Ukraine: Jew-Worshiping “Nazi” Leader Yarosh Calls for Top Muslim Terrorist to Attack Russia

Daily Stormer
March 2, 2014

Yarosh, an alleged Nazi, loves the Jews more than life itself and now wants Muslim terrorists to attack the Russian people to support his Jewish coup.
Yarosh, an alleged Nazi, loves the Jews more than life itself and now wants Muslim terrorists to attack the Russian people to support his Jewish coup.

Just days after declaring his endless man-love for the Jewish parasite, Dmitro Yarosh, the leader of the alleged “Nazi” group Pravy Sektor, has called on Doku Umarov, Russia’s most wanted Islamic terrorist, to commit acts of terrorism against the Russian people.

From RT:

The statement points out that “many Ukrainians with arms in the hands” supported Chechen militants in their fight against Russians and “it is time to support Ukraine now.”

The message, signed “leader of Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh” then calls on Umarov “to activate his fight” and “take a unique chance to win” over Russia.

The radical leader has been consistently anti-Russian in his statements, calling for the destruction and division of the “Moscow Empire” and openly supporting Chechen militants and Georgian aggression. Yarosh believes Russia is Ukraine’s “eternal foe” and has said that war between the two countries is “inevitable.”

Yarosh’s outrageous plea to terrorist Doku Umarov exhibits the “guts of the so-called new Ukrainian authorities,” Chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus told Itar-Tass.

Wikipedia gives us some background on the buttbuddy of this Jew loving “nationalist” Yarosh:

Doku (Dokka) Khamatovich Umarov (Chechen: Ӏумар КӀант Доккa; Russian: Доку Хаматович Умаров; also called by the Arabized name of “Dokka Abu Usman”) (born 13 April 1964) is a Chechen Islamist militant in Russia. Umarov has claimed responsibility for several attacks on Russian civilians, earning himself a media nickname of “Russia’s Bin Laden”. On 3 February 2012, Umarov ordered his subordinates, in a video posted online, to halt attacks on the civilian population of Russia, while leaving military and security personnel as legitimate targets. However in July 2013 he posted another video announcing the end of this moratorium, and calling on Islamic insurgents in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and the Caucasus to prevent the holding of the Sochi 2014 Olympics “using all the means that Allah permits”.

Between 2006 and 2007, Umarov was the underground President of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (ChRI). He subsequently became the self-proclaimed Emir of the Russian North Caucasus, declaring it an Islamic state of the Caucasus Emirate. He is currently wanted in Russia for the crimes of kidnapping, murder and treason. He is one of the major rebel leaders in Russia and has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on civilians, including the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings and the 2011 Domodedovo International Airport bombing. The attacks killed 40 and 36 civilians respectively, and injured hundreds.

On 1 August 2010, Umarov resigned his position and appointed Aslambek Vadalov as the new Emir of the Caucasus Emirate. However, on 4 August, he issued a statement “annulling” the previous declaration and stating he would remain in his position. In July 2011, a rebel Sharia court ruled in favour of Umarov over the rift, following which the other rebels re-swore allegiance to him. On 10 March 2011, the United Nations Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee added Umarov to the list of individuals allegedly associated with al-Qaeda.

What is Yarosh's next move?  How could this get any worse?
What is Yarosh’s next move? How could this get any worse?


The spineless piece of hoaxer trash Yarosh is now claiming that his site was hacked, and his people never posted this call for civilian slaughter in the Ukraine by a hardcore Muslim terrorist.

I think this is probably a lie, but whatever.  Might as well take him at his word for it, given that his Jew-worship is much worse than this.

Here’s a screenshot.

lol I can’t read this


Nordfront is reporting that a Russian nationalist called these scumbags and they admitted to posting this:

Dmitry Bobrov, the chairman of the Russian National Socialist Initiatives (NSI), spoke to a Swedish news service on saturday, and made the following statement:

I recently  called the phone number on the Right Sectors official webpage and got it confirmed that the call by Dmitry Yarosh to Doku Umarov was real. They explained that the call of the Right Sector was written in conjunction with the Russian army entering Ukraine. Right Sector believes that this will be able to prevent Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. My opinion is unchanging – to contact Islamists who kill innocent Whites is a declaration of war against the whole Russian people.

After this, no normal Russian will support Right Sector. Dmitry Yarosh gives Putin a trump card, as the Russian people have a negative attitude towards Islamic terrorists who have murdered tens of thousands of innocent Russians. Hate of Islam is one of the factors that unite Russians, regardless of their party affiliation or ideological beliefs.

NSI has previously supported the Ukrainian revolutionaries and felt that it was right to dismiss the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

This was my instinct, when I heard it reported they were claiming a hacking.  That is just shoddy damage control for this insane statement.



  1. For those still convinced that the Right Sector is a legitimate nationalist movement, here is the official announcement from the Israeli embassy in Kiev regarding the collaboration:

    (In Greek)

  2. Seriously folks John Kerry held a press conference lecturing Russia that they were acting 19th century by invading Ukraine, that they can’t just invade a Sovereign Nation on trumped up charges, was Kerry not born when the US invaded Iraq on trumped up charges?

