The Islamization of France, as Revealed by Baby Names

Diversity Macht Frei
January 8, 2017

These images show the Islamisation of France as revealed by the first names given to babies. The number at the top of each unit is the number of the département (the local administrative region). The number below is the percentage of baby names that seem Islamic. A cautious approach was taken when deciding whether a name was Islamic or not: if there was any ambiguity, it was not included in the figures. Thus, the actual rate of islamisation is probably higher than is revealed by these figures. Nationally, around 18% of babies in France are now being given Islamic forenames.


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  1. More fucked up shit!

    This is WHY we must save Europe! :rage:

  2. Yeah, we can also see this through the statics about those born in risk of sickle cell disease, a disease which mainly affects negros and moors (=muslim mestizos from Northern Africa):

    Basically, this means that in 2013 the 35,70% of newborn French had a least a negro or moor parent. That wouldn't include the Pakis, street shitters, South East and East Asians, yahoos and gypsies (and their mongrels), which will probably make also a significant percentage of the French population.

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