Victoria’s Secret Models to Get Killed by Moslems in Paris

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2016

Because of course.

Infidel whores and all that.

Paris is an Islamic city, they don’t tolerate and they are not amused.

You have to wonder though – why are Victoria’s Secret models even traveling to Arabia?

Notable Replies

  1. Victoria's Secret is owned by the jew Wexner family.
    They are heavy promoters of ugly jew modern art.

  2. This would be hilarious and awesome. I have no problem with whores being butchered and in fact I endorse it. The one thing about the sand nigger plague is that all this pro-woman bullshit is going BYE BYE!

  3. True... Women with babushkas and such...

    Muslims are official in the 1400s then.

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