The Daily Stormer Fully Endorses New Balance – Whether It is a Republican Company or Not

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2016


Over the weekend, I endorsed New Balance as the official shoes of the White race and of the Republican party.

On Monday, New Balance gave a half-hearted denouncement of the Daily Stormer’s Republican agenda, saying that they don’t agree with the racism, sexism and homophobia which defines the Republican worldview.

However, I want to make it clear that I have not repealed my endorsement of them, and am still encouraging people to go buy these shoes. I have myself ordered a pair, as well as a t-shirt and some much-needed sweatpants for the gym.

The company is now being attacked by Jews and others for having supported a pro-nationalist, pro-American Republican position by endorsing Trump’s plan to bring back manufacturing to the United States. So, whether they are comfortable openly identifying as a Republican company is irrelevant to me. What I am concerned about – and the reason I support them – is that they have worked very hard as a company to keep their manufacturing in this country.

Personally, I believe that New Balance is a Republican company, and that their response to pressure is just that – a response to pressure.

However, since my endorsement of the company has gotten wide-ranging news coverage, the SJWs and colored folk are calling for boycott, ignoring the company’s “blah blah blah we respect all races” cuckold apology (yes, they effectively apologized because I endorsed them).

New Balance certainly does have a serious PR crisis on their hands here.

But every crisis is an opportunity, as the old saying goes.

The only logical thing for the company to do at this point would be to come out aggressively in support of Trump and Republicans and our nationalist agenda to make America great again.

If I were in the marketing department of New Balance, I would take it a step further and offer me, Andrew Anglin, publisher of the America’s most-trusted Republican news outlet, a product endorsement deal. I’m in great shape, have ripped abs and would look fantastic on a billboard that reads “Official shoes of the Republican Party: New Balance stands with the White race.”

The other option for them is to continue to be wobbly, and have these smug liberals continue to ditch their shoes at homeless shelters – while failing to shore-up support among Republicans – effectively making them the official shoes of homeless people. Not a good image, doesn’t work on a billboard.


If you are going to go the “official shoes of the homeless” route, definitely find a homeless guy who looks like Anthony Hopkins.

There really is no third option here. Trying to dissociate from this PR debacle now is obviously completely impossible. Apologizing is not going to do anything. Liberals are never going to buy these shoes again. That ship has officially sailed. Surely their PR people have to be aware of this fact.

Note to New Balance: This is already in your Wikipedia entry, guys. And that shit is forever. Trust me, I know.

However – jokes about my ripped abs on a billboard aside – if they go full-on TRUMP TRAIN, they’re going to have half the country buying their shoes.

We hardcore Republicans are of course going to buy them either way, on principle, because they are against free trade. However, the masses would need a direct appeal.

Right now, Reebok is kicking New Balance while they’re down (that’s a shoe company joke there, folks), offering free shoes to people protesting New Balance.

Daily Mail:

Reebok Classics is offering free sneakers to New Balance owners who have begun trashing their own shoes over brand’s ‘white supremacy’ controversy.

New Balance shoe owners began throwing away their sneakers or lighting them on fire last week, to protest after the company reportedly voiced support for President-elect Donald Trump.

Things got worse for the Boston-based brand after the alt-right website The Daily Stormer proclaimed New Balance the ‘Official Shoes of White People’.

New Balance have since tried to distance itself from its white supremacist support and released a statement on Monday saying it ‘does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form.’

But that hasn’t stopped furious New Balance customers trashing their shoes in protest against the athletic company’s election stance.

Now it appears rival brand Reebook Classic are also getting in on the action.

The firm has been offering free sneakers to New Balance owners posting videos of themselves flushing their shoes or throwing them away.

In one tweet, in response to a video of someone, unsuccessfully, trying to flush their New Balances down the toilet, Reebok Classics posted: ‘Since it looks like your toilet may be clogged, shoot us a DM & we’ll send you some kicks to walk to the closest bathroom.’


New Balance could easily respond to this by pointing out the fact that Reebok’s parent company, Addidas, hates America (and its own country of origin, Germany) and makes all of their products in Indonesian and Chinese sweatshops. They also have a horrible environmental record.

So, it’s your call, New Balance.

I’ll continue to support you either way.

But the choice is obvious. Mistakes may have been made. Perhaps the Trump endorsement was premature. But if you roll with it, you’re gonna win big.

Readers: To show your support for the made in America policies of New Balance, please go buy their shoes.

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