail and unique viewpoint, and you call me a troll and a Jew, and answer nothing.

            You’re an idiot.

            Your response to this comment will out You as the troll, since it’s likely you can’t refute anything I’ve said, or even offer an opinion in a friendly discussion.

            Go on; prove yourself the troll. Call me some other name and don’t say anything of value.

      • DICARLO

        I’m for Free Speech. If a Neo-Nazi group gets big in America, I will support them…but, if they want the media to revert to some G-Rated unrealistic gibberish, then I will stand against them.

        What free speech? I don’t see any. Funny how we talk about free speech and yet, in this judaized society, we have very little free speech, if any at all . The serious problems in this society we address everyday, here, are never discussed in the mainstream, so therefore, very few Whites understand there are problems. Sure, we can have conversations in our small circles of friends and acquaintances, but as far as getting important information out to a mass audience, the only people who can are those employed by the jewsmedia, and those talking heads had better put forth the desired-by-jews point of view, or they’ll be immediately gone. There is no free speech for us.

        Now, if we are to have free speech in a new White land, it can only be limited to speech that is beneficial to the White Race. Otherwise, we will be forced to listen to the rantings of liberals, jew supremacists, and race mixers, maybe even people who don’t want their idea of entertainment compromised. Should anyone have the “freedom” to promote perverted ‘art’ which encourages miscegenation or White guilt?

        Freedom doesn’t mean freedom to do anything. Freedom of speech under a newly formed White government would not mean unlimited freedom of speech. In a WN society, you won’t be permitted to say whatever you like. If your statements or actions are harmful or detrimental to the White society as a whole, such actions mustl be outlawed.

        We’re not going to let Whites say, for example, “We should go back to the old days of multiracialism, race mixing, and multinational corporate/bankster exploitation.”

        We’re not going to allow the same kind of media garbage that jews have been producing for decades. The idea that a society should allow that which destroys it, is absurd.

        Allowing things that would be harmful to a moral White society would be counter productive to the White Race. If we were foolish enough to allow these anti-White ‘freedoms’, our newly formed society would not be a healthy White racial society for very long. Our society would become subverted and unable to perform its primary duty, which is, to ensure the survival and upward advancement of our race.

        • Mr.a

          National Socialist principles above.

        • Kevin in L.A.

          Well said, Dicarlo, and good points. You’re right, we don’t have free speech now…what I’m picturing is I would allow people with liberal view points to speak about it, but I would enforce true equality of views, meaning, if some liberal were on TV saying things none of us here like, wouldn’t you want to see one of us get on after him and be able to demonstrate how he’s wrong?

          If you suppress something, it will only come back later, and be seen as a fresh alternative. Even if we had a WN state tomorrow, after a few generations, those evil ideas will drift back, and seem appealing. We have to allow them to speak now, as long as we are allowed to respond in kind.

          Hell, what I’m saying is working for us right now: NS is smeared, and not allowed in debate, yet, it’s starting to become an alternative for those who are sick of this system. Their repression of it will be their own undoing. We can’t make the same mistake that they’re making now, when we take over in the future.

          • Canuck

            >liberal spreads his garbage on tv, ‘evil racist’ gets up and corrects him logically
            Look around you friend. The majority of society does not think for themselves and never will. The plebs do not follow logic, they follow emotion and catch phrases. If logical discourse would work for the majority we wouldn’t be here in the first place. Humans spend countless generations in tribes with one leader, a handful of elders at most. Most humans follow, the leaders set the tune. Its just human nature. If the tv still has jews all over, they will just tell comfortable lies to oursell our hard truths. Like junkfood vs eating your vegetables.
            The only way people will have the skills to follow the logical truth is if the leading class of society sets that as the standard. Whats on TV is what is the standard.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Definitely. I’m saying we Can set a standard, and not have to have everything be rated G. Not that I don’t like things that are rated G, but, sometimes, you gotta watch Conan The Barbarian.

      • Mr.a

        shared sacrifice. i dont watch tv. i liked tge first robocop. the issue is with a collective will and goal, you wouldnt have time for movies. a movie can be tragedy or comedy, not some macabe serial murdering; thats jewish.
        NS decrees if it is not good for the people scrap it. robocop would play, modern warfare videogame etc probably wouldnt.

        • Kevin in L.A.

          Yeah, the first RoboCop rules; it’s the only one I count. I’m not a TV addict, either. Movies are a powerful art form; just because there’s garbage out there now doesn’t mean the entire form is garbage.

          Even Goebbels had some quote saying it would be bad propaganda to have political/racial material going 24/7. People would get sick of that. Sometimes people just need to relax.

