UN Rejects Britcuck Appeal, Says Assange Must be Freed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016


Er, well. We’re a step closer, at least.


The United Nations has rejected a UK appeal against its previous ruling in favor of Julian Assange as “inadmissible,” thus requiring both London and Stockholm to end the WikiLeaks founder’s “arbitrary detention.”

Earlier this year, a case was concluded at the UN, in which the body instructed the UK and Sweden to take immediate steps to ensure the WikiLeaks founder’s liberty, protection and enjoyment of fundamental human rights.

The UK has appealed the ruling twice, with the UN rejecting its second appeal on Wednesday by pronouncing it “not admissible,” Justice for Assange reported, adding that the decision marks the end to London’s “attempt to overturn the ruling.”

“Now that all appeals are exhausted, I expect that the UK and Sweden will comply with their international obligations and set me free,” a statement by Assange read, with the fugitive whistleblower calling his detention “an obvious and grotesque injustice.”

The recent development in the Assange case at the UN forces the UK and Sweden – which are parties to his case – “to immediately put an end to Mr. Assange’s arbitrary detention and afford him monetary compensation,” Justice for Assange stated, adding that a failure to do so would undermine the UN human rights’ protection system.

Julian Assange faces potential, but as yet unfiled charges over rape allegations in Stockholm that date back to 2010. The whistleblower has always denied the accusations, saying that being taken to Sweden would pave the way for a further extradition to the US, where the government has launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks following a 2010 diplomatic cables leak.

I think it’s safe to say Donald Trump is somehow responsible for this.

I mean, he must be right?

Why else would it happen right now?

If Hillary had won, the opposite thing would be happening – they would be ruling that the cops have a right to storm the embassy and drag him out, or just murder him.

We live in a different world than we did a month ago, folks.

Everything is going according to plan.


Except for the kike treasury secretary. That isn’t good for the plan. But a relatively small bump in the road, all things considered.

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