UN Agenda to Replace White Populations with Monkeys

Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

Notable Replies

  1. The UN must be shut down permanently!

  2. We need firing squads.

  3. Guys google the UN Lucis Trust,they basically teach white people to accept multiculturalism, spirituality( stupid new age shit) and to lie down for being evil etc

    They teach Blacks that they woz kangz, literally that whitey was a cave man, and while in the cave, the brothers were ruling Egypt, and the best part, whitey just made a fluke discovery, he built a gun lol, they dont even mention to build one requires a lot of fucking knowledge lol, and they took over the world, stole their technology, but basically they teach all the invaders, hatred and aggression, whilst teaching us peace ,unity and submission

    I honestly thought those we wuz kangz memes were a joke, I couldnt believe they actually believe this

    If you dont believe me go to the Richard Spencer video on youtube, where he debated that black guy, the black guy said on TV lol that they woz kangz and if you read the comments the blacks will be banging on with those three lines of "history" above

  4. The UN, EU, NATO, all these organisation must be dismantled.

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