The Daily Shoah #120: Model 88

The Right Stuff
January 10, 2017

The Death Panel are back to honor Meryl Streep’s lifetime achievements.


Featuring The Shiksa Clock News and The Merchant Minute.

Death Panel: Sven, Mike, McNabb, Intern MeinKraft

  • 0:00 Intro
    -An All American Saturday
    -(((Meryl Streep’s))) #SoBrave Speech
    -Free Diverse Youth Who Tortured Young H’white Man
  • 33:20 – D’nations
    – Fugitive Woes
  • 56:00 – The Shiksa Clock News with Emily Youcis
    -(((Jared Kushner))) to be Trump Advisor
    -Couch Potato Famine: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    -Norm MacDonald’s “420” Skit About Literally Hitler
    -The ‘Russian Hacker’ (((Narrative)))
  • 2:06:00 The Merchant Minute

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