Unknown Actors Jumping Off Crashing, Burning, Sinking DC Movie Ship

Editorial Board
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

The Daily Stormer editorial board recently endorsed Ben Affleck drinking himself to death in order to save the world and himself from his role as Batman.

We have seen that these films are harmful to our society, in that they are so terrible that they make a joke out of human existence.

Following our denouncement of these films, two relatively unknown actors appear to be pulling out of the film franchise. Whether they are doing this due to a desire to save their own careers, to save civilization or both is irrelevant.

First, Joe Manganiello announced he is probably not onboard to continue playing Deathstroke.


Following a report last week that “The Batman” will be rewritten “from the ground up,” Joe Manganiello doesn’t seem so confident he’s still playing Deathstroke in the Warner Bros. film.Appearing Friday on “Pittsburgh Today Live” to promote the animated “Smurfs: The Lost Village,” the actor was asked about playing the DC Comics mercenary in the upcoming film.

Manganiello replied, “Umm … maybe. We’ll see.”

His apparent hesitance stands in stark contrast to earlier interviews, in which Manganiello readily discussed his research and training for the role of the fan-favorite supervillain. He even shared Deathstroke fan art to celebrate the birthday of Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment’s president and chief creative officer.

The guy playing Commissioner Gordon is also apparently pulling out of The Batman, after having appeared in Justice League.

Comic Book Movie:

J.K. Simmons will make his debut as Commissioner Jim Gordon in Justice League this November, and while we’ve known for a while that he’ll have a relatively small role in the highly anticipated release, it no longer sounds like the actor is certain what’s next for him. That can be blamed on the delay of The Batman, something which came as a result of Matt Reeves replacing Ben Affleck as director.

“My part in the first film coming out this fall is very, very small… It’s a little introduction of the character,” Simmons reiterated in a recent interview with Screen Crush when asked what’s next for him. “But whenever the next one gets off the ground, whether it’s ‘The Batman’ movie or the ‘Justice League’ sequel, and I know those things are getting shuffled around right now … we thought we might be getting to work pretty soon on ‘The Batman,’ but we’ll see what the future brings. Hopefully that’ll be another comic-book character that I get to take two or three or four cracks at.”

We are firm believers that you can judge a civilization by its action movies – particular its scifi action movies. The decline of these films over the last thirty years has signaled a collapse of our civilization.

From this:

To this:

It is still unknown whether the collapse was due to the crappiness of action movies, or the other way around. And it doesn’t really make any difference.

We are happy to see that b-rate actors read the Daily Stormer and take our analysis seriously. Hopefully, bigger names will soon notice that following us is the only way to achieve success.

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