#TrumpEffect: White Lady Stands Up to Race Hoaxer Van Jones

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2016

Little old White lady Mary Matalin – who is not radical or interesting in any way as a pundit – is apparently feeling the Trump power-boost, and Sunday on This Week confronted Negroid tear monger Van Jones for whining like a little girl about white racism in current year.

Cable television POCs and Jews are always talking about how white people are “afraid” of a conversation about race. What they mean by conversation is black people treating white people like white people treat black people in mostly ahistorical (((Hollywood movies))) about the Jim Crow South.

The Trump effect will be an ongoing series of white people fighting back in both little and big ways, after exercising our electoral muscle in electing Trump. I have said time and time again that my governing expectations of Trump are pretty low, and that his victory is more culturally significant than political: the invisible wall of political correctness that handcuffs whites has been broken.

Basically, Jews are strategically abandoning race hustling condescending Negroes like Van Jones until they can make a bigger dent into the white majority. They fear the anger that propelled Trump to power against all the odds will tip over into something more extreme, but the race polemic peddling muds, white liberals and homosexuals have not and will not ever realize it because unlike Jews they actually believe in this shit.

You can see the genuine astonishment in Van Jones’ face that a white person would confront him for talking shit about white people, while the “How Dare You” Jew and liberal shills flanking him are having no effect whatsoever.

To be fair, Van Jones’ “whitelash” comment wasn’t even that extreme compared to some of the other stuff people in his camp say. What is angering about people like Van Jones is they are undoubtedly hostile towards white men, but he himself has married a white woman:


As a famous and wealthy black guy, he could easily find a good looking black(ish) woman like Katrina Pierson, but instead, he is so racist against his own people that he perceives an ugly and disheveled white woman as a DNA upgrade. That is why Van Jones deserves no respect.

The son of a middle school teacher and a principal, Van Jones went to Yale as a child of privilege and now makes six figures or more doing essentially what I do on the Daily Stormer, except against white people. Yet here he is lecturing whites making $25,000 dollars a year in Pennsylvania that they have the privilege.

Sorry Van, whitey’s going to start barking back, whether you like it or not. The Trump effect is already seeping into the American cultural sphere and he hasn’t even taken power yet.

Editor’s Note: for anyone who didn’t get enough in the header clip, here’s the full segment.

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