          My question is, let’s say there was a video game programmer, and he wanted to make a game like Modern Warfare, and he did it in his free time. Would you fine him, or imprison him? If somebody makes a slasher flick in their backyard with their own camera and their friends, should he be punished?

          • Mary O

            “Even Goebbels had some quote saying it would be bad propaganda to have political/racial material going 24/7. People would get sick of that. Sometimes people just need to relax.”

            Isn’t that basically what TV is? And, yes, I got sick of it many years ago.

            Every show has a leftist angle or moral, and even the commercials bolster the agenda.

            We only have a brief time on this planet, 80 years if we are lucky; so we should not waste too much of this precious time on TV, esp televised team sports, or getting drunk.

          • Kevin in L.A.

            lol, yeah, Mary, that’s what our TV today is…and I think it’s a significant factor in how boring and unoriginal it is…everything just has some agenda; you’re right.

            That’s my whole point here: that if we censor art too much, even if it’s supposedly for the health of our people, we might end up causing our own destruction, if those oppressed ideas ever slither back into the public domain…which is why I’m for openness and clear discussion, rather than have some team of “experts” tell me what I can or can’t see.

          • Mary O

            I agree with you, Kevin, that there should be no censorship (except for the vilest forms of pornography, which are currently illegal).

            Young persons, and those who are suggestible, should have solid relationships with parent figures who would counsel them if they feel disturbed by any film or other media.

            Currently everyone just works too hard outside the home, and young people do not get enough attention.

            Apparently, this boy had no father. His mother was probably over-pressured and over-worked in some “career” (= slavish service to the globalist state).

          • Kevin in L.A.

            Exactly, Miss Mary:)

            The family is the most important. The Father should be there to instruct the children on how to handle life.

            I think of the opening scenes of Conan The Barbarian, a great film, directed by a Jew, although nowhere near as good as the original Howard material…but yes, a strong family to guide through the world.

            I’m wary of too much censorship that will create a backlash. It’s like Whack-A-Mole: if you try to hide the realities of life, it’ll come up later someplace else…try to hid sex for one generation, and in the next, some kid will appear who will steal the innocence of every daughter in town…

            We just need to be realistic about it. Family guidance will prevent any wrongdoing, even in a free speech environment.

            Thank you for your support, Mary O:)

      • Mr.a

        to coumpound your replies:

        you state each idea can have its own channel and parents can decide…..
        yes yes all good. this is how things are now. When a parent is gone the child can see ideas of every channel. this is why our state needs to be the arbitour of what is healthy for soceity. Hail Victory.

        • Kevin in L.A.

          I’d allow for more personal control over the peoples’ TiVos.

      • Krsnik

        It’s simple. In a NS society, all degenerate art is banned. Only that which uplifts the soul will be endorsed. So, mindless slasher films like this Rob Zombie crap is out. Most would be in line with the national mythos. There could be action movies, but they would probably have to be historical or in some way glorify our ancestors or people. Anyway, if your primary concern is what films you will watch, then you’re missing the point.

        • Kevin Sommers

          Slasher films are pointless, I agree. Otherwise I think there are ways to integrate positive messages/morals into most other genres of film.

          The other aspect of all of the Jewish film/gaming industry though is that it heavily encourages lone wolfing. The hero in Jewish film always takes on an army alone and saves the world. From a psychological point of view, the programming here is obvious, it’s just another net to catch people who awake to the Jewish problem. It makes people reckless, or it makes them feel they have to fix all of the world’s problems on their own.

        • Jonathon R

          “It’s simple. In a NS society, all degenerate art is banned. Only that which uplifts the soul will be endorsed.”

          One day, in a white republic!

          If this were implemented in the US overnight, there’d be virtually no art left. Andwe’d be better off for it!

        • Kevin in L.A.

          It’s not my biggest concern. I’m just clarifying, putting the little pieces together. So Rob Zombie is “out.” What does that mean, that his films are illegal to own? What if somebody, in their free time, with their own materials, makes some movie on their own for the fun of it…would you punish him?

          The control of Art is extremely important…I am a drummer…I like to play intensely, to push myself to the limit, therefore, I gravitate toward Metal like Arghoslent, an awesome band. Now, if I’m playing in my garage, and the noise is disturbing the neighbors, then yes, I would approve of calling the cops to tell me to keep it down…but, if somebody has decreed that Metal is degenerate, then what, do I get arrested for playing illegal music?

