The David Duke Show: Exposing Jewish Supremacism with Richard Spencer

David Duke
January 10, 2016

Today Dr. Duke had National Policy Institute Director Richard Spencer has his guest for the hour. They talked about the aspect of Judaism as being a monotheistic, yet tribalistic religion that reserves to Jews alone a direct relationship with God. They talked about the hypocrisy of universal Jewish support for the ethno-state of Israel, while at the same time Jewish organizations leading non-white and non-Christian immigration into every nook and cranny of America and other traditionally white Christian country.

Richard Spencer also updated listeners on the efforts by Jewish extremists to wreck and extort money from his mother’s business in Whitefish, Montana as a means of silencing Richard’s own voice.

This is another great show that will fascinate you. Please share it widely.


Notable Replies

  1. Clark says:

    Stop cucking for Jews, Richard. Learn from what they've done to you and yours.

  2. He knows full well. He is getting in the media if he not names the Jew, handing out red-pills. Is this really so hard to understand?

  3. Jews attack Richard. You attack Richard. Which one cucks for jews?

  4. Clark says:

    I'm not attacking anyone. I want Richard to recognize those who are on his side and those who are not. You wanna make a formal accusation in regard to me, go ahead. I've got people who will vouch for me.

  5. Clark says:

    Well, he was quick to defend mainstream Jewry and their view of gentiles. I think my comment was appropriate.

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