Tila Tequila is as Hardcore as It Gets

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2013

Like it or not, she is now the world's number one Nazi.
Like it or not, she is now the world’s number one Nazi (image courtesy of Ben Garrison).

It just keeps getting better.

Here are some recent comments from Miss Tila, collected by a Daily Stormer reader.

“ALSO, this fake Holohoax needs to be exposed for once and for all because we all know that shit never happened!”


“I know how those dirty kikes work and I am the biggest Hitler supporter of all time! He is our Jesus!”

“I have more family members that fought and died in the Vietnam War then the holohoax!”

“Awww you still mad because santa is not going to finish baking you in the oven for christmas? Since you have always been on the naughty list? lmao”

“hahaha!!! :D Those kikes are disgusting!!! I’m gonna post a blog about how they suck baby penises next,…. or fuck 3 year old babies.”

“lol jealous kikes… wishing you could be a real higher intelligent being but you’re always going to be a dirty like parasite. I understand your simpleton ways of thinking.”

I think those of you who are contacting her, whether it be through emails or comments or Facebook, are really having an effect.  Please, continue to do this.

As I have said, this is very good for us.

  • Hmmm

    It seems that Tila’s facebook has been hacked, according to her Twittter, and these are not actually her comments. I don’t see how anyone could think this was real from the getgo.

    • Star

      Those tweets are from 2010, she made videos, this was really her bro.

  • Anon

    She made a post about the Holohoax (ZCF article) and she opened comments back up for unregistered users

  • Dave M

    On one level this is hilarious, on anther, this is not good. She has some whacked out beliefs about improbable conspiracies, plus the real stuff we like. The media will only discuss one with the other, to poison the well when the uninformed hears about her. Ive seen one article where it merely said she liked Hitler, and btw, she thinks lizard people rule the planet. See? No mention at all about her posting info about how the Jews were expelled from countries 109 times. The audience only learns that she is a nut, and this Hitler thing must be part of it. The danger here is that she will become a caricature poster girl for Hitler truth, where the Jew media controls the presentation.

    I hope she seeks forgiveness for her tacky past and will use National Socialism to reform her personal life.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    Look, she may be a skanky Vietnamese bar slut but SHE IS RIGHT. I don’t really care who says it out of the mouths of babes oft times comes Jems

  • truthspeech

    It’s good that Tila Nguyen is exposing these views to her particular audience demographic and we should encourage it, just as I conditionally support those rare instances of that message coming from a black or a jew (without supporting the black or jew himself…only his actions in that moment). Usually something that weakens the grip of the jew overlords is a positive.

    But don’t get too invested in Tila Nguyen because these views she’s sharing right now are temporary. She will renounce them eventually. She’s someone who is impulsive, not terribly bright, and searching for a identity. This is why she fell into Jew-media clutches and was such an effective tool of theirs in the first place. This means that her current position doesn’t have real roots, and she will end up moving on to something else to define her, and likely will repudiate then what she says now.

    • Billy Ray Jenkins

      Well I look at it like this, the more JEW TRUTH we get out there, its a death of 1000 cuts. We cut them one slice at a time./

  • Johnathon R

    From her latest blog, it looks like Tila will be taking a sabatical from posting for a while.

    She was just talking about a new ring she was given, so I’d venture her personal life has gotten interesting.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/AngelAngel14182888 O*R*I*O*N

    Agree with Duncan and Julian Lee here.

    IMO any association with porn whores makes NS look bad, period. Besides, it only disqualifies and sullies true NS views to have them expressed by a degenerate slut.
    Embarrassing and disgraceful to have her appear prominently and even serialized on a popular NS site.

    I realize, Andrew, that you probably come at this from a partly sarcastic angle. But please stop this t.t.-business before too much damage is done.

    I never did believe in the “any-attention-for-any-price” doctrine. Some attention is rather like leprosy or the bubonic plague, i.e. to be avoided.

    Do you really not see the wide flank you are opening for ridicule here?

    Do we really want to come across as being so desperate for attention and alliances that any degenerate slut can become our associate just by mentioning the jew?

    The suspicion that she is paid by ZOG to disqualify NS should not be disregarded. Call me paranoid if you will.
    The fact is: letting t.t. represent NS views does disqualify NS views. So better to leave her alone.

