UK: Immigration Still at Record High

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016


“A world without borders”

People live in the UK.

People were born there. Their parents and grandparents and great great great great grandparents were born there.

The people coming in don’t care. They want to take what belongs to the native inhabitants of this country.

And the government is helping them do it.


Net migration has stayed near record levels, standing at 335,000 in the year to June, the Office for National Statistics has said.

There was also a record number of EU citizens coming to live in Britain with the figure standing at 284,000.

Net migration – immigration minus emigration – was the second-highest number on record.

Immigration minister Robert Goodwill said the government was “committed to getting net migration down”.

Most of the period covered by the figures was before the EU referendum, but they also include one week after the poll.

The ONS says the net migration figure is similar to the previous year, although it was up slightly on the 12 months ending in March, when it stood at 326,000.

Immigration to the UK has also risen to a record level with 650,000 migrants in the year to June.

Net migration from the EU was the highest figure on record with the number standing at 189,000.

Mr Goodwill said the British people had sent out a “clear message” they want more control on immigration and the government was committed to getting numbers down to “the tens of thousands”.

He added: “That is why reducing the number of migrants coming to the UK will be a key priority of our negotiations to leave the EU.”

Our governments are literally at war with us.

This has never happened before in history. You can talk about historically oppressive or repressive governments, but none of them were trying to literally ethnically cleanse the nature they ruled over of its native population.

It has never happened.

How much more are we willing to take?

Notable Replies

  1. The only things Britain needs right now, are Farage and UKIP.

  2. Retnar says:

    Albion has not had a legitimate government since Neville Chamberlain. All the rest have alternated between absolute ineptitude and outright hostility towards the electorate. Sadly it's all been outright hostility for the last 20 years.

  3. The UKIP is jewed. It, like the Tory leadership, will continue the Genocide of British people by infinity immigration only slightly more legally rather than illegally.

    There are some good people still in there but

  4. 70 years brah. Ever since ww2. Extermination of native European peoples started right then and there.

    And, I've never noticed one thing ukip has said to make me think they are looking out for the [true] British people. Not one. What, leave the EU? So what? The damage is already done.

    A massive deportation program, of EVERY single non white citizen in the U.K. needs to happen and happen within the next few decades.

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