Truth Will Out Radio: Moroccan Plague in Monte Cassino

Radio Aryan
December 9, 2016


Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt host another episode of Truth Will Out Radio, starting with some discussion on the imminent release of Schmitt’s documentary on Leon Degrelle. The two hour film is already at the preview stage and should be ready for public release on Youtube after the weekend. Schmitt talks about some of the problems he had with finding footage to use and how he a re-enactment society dressed as Rexists provided one solution before Dennis explains how it can take three weeks just to get 15 minutes of video finished.

After praising Schmitt for his documentary, Dennis brings us back to the subject matter of a recent podcast dealing with the French bringing Negro soldiers into Europe to abuse Germans. They did the same again near the end of the second world war but this time let them loose on Italian villagers to rape at will, even giving them explicit license to do this. Instead of being of the Congoid variety like last time, this time it was Moroccan Moslems and they brought a plague of venereal diseases with them. The Allies and the Lugenpresse covered up their crimes of course, just as they are still doing right now.

Mainstream News organisations today that do report on the Black crime wave are threatened with loss of revenue, but even these companies still cover up for the Jews. Joshua Bonehill has been found guilty of photo-shopping a Jewish MP’s head onto a mouse and this has earned him a 2 year prison sentence. The press are implying that this was somehow a threat to the Jewess’ life, when there were no threats made at all. If they reported it truthfully that an MP had a young man jailed for mocking her, then there would be uproar.

Surely the foot soldiers of the Left must realise that their ideology serves a different purpose, when major organisations like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc ban people outright for having a different opinion. The Left loves to say that they may not like what we say, but we have a right to say it and actions like this expose the Jews at the top as not subscribing to their own ideology at all, when it concerns Jews. When people are imprisoned for mocking their MPs just because that MP is Jewish, it has to raise questions even in the smallest of Leftist minds.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Morrocan Plague in Monte Cassino – TWOR 120916

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Notable Replies

  1. WLP made a broadcast about this years ago:

  2. Another great program. Glad to hear Messerschmitt back and we're all looking forward to his new project's release which I plan to tweet out to my massive twitter following of 54 people hehe. Hey I try, ok.

  3. I cannot wait to watch this video about one of the bravest soldiers serving in WWII. Rising from the lowest ranks to the highest, wounded many times, truly a hero of the 3rd Reich, and totally unrepentant follower of the Fuherer to his dying day. I have great admiration for this hero.

    My Tribute to him here in 'General Discussion 3/31 this year:
    Feldherrnhalle zu Ehren unserer gefallenen Kameraden

  4. The 1960 movie Two Women(la Ciociara) depicted Moroccan soldiers raping the daughter of the protagonist,played by Sophia Loren, who won an Oscar for her role. If this movie had been done today, she wouldn't have won an Oscar and the movie would have been banned as being culturally "insensitive" and "Islamophobic." Funny that the word "Christianophobic," is never used. Oh, I'm sorry how naive of me, a word such as that couldn't even be considered by our wonderful western press since it automatically excludes anything European, white and Christian as ever having done anything beneficial to society. People who whine cry and are making hundreds of millions of dollars for throwing a stupid ball someplace and are not of European descent wouldn't be living in their mansions and driving the newest model sports car and having a gorgeous blonde wife if it hadn't been for those terrible European white males who made the world better for these ingrates.

  5. You wont be disappointed. We are hoping it will be ready Sunday or Monday. The preview version is excellent, it just needs a couple of tweaks and then its good to go. It will be the first of a series too.

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