          • Krsnik

            It’s a little harder today with file sharing and production technology available for all. It’s a tough problem, but I think a lot of it would solve itself if we removed the underlying message that being deviant is cool and instead cultivated a national culture based in excellence and virtue.

      • Kevin Sommers

        There is a line in there somewhere separating what is ok and what isn’t. One of the first video games I played was Duke Nukem 3D at age 5, and most people offline say I’m one of the most kind people they know. Now, I would ban that game due to all the sexual content in it, but shooter games overall? Nah, let’s not fall into the camp that believes white people are that easy to influence. My dad takes in more degenerate media than he does oxygen, and he’s about as far from violent as one could get. Myself, I rejected it a few years ago when I had my awakening, the only side effect it’s left on me is an understanding of just how far the Jews’ degeneracy goes.

        My view is that it’s always better to provide an alternative than to take something away. If people had more productive/’white’ things to do there would be a lot less ‘degenerate’ movies out there as well as less interest in watching them, and there would be no ‘couch potato’ lifestyle.

        • Kevin in L.A.

          Your “lone wolf” observation above is quite interesting, Mr. Sommers; I always enjoy your comments.

          As for the line that separates what is okay, sometimes, that line is relative. Somebody could say, Example A is good for the people, and somebody else could say, Example A is bad. My original comment was proposing that we don’t go too harshly in the opposite direction.

          Let’s take Duke Nukem 3D, for instance. I love that game. Now, sure, I wouldn’t want a 5 year old to see some of the gore or sexual material in it, and there is a Child Lock on that game. But, if we ban it, somebody is going to end up programming their own game, with pixelated women. Then what, does he go to jail?

          As I have stated above in a reply, my point is, repressing something will only make it come back later, and appear more attractive. Just like drugs, or even pornography, we must keep things under our control, not simply state that they are “out” or “banned.”

          And for my final comment for all of you now, is this sample from The Great One Himself:

          • Kevin Sommers

            I don’t think any of us here can create a faultless plan or show exactly where that line should be. This is one of the reasons I think it’s foolish for people to copy the German system to the letter, the internet. It’s simply impossible to maintain mass censorship in any ethical way and doing so would just make the people hate our system.

            My solution is simply just to offer better alternatives as well as having the state run media frown upon certain forms of entertainment. When it comes to media in this day and age, even terms such as ‘ownership’ are going out the window. One of the most extreme examples of degenerate media, porn, people view online and will simply just store on the ‘cloud.’ I don’t have the solution, but I know that neither a free-for-all system or a copycat NS Germany system will function in the modern age. This is a topic which we need to put serious thought towards.

  • Mr.a


    • Mr.a

      The sling, ie slingshot

      King david of the jews used it
      Antifacsists use it as a logo

      its meaning taking down the much larger opponent White race. Hail Victory.

      • 11

        That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. Thanks. They like such little symbols. I have absolute certainty they’re Jew proxy but it’s a nice confirmation.

  • Alexander (from Flanders)

    Is there any chance this f*ck will be executed?

    • Clark

      Yup. In the State of Texas, committing capital murder, which this case falls under, at the age of 17 makes you eligible for execution. I for one hope they juice his ass.

      • Alexander (from Flanders)

        Thank you for the good news.

        I truly hope they kill this piece of trash. He deserves it.

      • http://www.cwporter.com CARLOS PORTER

        Burn, baby, burn.

  • JonesHenry

    Poor white autistic and alturistic genetic material. Brain damaged by DECADES of ZOG talmudvision that came out even BEFORE he was born! Poor boy! So skinny, so nerdy, so weak! Maybe at a subconscious level he wanted to comit suicide, but did not find the inner strength to do so, like this lad;


    Another potential wigger. Somebody please but rape and then kill him! Ugh! What is it with “Anglo-American” Jewnited states of America that constantly keeps on spewing out this mental and physical genetic waste? Is there anyway way to stop these skinny white “men” from breathing before they find a way to hurt someone else to compensate for the lack of testosterone in these bodies? P.S:It’s always the NERDY, geeky and SKINNY white kid that goes on a rampage, not the fat ones!


    These people should be identified in the movement in ADVANCE if possible! Do not let them join so they can perform these stunts to show off there “masculinity” We must make sure that the skinny geeks keep on playing wow AWAY FROM THE MOVEMENT;


    • Stoss

      I agree with you. Im glad Im not skinny :)

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    God almighty, I have watched horror movies, 70s Blaxsploitation movies Biker Movies. I believe I saw the original Halloween but I cannot remember. Rob Zombie is just a heavy metal guy who when the music scene played out because of his obsession with horror, started doing horror flicks. I am not sure where the RACISM meme comes in here, I don’t remember any ANTI-WHITE PROPOGANDA in any old school horror flicks from the 80s I saw, usually the blacks in em got killed first.