    • Andrew Anglin

      Orion, I tend to agree with you on a lot of stuff, but not here.

      Did you read my piece explaining why I feel this is a good thing?

      She isn’t going to represent NS – I doubt she really knows what it is. She is simply attacking the lies about Hitler and the war.

      But she is also quite nuts. Seriously, watch one of the videos, she is talking about shifting through dimensions and chakras and whatever. No one is going to take her seriously, save a very small group of followers she has. We aren’t talking about her somehow becoming a serious figurehead for an American National Socialist Movement – no one is even coming anywhere close to thinking anything like that.

      But the ideas are being injected into the mainstream narrative. She is appearing in all major news outlets, and for a while was the number two most Googled thing in the world. And the information on her site about Jewish ritual murder, the banking scam and Hitler is all solid. People are seeing it.

      As far as making NS a joke – of course I support that, and I outlined why in my first post on Tila. None of the detractors have attempted to rebut what I’ve said. I’ll explain it differently now, with something I just thought of.

      We are presently viewed as disgusting and dangerous. Blacks and gays were also viewed this way, naturally, for a very long time. The way they got rid of this stigma was by becoming a joke, in Jewish-produced sitcom shows. Now, blacks and gays are considered serious people. Humor was used to break down the psychological wall of fear and loathing.

      Again, it seems to me that the only way a person can view this Tila situation as negative is by being a grinch.

      • https://www.youtube.com/user/AngelAngel14182888 O*R*I*O*N

        I like your humor pieces most of the time. I don’t like this t.t. stuff.
        That’s all.

        Most of your articles are still superb. This attempt, however, to somehow piggy-back NS popularity on the fame of a racially foreign porn whore is totally incomprehensible to me.

        Our ancestors are watching –as you yourself sometimes admonish us.

        It’s an own-goal. Big time. Please stop it and take DS back onto that honorable path you walked so proudly before.

        • http://theendofzion.com Benjamin Garland

          Since we have sunken far enough to live in a world where a Vietnamese porn star whore can somehow become a household name, I would hope that our ancestors can appreciate the irony of her turning on our enemy. Let’s not put the cart before the horse.

          • Brett

            Exactly! Sometimes we have to fight with the weapons of our dark age.

  • mike king
  • Aybesea

    This is nothing but good. Even if people don’t take her serious , she is planting tons of seeds. Even if a 1/4 of th people who heather get on google. They will see she is correct.

    This is a very good thing being done. It should capitalized on before it blows over

  • MC

    Is that Ron Paul tattoed on her left arm?

  • http://notimeforsilence.weebly.com/ 30.06

    Some paranoid rantings here , “The media will make out like all NS / Jew wise people are crazy” . Hello ! Get a clue , they have been doing this for over 70 years ! Then there’s the remark that she will make mainstream apathetic types not care about us . Hello ! Is anybody home ? They already don’t care about us ! As far as the bulk of the public goes they probably have never heard of her . I never have until this came up .
    And then the Uber Paranoid remark of “they will make her out to be your typical NS type” . Oh yeah , talk about FEAR OF THE JEWS ! That is really giving the jews credit , thinking that they can at all times control what everyone thinks .
    It will take an absolute Moron to believe that she is the authority on National Socialism . So there is no fear of losing any good elements over that .
    Time for people to loosen up , take what comes and roll with the punches , and have a chuckle and a laugh along the way .
    Stop being so harsh on her , she comes from her background , knowledge base and perspective , not yours . So give her credit for saying things that are true and disregard the rest .

    • Andrew Anglin

      Good comment.

    • Charlotte

      Yes, good points

  • fn

    The Jews have something called the Dangerous Speech Project:


  • Ronnie Waters

    Oh God! She’s funny as hell. Why not? Let her rip!

  • RP

    Andre…you need to interview this woman. Sooner the better. Make it happen. It would bring traffic to this site…period. Discuss her rebirth. How she became “awaken” to the truth.

    • RP

      Hahaha….sorry. Andrew, not Andre. Typing on this damn phone.

  • Aybesea

    I don’t have a way to communicate with this female.

    Someone should send her the RedCross numbers from the holonot.

