The Truth and Facts About Negroes, Race Mixing and Propaganda

Val Koinen
Koinen’s Corner
First published November 21, 2008

Wild Negroes

Here is the “conventional wisdom” — the politically correct mantra drummed into our heads every hour of every day by the media, government, and churches. And the story-line we allow our schools to pump into the brains of our children:

* Race doesn’t exist; it’s just a social construct.
* We’re all the same under the skin.
* There is just one race — the human race.
* There is no place for racial hatred.
* Diversity is our strength.
* The beauty of multiculturalism…
* Why can’t we all just get along?

Oh, really? Are these positions really based on factual truth, science, history, and rational observation? Or are they largely just platitudes, wishful thinking, or “flights of fancy?” Or even out-and-out deliberate deceptions and anti-White propaganda?

Shouldn’t we consider the bases of such statements and positions? Wouldn’t that be the rational, sensible thing to do, considering how important these concepts are in contemporary American society, public education, and governance? Is that asking too much?

Let’s see now — are the above concepts really supported by the true facts about Negroes and their role in nations and societies? Let’s consider just some of the facts about how Negroes are different from Whites:

Physical attributes:

* Yes, there is the matter of their darker, melanin-rich skin color.
* Wooly (“frizzy”) hair.
* Thick lips.
* Thick, broad nose.
* Different skull shapes.
* Different dentation.
* Numerous other aspects of their physiology.
* Uniquely odoriferous sweat glands.
* Susceptibility to sickle-cell anemia.

Mental attributes:

* Smaller brain size, more primitive brain development.
* Substantially lower IQs on average.
* They’re derived of a people that never invented the wheel.
* And they never invented/developed a written language.
* Compared with Whites, many of them have proven to be uneducable, or at best minimally educable in our public schools. They require racial preferences (“affirmative action”) and most of them still can’t hold their own (very costly to us in terms of taxpayer money and resource requirements, and this hurts our schoolchildren).

Behavioral, social, political:

* More instinctual (including “savage”), uninhibited, and violence-prone behavior; propensity for demanding instant gratification; “wilding.”
* Much higher rates of criminality compared with Whites (by some accounts about 10:1).
* Hugely disproportionate black-on-white criminality compared to the reverse — especially serious crimes such as rape, battery, torture, and murder of our people (by some accounts about 50:1 up to 100:1 or more).
* Including — the essentially one-sided horror of black-on-white prison rapes.
* Disproportionately high rates of AIDS infection (as well as other STDs).
* In Africa, some Negroes are still known to practice cannibalism, slavery, and female genital mutilation.
* Nearly 150 years after being freed from slavery in this country, and after many generations of being substantially supported with taxpayer money, they still suck up welfare at a much greater rate than Whites.
* They disproportionately suck up other taxpayer-funded costs of social services; for example medical, education, unemployment, incarceration, etc. costs.
* As a group, American Negroes are “takers” as opposed to builders and givers.
* Comparatively, a systemic and chronic inability to live their lives without government assistance and preferences.
* The American “living areas” they have essentially taken over (neighborhoods, cities) are crime-ridden, always in a state of deterioration, costly to taxpayers, and dangerous (many even off-limits) to our people.
* Disproportionate propensity for drug use, drug dealing, and prostitution.
* Other undesirable social traits such as low-investment parenting, promiscuousness and illegitimate births, broken families, absentee fathers, unsupported children, etc.
* While we Whites condemn racism on the part of our people, they continually demonstrate blatant racism and notoriously poor citizenship — black jurors acquitting black defendants because they are black; blacks block-voting for black candidates because they are black.


* Their primitive, chanting, rhythmic, often grossly superstitious religious practices; including their beliefs in magic, voodoo, and the like.
* Their savage, illiterate, and disgusting “rap” and “hip-hop” so-called music.
* The ridiculous manner of dress favored by many young males.
* Comparative sexual promiscuity.
* Many just haven’t been able to adapt to our White, European (Western) culture, values, and ways.
* With the help of the predominately Jewish entertainment industry magnates, they have grossly “negrified” our Eurocentric culture (they have “poisoned” our popular culture, especially among young people).
* Again with the help of the Jews, they have distorted our Eurocentric culture with their disproportionately numerous, exaggerated, and inflated presence on television (programs and commercials), in movies, and in print advertising.


* Negroes have never created/built a true civilization.
* They have never even been able to sustain a truly viable civilization (witness their savage/animalistic political performance in many African countries up to the present time).
* Some black societies have remained stuck in a backward, essentially stone-age existence even to the present day.
* They have no cultural or traditional connection whatsoever to our White founders and the founding principles of America, or to our republican form of government.

Summarizing and generalizing from the above, I think it is safe to say that to believe in the things listed at the top of this essay is not only irrational, it is tantamount to insanity (defined as extreme folly or unreasonableness; something utterly foolish or unreasonable).

Sure, there are smart and talented Negroes. There are some really decent folk among them. Actually, it saddens me to say, Negroes that are more “normal” and “better” than a lot of White people. There are some great Negro athletes, and some superb singers. But they are still, by all factual and rational definition, on average and as a group, a different subspecies. And it is unnatural, unhealthy, perverse, and deadly in any number of ways for Whites to intermix and especially interbreed with them; to share our society, culture, civilization, or genes with them. Ask yourself — are those the kinds of things you really want your children to do, or your progeny be burdened with?

