The Third Rail: Flight 1488

Spectre, Reactionary Tree, & Lauritz von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

Join us for the pilot episode of The Third Rail, the fastest yet longest hour in AltRight podcasting.

It’s an all-star line-up with Reactionary Tree, Lauritz von Guildhausen, and the Spectre, along with that grand wizard of technical wizards, Caerulus Rex.

This week’s topics: Republican health care reform, the role of Christianity in the AltRight and What’s the Deal with airline food? Ready to get triggered?

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Notable Replies

  1. Lauritz is really 6'7"? God damn. Those Scandinavian genes are something else.. Good show so far guys, solid lineup and Spectre's intro was funny.

    Yeah, flying used to be nice.

    Get the sexy stewardesses and all with the miniskirts...

    Now you get overpriced flights with tiny seats, no meals, diversity and screaming babies everywhere while your stewardesses are now genderless "flight attendants" more likely to be angry bull dykes, fat negresses, or fanooks than anything remotely pleasant to be around.

    Dr. Pierce and Ben Klassen both shared some of Charles Lyons's views about the incompatibility of white nationalism/whatever with Christianity. At first glance, Klassen's "church of creativity" and Pierce's "Cosmotheism" might seem silly or heretical to some, but from what I've seen their sentiments are very logical and more in line with the advancement of our race than a more universalist Abrahamic system. If I were to join a religion, it would certainly be one more directly in line with my beliefs on these matters than trying to constantly reconcile someone else's religion and pretend it's something it isn't. Hitler had his sympathies for Christianity, but ultimately had some problems with its meekness and "flabbiness" as he called it, compared to the more militaristic tone of Islam, which he did not favor per se but did respect as a more self-preserving ethos for a civilization.

  2. Very interesting discussion re: Christianity. I converted to Orthodox ten years ago but my faith is wavering, as I see signs of even the Orthodox faith having been compromised. I have no problems with Christianity practiced privately, but its moral tenets are no longer suitable for Whites as a whole given our global situation. Christianity should stay in the house and Church, in other words. Its egalitarianism and "fishers of men" directives should never be the basis for state policy.

    And i have to disagree that there will be four billion Africans at the end of the century. If trends continue, sure. But if the temperature trend between 9 AM and noon on a summer day doesn't change, we'd all be boiling by midnight.

  3. This is the best show now because they mentioned me.

    And yeah, I do shit in the woods.

  4. Good show. -- I've been waiting for a show with the great Lauritz von Guildhausen. He's always been a well-spoken and insightful guest on other podcasts. I'm hoping he's going to be a regular.

    And that was a fantastic monologue by Spectre for the intro/outro.

    Unfortunately, the most insufferable part of the show was Reactionary Tree.

    His hatred for Christianity is his driving force. -- Not restoring White, Western Civilization.

    Reactionary Tree sounds exactly like every other standard Internet-Atheist™ who grew up as a member of the most (((Marxist)))-brainwashed generation in history.

    The primary goal of the Jews, for 2000 years, has been to destroy Christianity because it has served as a bulwark against the Jewish attacks and subversion of White Nations.

    Of the 109 expulsions of the Jews, 107 of those expulsions were from White, Christian Nations.

    Only after chipping away at Christianity in the 20th Century did the Jews manage to get a foothold in our White Nations. -- It's no coincidence that the watering-down of Christianity coincides perfectly with the rise of Jewish power.

    Anyone who thinks that we'll be able to win the war against the Jews without Christianity is LARPing.

    Fortunately, the majority of the people in the Alt-Right are Christians.

    Reactionary Tree is under the impression that Christians are "weak".

    Well, he's going to be extremely shocked when those "weak" Christian, Alt-Right Nazis end up throwing him into a boxcar with the rest of the degenerates.

    "We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity... in fact our movement is Christian."
    -- Adolf Hitler

  5. You're not going to overthrow organized Jewry without Christianity being brought back to its former glory. As Lauritz suggested, it needs to be redirected to serve white nationalist causes.

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