    • Päpy

      Those numbers died for nayural reasons and everything was done to keep them alive

      • Aybesea

        I know. More for the fact that 6 millions a fabrication

  • Aybesea

    I foresee , a drug overdose or car accident…..which would make what she is saying even more impact-full to the rest of the world.
    She is speaking truth. The only I do not like is the constant gas chamber reference. We all know never existed how we are told

    • Brett

      The word “kike” was, in fact, used to refer to Jews before the imaginary gas chambers.

  • Julian Lee

    She’s a gift to Jews and probably paid by Jews. The Nazis would have put any porn prostitute in a camp and happily found ways to cleanse.

    • Brett

      Paid by Jews to distribute excerpts from Arnold Leese’s My Irrelevant Defence: Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder (1938)?

    • Alexander

      Actually, prostitution was legal in the third reich, so long as it was done by independently working women; it was only the pimps and brothel owners who were sent to the camps.

      • Julian Lee

        A modern video “porn star” is several orders of magnitude more degenerate and vile than what you call a “working woman.”

        You talk as though the Nazis were in favor of prostitution while at the same time admitting that brothel owners and pimps were put into prostitution camps. No, the Nazis would not want to be represented by such a creature. Of that there is no doubt.

  • EZ

    As they say “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Like it or not Tila has penetrated more minds in the last few days than regular WN’s have in years. Bottom line this is nothing but good because it’s nothing but bad for jews.

    • Ensu

      Lmao, yea right she’s making any movement you have look horrible. She discredits any “true” movement with he nonsensical ramblings. In fact, she’s making a good case for people with antisemitic tendencies to be just a symptom of craziness. Which is what’s next, saying racism is an illness. I can’t believe you posted this junk. One Asian girl and all these “wn’s” get Asian fever. Fuckin riot! Everyone laughed at you right along with her

      Last year she said she would marry and ashenkenazi Jew named David Weinstraub, and birth his babies. Oh yea she converted to Judaism too. She’s a controlled Kabbalist sex slave. I’m offended at this post and research done, not to mention your lack of critical thinking..

      • EZ

        Thanks for that. You have no idea of how much I appreciate its entertainment value.

  • Gary Nemeth

    WOW! what can say?

    I haven’t had a laugh like this in a long time, tears of joy
    running down my cheek. She’s beautiful!

  • Johnathon R

    Image courtesy of Ben Garrison?!?! The guy that gets his ….eerrr…..gets bent out of shape when people alter his images to attack the evil j ew?!? hahahhahaha that’s hilarious!!!

    I should start putting his name on some A. Wyatt Mann (sp?) drawings just to get his goat!

    Fcku that j ew lackey!!!

    • Brett

      One funny thing, saw a screen cap on Tila’s blog of the pic dubbed here as “Tila Tequila, Guardian of Auschwitz”, being shown on Fox News, and they blurred the swastika arm band, lol.

      • Johnathon R

        Good grief, the swastika was blurred?!?!? haha! They’re on the run!

    • LeAmericanBear

      It’s an inside joke from somewhere.

      • Andrew Anglin

        Ben Garrison is a hardcore racist Antisemite, in fact a certified gas chamber technician, but a lot of people on the internet have tried to alter the cartoons he draws to call out the Jews and make them about libertarianism. Alex Jones did a whole month-long contest called “Info-bomb Ben” where he ordered his followers to attach Comrade Garrison’s signature to various libertarian cartoons, to confuse the people and destroy his reputation. Jones said he was doing this “to stop the rise of Adolf Hitler and bring back the free market.”

        The best way that anyone can support Ben is by spreading the original racist and antisemitic cartoons around the whole internet. The more places the originals are posted, the less likely it is that someone will be exposed to the fakes and think he is a spineless libertarian weasel.

  • Brett

    Was looking forward to the next Tila post. She’s still going with more excellent blog postings, and the venomous Jew shills are regularly discredited in the comments.

  • Johnathon R

    I’ve been chatting with her via comments. If she’s not gen-u-wine, then I don’t know who is.

    I don’t think she’s in it to promote a tape, or if there even is a tape. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    If there is, who knows, maybe it’ll drive more traffic to her blog than ever. She’s still on a facebook 30 day suspension till the 11th of Jan I think.

    I think she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Her Worldliness and ethnicity allow her to communicate to groups that otherwise couldn’t be reached. She speaks their lingo

    It’s funny, I see the regular guys I know from Twitter posting on her blog. If anybody reading this doesn’t tweet, you’re missing out.