Consider also — throughout history, in whatever culture or geographic area, Negroes have almost always been “destroyers” in the sense that they have been impediments to societies and even civilizations, dragging them down.

The bottom line is — they just aren’t “us.” By and large, they don’t look like us, act like us, or perform like us Whites. And it’s not bigoted, or hateful to say that — it’s just true. And, it’s significant. And it matters to me and a good many other White people (and it should matter to all of us).

Yes, after a couple generations of interbreeding, I know that the issue of mixed parents can become much more Caucasian in appearance and other qualities. But still — to the extent those offspring of Negroes are “improved” (by White standards), the White bloodlines involved are degraded to a similar degree. I just don’t see how that can be considered to be a positive development from our standpoint. Why should we White Americans see it as an inevitable and desirable outcome for our country to become “Brazil North,” or “Portugal West?”

Another thing to consider — in the broader societal sense, the sense of we Americans as a “nation” of people; we and the Negroes have very little common cultural history and heritage. Our history and culture are White and European, and encompass the great civilizations of the Greeks, Romans, other Europeans, and the founding and early history of our once-White America. And that history includes our art, music, literature, architecture, exploration, discovery, conquest, pioneering and settlement; the development of mines, farms, timberlands, fisheries, and cities; and the discovery and development of mechanical, naval, aviation, electronic, medical, chemical, and technological wonders. Things like computers, and space exploration. Theirs is primitive tribal Africa, their enslavement in America, and Ebonics. There is just no way the two can be reconciled, when teaching our White children about the greatness of their civilization and their ancestors, without shortchanging them — seriously compromising their deserved knowledge and pride in their history.

All race-mixing with Negroes can possibly do is retard if not utterly destroy our culture and our Western Civilization, and degrade our genotype. Those end results are sure to come, but only after many years of robbing us of our resources; dumbing down our children in the public schools; degrading the White gene pool; and causing our people to suffer untold horrors in the “secret,” “dirty” war of black-on-White criminality.

We need to ask ourselves, before it is too late: Are these the kinds of people we want our progeny to interbreed with (thereby producing offspring that don’t even look like us)? Is that what we want to see happen to our White gene pool? Should we adjust our societal and cultural norms and traditions, and sacrifice our genetic racial development (our natural evolution), to accommodate the more primitive constitution and ways, and lesser capabilities, of the Negro? I would submit that the only natural and rational answer is an emphatic “no!” But in order to prevent those things from happening, we simply must begin to resist contemporary social brainwashing, pressure, and trends, because it seems to me that the only alternative is to just give up — to give everything away; including our heritage, our future, and our very existence.



  1. What’s with the reference to Portugal here? Do you have any proof that there’s a large portion of the ethnic Portuguese population with significant subsaharan African admixture or is that just unsubstantiated hot air?

  2. Indigenous sub-Saharan Africans have no Neanderthal DNA; Maasi do have a small percentage possibly due to interbreeding with Northern Africans .Note the Egyptians,at least in the 18th Dynasty ,ie ‘King Tut,’have been shown to have had more in common gentically with modern British people than Sub-saharans. Unfortunately the Old Testament is not very good with the who was related to whom in the ancient world,;another subject. Back to the main point.This change in DNA may be indicative of a branch off of the negroids from all other races at some early date or hybridization , but genomes are not subjective. If two individual similar creatures have such a major change in their genes they are different species. We seperate the grizzly from the brown bear on less, the biggest difference being the coat and how far they live from the coast ?! Ok now that is comparing a genome from a phenome, but you get the point. Now it is a myth that two different species cannot breed and generate viable breeding offspring. Wolves can breed with dogs and coyotes and their young can breed, and coyotes are probably jackals not a wolf branch at all.Foxes sometimes get involved also. And again not ALL mules are sterile. If it was so rigid with breeding the planet would be nothing but blue green algae. Thus negroids can breed with other races and their childern can also breed and still be different, at least subspecies.

  3. johnny anonymous

    I recommend the Cannibal Caravan by Charles Miller.

  4. Look at this it’s wrote by an African American Thomas Sowell called the History of Slavery and shows everything most belive is just brainwashing every person of every race should have to see this in scholls and a real documentary need to be made and put on TV. The Jews that controll are country’s would never allow it but I belive their controll thanks to the internet is not going to last much longer and they will be kicked out of every country the first will be at least the 109 time it’s happened due to the fact they are parisites to their host nations and do nothing but harm.

  5. One more thing, whoever DENIES miscegenation and the bastard offspring are an abomination, read this –

    theres ALL KIND of health problems that bastards receive, this is nothing new, just look at the Jew and all its genetic disorders!

  6. Plain and simple, whites are the progenitors of civilization, when we admix/adulterate and pervert our societies, the Whole world suffers.
    The white man basically took the Mongoloids out of the bronze age and the Negroes out of the STONE age.
    Race mixing will only lead to degeneration, no one has a creative mind as the Aryan man does, its OUR blessing period.

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