Trump Calls Liberal Media “Enemy of the American People”

Daily Stormer
February 18, 2017

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  1. great

    Europe is very desperate to have a leader like him

    This is why we need help to save and liberate Europe because its the homeland for Europeans of the world

  2. Yeah that was very Goebbels :slight_smile:

  3. Judenpresse

  4. It's hard to be more explicit than Trump without naming the Jew. He is probably going to launch a few initiatives to break the Jewish control over the media. He's still preparing the opinion. He could launch a new state-funded TV station for example. Even if he doesn't do anything of the sort, it's great and very useful that he would say outright that the mainstream media are frauds and enemies of the people.

    It's like Andersen's tale The Emperor's new clothes. But there is a twist: it's not a little boy exclaiming that the Emperor has no clothes, it's Emperor Trump himself repeating over and over that the mainstream media are frauds. It's much more effective than having a little boy say the same thing. He is doing the crucial work of waking people up, the same work we have been doing for years.

  5. Just take over NPR.

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