The Greatest Generation

Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

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  1. It's a very uncomfortable moment when you realize it would have been better for your people if you had lost...

  2. Perfect video for all those who say we shouldn't support National Socialism because our ancestors fought them. They were all misled young men who didn't fully grasp what was at stake.

  3. Patton was correct, we fought the wrong enemy. White Christian nations should never fight each other, we need to save our fight for the hook-nosed Children of Lucifer. The kikes' control of the media and reptile-like invasion into government (Morganthau, et al) manipulated us into fighting our brothers when we should have been liberating Russia from the Kike Terror of Marxism. We must atone for this grievous error and root out the kike wherever he lurks.

  4. Ummm, yeah.

    My poor father.

    World War II forever changed him and destroyed any hope he had for the future. And he never knew.

    If he had lived long enough to see this video, he would've broken down in tears, for what he did to his country.

    And then he would've gotten angry. Angry at FDR angry at LBJ angry even at Nixon and Reagan and Carter and Ford and Bush and Clinton and Bush and Obama and…

    As his son, I say "never again! " Death to the you know who's ...race war now.

  5. I made memes just like this a while ago.

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