    • Johnathon R

      I invited her to check out this thread. Who knows if she’ll ever even get the message, but worth a try. She’s a real character.

    • CrimsonTide

      I have a twitter account but I never do anything with it….who is good to follow? I’ve only got celebrities and stuff and their posts get proper annoying.

      • Johnathon R

        Oh, man! Look for people with #WR for white resistance in their name. You can probably do a search for them. Or search for jew, or racist, or fascist, or the like.

        When you find someone that currently tweets(lots are old accounts), just look at who they follow or are followed by, and add the accounts you like.

        I think Daily Stormer has an account, you could just look at his followers, etc. Then I add people who were re-tweeted that I like.

        It’s kinda hard to explain, but IMO it’s well worth it. I talk to guys in SA and Orania regularly too.

  • http://theendofzion.com Benjamin Garland

    They are releasing another sex tape of her and advertising it as “just in time for Christmas” so she made a blog saying she has something for LA for Christmas with a picture of her with a suitcase in front of a nuclear bomb going off. LOL. This chick is a comedic genius.

  • AllForMyNation

    I’m curious to see if her degenerate type of behaviors will continue, or if she will turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Hopefully, she will clean up her act and stop with the porn and other self-destructive choices.
    This is hilarious, though, and could potentially bring some people into our camp.
    I agree with the comment above that you should try to get an interview. That could make some waves and drive traffic here.

  • yo_Hadrian

    I agree with every one of those quotes!

  • Duncan Stewart

    Please stop with this shit.

    Even if she is saying things that we need to hear more often, those words still come from a repulsive Vietnamese whore that we should pay no attention and let her die off like the cur she is.
    We must start hearing this more from hard-working, physically fit, well-rounded, and generally well-minded White men and women that have children. People who are actually ABLE…. blah blah blah, you know what I mean so I’ll save the rant…

    But, seriously, this degenerate slut has no more fame or fortune left in her fortunately short-lasted “career”, so this really is going to have no effect other than a bad one. Why? Because she’s fucking crazy and the media is going to start using her as a bit of an example of these “silly evil neo-Nazis”.
    I can see it now.

    • Kevin Sommers

      We have no reason to listen to her Dunc, sure.

      But people are going to be looking up ‘Tila Tequila Nazi’ on google, and if this site hits the first page of that search, that is what we are interested in. I think it’s obvious enough that we don’t take her too seriously. And she’s just so out there the media would have a hard time showing her as a nazi, infact if they showed a known entertainer as a nazi, you’d have a number of people looking for ‘entertaining nazis.’

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        Simple rule of thumb Kevin. ANYTHING THAT MAKES THE JEW MAD, MAKES US GLAD. Smile and laugh with all of us, she may be a skank but this skank is making them angry.

        • Kevin Sommers

          Yeah, lol. My point was that Andre is probably promoting her as it will bring more people to the site, which outweighs the rest of her ‘personality.’

          I’m laughing with the rest of you guys, as long as she keeps preaching her message they can’t touch her. And we all know how reckless and neurotic the Jews get when things like this happen, this is probably just the beginning of the hilarity.

          • Andrew Anglin

            No, I actually think this is awesome.

            I can’t even believe anyone is complaining about it. I already took the time to explain why I think this is a good thing (it is linked in the article), and none of the haters are trying to respond to my arguments, just repeating things I already addressed as if I never addressed them.

            I mean “they are controlling her to make Nazis look bad”??? That doesn’t make any sense at all, for like 37 distinct reasons. It is just grinch talk.

            We should celebrate when good things happen. Tila Tequila going hardcore Nazi and getting on all mainstream media talking about holohoax, ritual murder, baby penis sucking, Talmud baby rape, and so on, is a very, very good thing that has happened.

    • Brett

      “We must start hearing this from…” but we’re not. You’re putting an inordinate amount of importance on the messenger, but with the truth on our side, seeds like the ones Tila is planting will bear fruit with people who would not have, or would have taken much longer, to come across info properly exposing the Jew. Furthermore, quantity of a message is almost, if not more important than quality these days. Tila has reduced the number of additional times people need to hear about the things she is exposing, before they will be able to take them into serious consideration. Your point on the media is of little relevance, the media would paint anyone saying this stuff to be crazy and silly, but when people are sent in droves to her recent posts such as “Quotes by and about Jews”, seeing the partial but shockingly (to those of virgin ears) extensive list of Jew expulsions we all know and love, etc. etc….you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

      • Robert Heath

        I’m just waiting for them to paint her as a “typical” neo-Nazi. However, it may be a bit difficult considering she is not even of European ancestry.

