Travesty of Justice as Human Rights Activist and Political Prisoner Anders Breivik Abused in Prison

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2017

Once again we see just how sick and twisted the Jew-liberal system is, as the unjustly imprisoned human rights activist faces horrendous abuses in prison.

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A Norwegian court is set to look into the state’s appeal against a ruling that mass murderer Anders Breivik was treated inhumanely in prison. Breivik killed a total of 77 people almost six years ago.

“We hope that the state wins this new round, that justice digs deeper into the case,” the head of a family support group, Lisbeth Kristine Royneland, told AFP.

Back in April, a lower court’s ruling found that Breivik was experiencing “inhumane” and “degrading” treatment behind bars, despite living in a 30-square-meter, three-cell complex: one for sleeping, another for studying, and a third for physical exercise.

He is allowed to play video games, use gym machines, read books and newspapers, and has a computer without Internet access.

The district court judge, however, found that Breivik had been isolated from other prisoners and did not have enough social activities.

Also, the ruling mentioned “humiliating” strip searches, regular use of handcuffs, and the fact that Breivik was often woken up at night.

During the hearings in April, Breivik complained about cold coffee and frozen microwave dinners in prison, as well as the use of plastic cups and plates.

Among other quirky complaints were: being denied the chance to meet fellow Nazis and marry one, and being banned from publishing his two books: ‘The Breivik Diaries’ and ‘The Nordic State.’

This is absolutely outrageous.

Cold coffee smdh.

They’ve been denying him internet access for 5 years!

Now they won’t even let him get laid!

Getting laid is a human right, recognized by international law. I’m pretty sure internet also is.

To this day, no one can explain what Breivik did wrong or why he is in prison. He was arrested following a protest against Jews and faggotism in 2011, and simply locked away for no reason.

Absolutely incredible.

If the sickening and brutal government of Norway isn’t going to free this man, the least they can do is allow him to write a column on the Daily Stormer.

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