  3. In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit

    He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution.
    Under his helmet, he also wears a kippah.”

    This is ALL you need to know, Neo CON J EWs instigated this revolt in Ukraine.

  4. nazi: deregotaroy slur usually refering to the National Socialists of Germany


    Well, those Ukrainian “Nazis” ( ??? ) never cease to amaze us !

    There are 2 possible explanations for this kind of behaviour.

    ONE, these people have NEVER been true Nationalists – they have been Jew – agents from the start.

    TWO, their anti – Russian feelings are so strong that they prefer to allie themselves with Jews and Muslims .

    In any case, they are shitty RACE – TRAITORS !

    Ukraine has always been a part of Russia.

    Kiev was the first Russian city, founded by the Scandinavian Rus.

    Kiev was the birthplace of Russian Orhtodox Christianity, as Prince Vladimir accepted Christianity from the Byzantine Greeks and baptized the Russian people in the 10th century .

    Ukrainians are Slavs, and Slavic Unity is in their best interest.

    Anyone who undermines the Slavic Unity – and the White Unity in general – is a Race traitor.

    These Ukrainians are a disgrace !

  6. That’d be kind of crazy if this all started a World War III, and all the Alex Jones idiots kept swearing it’d be in Arabia. Then if we supported Russia they’d try to get us for treason.

  7. “Russia is Ukraine`s eternal foe”! Never expected to hear that. It is getting clearer now that these people are like soccer hooligans of an obscure village team that`s got a rivalry going with the big guys, but only they know it.

    • .

      Holy Rus was born in Kiev.

      Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir the Great, baptized the Rus.

      Russians and Ukrainians are Aryan Orthodox Christian brothers.

      Someone needs to remind Vladimir the jew-lover


  8. European American

    Could someone explain this short, I think relevant, video?

    who is this guy and is this staged and who/what does he represent?

    • He is one of the leaders of “right sector”. He killed russians in chechnya in the 90s.

      Also, Dmitri yarosh promises to suppress antisemitism

      • European American

        I somewhat understand, but the video is about Aleksadndr Muzychko who is also from the “right sector” but from what I have read about him, he’s not too fond of Jews. That is what confuses me about him and Dmitri yarosh. Same team, different ideologies. Yes, no?

  9. ” Right Sector, the ultranationalist group supporting the EuroMaidan movement, is now disclaiming that its group leader Dmytro Jarosz ever made an appeal to Chechen insurgent Doku Umarov to help Ukraine’s freedom struggle, Radio Svoboda, the Ukrainian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported today.

    In an interview with Radio Svoboda, Artem Skoropadskiy, spokesman for Right Sector, said:

    Our page was blocked for half an hour. One of the administrators of the group had his account hacked. Now that post is not there on our page.

    According to Skoropadskiy, Right Sector’s position is “not to succumb to provocations or start them first, but we are ready to meet Russian occupation troops if they start fighting.” The group’s page did not appear to be blocked as we have been refreshing it regularly, but some readers report that it was not accessible for a time today. The appeal to Umarov is now indeed deleted, but another appeal in Russian “to the peoples of Russia” can still be seen:

    Russians and other enslaved peoples of Russia! Now your fate is being decided in Ukraine. We have fought not only for our freedom, but yours! Now you also have a chance to fight for your freedom against the Chekist [KGB] regime of Putin.

    Hold mass actions of protest! Create partisan divisions! Block the roads. Destroy the military infrastructure. Support us, and we will support you! There is NO other way!

    Don’t believe the Putin Goebbels! We are not Russophobes. We are not agents of the USA. We are soldiers of freedom!”

    Central Headquarters
    Right Sector


    • Franklin Ryckaert

      “Don’t believe the Putin Goebbels!”

      That gives him away. If this man were really a “Nazi” he wouldn’t depict Goebbels as someone bad. He’s a 100% agent for the Jews.

      • A man with logic and reason. Now lets use some logic and reason regarding why Putin LIES about 9/11 and the Holocaust; I mean, dont you know that Putin is fighting against the Jew USSA Communists/Globalists. ROFLMAO! The world is batted around like a ping pong ball by the Kike Jew.

        • .

          Speaking about 9-11… which interestingly is the German/Euro way to write Nov 9… but I digress.

          Summer before 9-11, Russian economist, Dr Koragina said the USA would receive a major hit and the fallout would be worse than a nuclear bomb in the “last ten days of August.” She went on to say that time had religious meaning. She also mentioned August 19 in her riddle. That riddle was not difficult for me to figure out 😉


  10. A background investigation of this Yarosh is long overdue.

  11. Putin has built his royal pavilions between the seas and the holy mountain[s] = Sochi

    Reports of trouble come from the north [Ukraine] and east [Chechnya.]

    Next… Putin will come to his end… and Michael will stand up !!