    • JamesUK

      Of course this woman is not one of us, and she has only gotten away with saying what she has because she is a none-white. I, personally, am adament that alliances with none-whites are impossible. However, she is telling the truth about our enemy, and reaching millions with her message, so maybe we should give abit of respect and knock off calliing her a whore.

      • CSR

        She’s from Houston, TX. Has been in drive-by shootings and apparently doesn’t give a crap when the bullets fly.

        She’s like that Vietnamese chick in Apocalypse Now – Ride of the Valkyries who throws her hat with the grenade into the (figurative Jew media’s) Huey Chopper… Booooooom!!!!

        Indeed, this takes guts and she has them.

        We need more grenades thrown into Jews’ collective lap like in Apocalypse Now. Justice must be done.

    • HdP

      Agree. Whether it’s clowns like Charlie Sheen, Tila or John Friend. Having people like these put out ‘our message’ makes it look only more retarded.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    As I have said before and will say again, anything that makes the JEWS MAD makes ME GLAD. It does not matter whether its a Black, Muslim, or Asian or anyone else saying it as long as the JEWS ARE FURIOUS I am CHEERING.

  • Joseph Walsh

    After reading that I posted a comment on her facebook. Regardless of her background, she’s going to take hell for this, so she does deserve encouragement.

  • BloodAgainstGold

    I was just the other day telling my brother about her and how she is sick but getting into ns………But now I think maybe she is the only sane person left! YOU GO YOU GOOD THING!!

  • Kori

    They wont knock her off, That would only increase her message. You can kill the messenger but not the message so to speak. They will demonize her, they will try make her life hell. But at the end of the day, The Jews are a bunch of hook nosed crook bagel eating cowards, Who cant even fight their own battles. I loved the part where she said , They hate Jesus Christ. So True! Not to mention they suck little babies penis! Ha ha.

    She is expressing her honest opinion which is the truth, I can respect that. The Jews well dont worry about those bastards, They are going down as we speak.

    • Robert Heath

      I think it’s even better that she is not a ‘Hollywood’ celebrity. Then, she would have more to loose. I really don’t even see how they can ruin her, considering her fame came from the internet.

  • TS


    YOU need to Interview Her!!!

    Your ratings/publicity will skyrocket. Best of luck, reach out to her publisher. Have at it man.

    • Shelton

      That’s a hell of an idea. I would love to see that.

    • Kevin Sommers

      That is a great idea, the interviewer would just have to make sure they can maintain control of the show. She has a lot of dangerous ideas similar to the Jews she promotes on her site(Everyone is a god! The earth is evil!)

      On the other hand, a lot of people will watch the show just for her, so it makes for a great vessel to get the message across. tbh, I think the Renegade guys could do this interview better than anyone. The way Kyle took control of Tuskin’s show, Tila has years of experience in stealing the spotlight, we would need someone like Kyle to do the show.

    • Andrew Anglin

      Yeah, I sent emails to ever address I could find. But haven’t gotten a response. Maybe she read it, I don’t know. If people are commenting on her site, let her know that I would like to interview her.

      • WB

        On her latest “Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting.”?

  • EZ


    Actually it would appear the mossad are on her hitlist!

  • Mr booey

    I have never really thought much about this woman because I considered her a run of the mill porn actress. But good lord…if she can not only see the truth but speak it too is breathtaking. Best wishes to her. She may be one of those sparks that could cause a firestorm.

  • Mr.White

    The Mossad will put a end to this….

    • http://TalkShoe-OurGermanAncestry Robert Schlattmann

      Maybe we should put an end to The Mossad . . .

  • Goylord

    Holy fuck indeed

    Girl should take care of herself, i think she’s already on a mossad hit list or something

    • Kevin Sommers

      They can’t kill someone whose standing in the light, it would bring us much more publicity. Plus it would send her audience to a site like this one, much better for them to get stuck on her message as it carries along a large amount of craziness with it.

      For better or worse, us and the Jews are both stuck with her. :)