    This kid was POISONED BY THE JEW BOX. I think Mr. Zombie might have played a part but its odd to me this was a remake of a 1978 movie and if this movie was this bad why didnt this stuff happen in 78?

    • Troy

      I have seen bits and pieces of the 1978 Halloween, however this Rob version is something else!! Back when it came out I went to see with my 17 year old son. I only seen my son on weekends, and going to a movie, its one of the things we did together. I was seriously worried, I felt bad as it was not like the horror films I went to at his age. When I see a beautiful white Women, getting her head bashed in a mirror and totally nude, how fucking sick!

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        Well this is still a weird story. Millions watched this move nothing happened until this kid.

  • Gary Nemeth

    Calls 911 after waiting 30min. or after his mom and sister was
    certainly dead and all he can talk about was his self, like he’s
    the victim here.
    This is the act of a cold as ice, self-centered coward. The only
    good thing here is it happened in Texas.

    • Krsnik

      It’s in line with the self-worship that seems to be becoming the norm in the USA. Truly disgusting. This kid should burn, honestly.

      • Mr.a

        true words brother. we do have a self-worship problem. proabably hand in hand with the designed degradation of the Church.

  • Kevin Sommers

    Whilst I agree there is no place in a healthy society for these films, the Jews tend to have a ‘scapegoat loop’ with their own films and games. They generally use it to take the blame off of medications(which doesn’t seem to be the cause here) as well as other aspects of their culture which are far more harmful. It’s degenerate filth, but I’ve never seen it make a white person over the age of 9 become violent.

    I’m sure in this case they will probably use it to attack gun ownership and homeschooling as well as the ever generic ‘bullying.’ Usually when that term comes in it means a therapist was involved and instilled a strong victim complex/nihilism into the kid at a young age. Perhaps he wasn’t on medications currently, but who knows about his past? I have to question though what the family taught him, if they followed the curriculum, it only makes sense that subconsciously he would feel as if something was wrong with his family, as many today feel about the school systems. I suppose due to patient confidentiality(which is never respected by the Jewish businesses anyways) and other factors we will never know the true cause(s).

    • Mr.a

      we’ll never hear of this story nationally, too sickening and makes people question to much.

  • drdeeselixir

    Due to Zionist Jew/Cultural Marxist propagandizing by their controlled media, there clearly seems a total disfunction between this boy’s home schooling – overseen by his loving parents, I’d imagine – & the brainwashing every White child receives almost 24/7 from these Zionist Jew/Cultural Marxist devils. This poor kid & ultimately his family were yet more victims of the evil anti-White, ‘Only Whites can be Racist’ industry that Zionist Jews/Cultural Marxists have foisted on our children. Unless these maniacs are stopped soon, things will only get worse & there will be many more victims of this ongoing White genocide. Whites must Unite to save our children and our Race.

  • Cicero

    Just another example of how the Jew corrupts and manipulates the minds of our children. Sad at how low our society has fallen. Everytime we think that the bottom has been reached, a new trapdoor opens up to reveal even more degeneracy.

  • Krsnik

    That’s messed up. Kid was twisted up inside and the insane Jew world probably didn’t help. Poor girl and mother.

  • Randy Crowley

    Poor stupid idiot. Murders his parents for being racist which will send him to live in prison where everyone is racist. I guess he will have to murder them too.

    • Clark

      No shit. When he gets shipped to Huntsville he’s in for a rude awakening.

      • SilverDestroyer

        Hopefully he doesn’t drop the soap, other wise he is going to get a mouth full of black bananas.

    • Jeff

      The prison is REAL environment, no one masquerades as a wussy mr antiracist there.

      • Brandon Edward

        Prison is where true spiritual awakenings occur as those that were otherwise naive to the basics and facts of race and separation experience nature as it is. In an environment of one race against another you must side with your own race — the kin that share your genetic and cultural heritage — or be isolated and alone doomed to endless violent confrontation, exploitation or to die alone without a single tear in the stale central air wind. It is indeed where many find their true place in nature unfortunately and in the case of this moronic and misguided young man the place where he’ll either realize the drastic error of his ways or find himself sucking nigger cock while receiving a dose of HIV-positive sperm in his asshole. Honestly I believe this young person deserves the latter. Any amount of real-word education, even from the school of hard knocks, is not enough to make me or our people want him back. Go to hell.