Three Muslims Laugh as They Pour Acid on British Mother in Front of her Six-Year-Old Twin Boys

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2013

The three Muslim terrorists who poured acid on a mother walking home from school with her twin boys, on March 24, 2011, have been sentenced to a total of 44 years in prison.

These are the Hordes of Mordor, and they are evil incarnate.

The demons laughed as the woman and her children screamed, before making a getaway in their BMW. The attack took place outside the Upton Cross Primary School in Upton Park, east London; Muslims appear to consider the entire city their territory now.

Yannick Ntesa.
Yannick Ntesa.
Abdul Motin.
Abdul Motin.
Ahad Miah.
Ahad Miah.

From the Daily Mail:

Speaking after the attack the woman, who suffered horrendous burns to her face and body, said: ‘I saw a man approach me who was carrying something in a bottle.

‘He threw it over me and after a few seconds it started burning. I was crying: “Please help me! Please help me!”‘

Throughout the course of the six week trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, no motive for the attack was ever presented.

These beasts truly are incredible. It is simply unimaginable, the way they behave. What kind of an animal even thinks of throwing acid at a mother with her children? Why would you think of that?

Of course, we can’t, and won’t ever be able to understand the way these monsters are wired. It is enough simply to understand that we need them out from our homes, forever.

They may return to their lands, or they may die in ours. It makes no difference to me.

  • ajp

    So is the victim confirmed white British?

  • Rich

    Above is absolutely correct. In Ulster jew rule is celebrated by the ignorant Orange Order.

  • Wellsy

    For the record, Andre, the victim of this attack is a negro, not “British.” (Should you wish to amend the title)


    • Andrew Anglin

      Different case, mate. Read the article you linked.

      • Wellsy

        My mistake, brother.

  • Leamericanbear

    What are these animals even doing in Britain? They do not belong there!

  • AJP

    Was the victim white or not?? Has that information been disclosed by the media. We are indeed under siege now. Walking around my home town Kingston upon Thames nowadays is a thoroughly depressing sight. The recent transformation has been incredible and there isn’t a single mainstream politician ready to broach it.

  • truthspeech

    Muslims in Britain are merely the symptom of the problem. Just as with blacks in the United States. Britain’s biggest problem, its biggest existential threat is that it is owned by Jews and has been for 300 years. King Edward I in 1290 expelled Jews from England because of their corrosive behavior and effects. So international Jewry fomented the English Civil War by funding the “Leveller” movement who were for assassinating the king and expanding the number of people allowed to vote (sound familiar?). They also funded the rebel leader Cromwell with the understanding that once he overthrew the King, he would let the Jews back into England. Cromwell actually killed the King with the connivance of his Jewish masters (a common pattern) and kept his word and Jews poured back into England. But the English people fought back and the monarchy was restored in 1660. So the Jews struck again by funding the Dutch invasion of England, the so called “Revolution of 1688″, and it was these Dutch Jews who in 1694 founded that supreme of Jewish banking swindles and tools for Jew control known as a private central bank, with the deceptively named Bank of England in 1694. This Jew-owned Bank of England would later come under control of Jew banker and speculator Nathan Rothschild in the early 1800’s and has remained so ever since (even though supposedly partly nationalized in 1946).

    Britain has been owned ever since by the Rothschilds and a used as a tool for furthering the Jews globally. It’s why the Jewish-funded politician Winston Churchill waged war on Germany when it was not in the interest of England to do so, and ended up bankrupting the country and costing England its whole empire. Hitler remarked that England was “the most Judaicized country in Europe” and yet unfortunately he still underestimated how Jewish controlled it was, mistakenly thinking that England would come to its senses during WWII and eventually make peace or even throw in with Germany against the Jewish USSR.

    England is the most hopeless case in the world of being Jewish owned with almost no chance of ever getting out from under their Jewish overlords. The United States is not far behind them though in that regard.

    • Michele

      It’s ignorant people like you that perpetuate racism and intolerance. You forgot the part about how the kings of England allowed Jews to live there so they could constantly borrow money from them and refuse to pay them back. When the Jews called the royal loans in, the king would then persecute them and conveniently refuse to pay the loans back. Richard the Lionheart funded his Crusade by tormenting the Jews. Historically in England, it wasn’t just the Jews who were persecuted. Depending on the time period, either the Catholics or protestants were also persecuted. Since Henry VIII, catholic persecutions were common place. When the Spanish Inquisition was at its height, Isabella and Ferdinand demanded that Henry VII allow the inquisition into England since the Spanish Infanta Katherine of Aragon was betrothed to the Prince of Wales. He refused, Henry VIII refused, Elizabeth I refused. Several kings and queens were tolerant of different religious beliefs. It was their priests and archbishops who hated the jews and insisted on intolerance. English children were taught to fear jews and catholics. Remember Smithfield?