Voter Fraud USA: Russia to Help Monitor American Elections

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2016


The Zionist forces in possession of the United States government have for years used concern trolling as a way to push geopolitical and social agendas abroad.

During the 2010 Ukrainian elections, the United States and the European Union led an international contingent of “observers” to monitor the race between pro-Russian Victor Yanukovych and Washington lackey Yulia Tymoshenko. Yanukovych won fair and square according to the monitors, but Jews in America didn’t like the result, so NATO organized a coup d’etat against him in 2014 and subsequently had a new election where political parties America doesn’t like were outlawed.

The Jewish media and puppet politicians drone on about Russia being a “dictatorship,” yet the Russian government invites American officials to observe their elections every time they occur. In the Duma, there is a plurality of political parties, preaching everything from quasi-Nationalsocialism to Clerical Orthodoxy to libertarianism and outright Bolshevism, yet somehow, America is the one with “freedom” and Russia is the “tyranny”.

Now, things are turning on their heads. People in America in the last four decades have never really paid much attention to our political system,  usually the candidates running have few or no discernible differences and might as well be in the same party. Because the sources of power in American politics are private billionaires and Jewish plutocratic donors, it has always been plausible to say America has free elections; “Nobody is legally stopping you from running,” is a favorite disingenuous phrase of the cuckservatives.


This time around, there is somebody to vote for that, like Yanukovych, Jews don’t trust or like. In chocolate cities across the country, from Philadelphia to Cleveland, committing voter fraud will be laughably easy, and all it would take is for one of the many NGOs aligned with Hillary Clinton to set it up as is hinted at in the last few Project Veritas sting videos: register every black either through NAACP campaigns or Soros run groups, then on election day get a group of blacks to go vote in different precincts in their name. Is Shaniqua with the big fake nails serving as a “federal observer” going to ask you to do anything but sign?

The polls this election have a remarkable spread. In the same time period, respected trackers such as La Times/USC, Rasmussen and IBD/TIPP have Trump either tied or in the lead, while CBS News, Bloomberg and NBC News/SM have Clinton up by double digitsfar beyond the margin of error. Either somebody is bullshitting somebody, or one group of these radically different polls taken in the same rough time period has a radically flawed or obsolete methodology. There’s also a third possibility, one promoted by Alex Jones and Roger Stone (who are admittedly not generally trustworthy, but could be right here), that certain media entities are purposely rigging opinion polls in tandem with the phony scandals they keep churning out in order to provide cover for an election steal. It sure doesn’t help that the two most high profile people “interpreting the polls,” the Jews Nate Cohn and Nate Silver, are obvious anti-Trump partisans.


Trump’s keen instinct, while putting a sick feeling in the pit of cuck stomachs, has erected an additional barrier against likely malfeasance.

In response to this, Russia has filed a request to monitor the US elections, which the government of course rejected. Instead, to save face, it has tapped the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights – which will include Russia – as well as the Organization of American States (OAS, who last were tasked with monitoring the Haitian election, haha) to ensure there is no fraud to get Clinton elected.

Miami Herald:

That’s largely thanks to Republican candidate Donald Trump. Following his recent downward slide in the polls, he’s been stepping up claims that the Nov. 8 elections will be rigged, calling into question the very legitimacy of U.S. democracy.

“Of course there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before Election Day,” Trump tweeted on Oct. 17.

Trump claims, without evidence, that huge numbers of dead people and undocumented immigrants will vote, and his campaign cites a 2012 Pew Center study saying that more than 1.2 million dead people are listed as voters. But a Loyola Law School study found only 31 known cases of voter impersonation fraud in 1 billion votes cast in U.S. elections between 2000 and 2014.

The head of the OAS observation mission to the U.S. election, former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, told me in an interview that the outside scrutiny was requested by the U.S government on June 30.

The OAS has been monitoring elections in Latin America and the Caribbean for the past 50 years, most recently in Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru. Usually, governments request these missions to generate domestic and foreign confidence in the electoral process, and to help prevent post-electoral violence.

In this case, the OAS will deploy election observers in up to 15 U.S. states, including New York, California, Ohio, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Florida will not be included, because of a state law that prohibits such outside election missions, she said.

Chinchilla told me that the OAS is more than happy to conduct its U.S. observation mission, among other things because it will help debunk a frequent excuse by Latin American authoritarian regimes for not accepting outside electoral monitoring missions. “Many of them say, ‘If the United States doesn’t allow observers, why should we?’” she explained.

Asked whether there are legitimate reasons to fear that the U.S. elections will be rigged, Chinchilla offered a qualified no: “Up to now, based on what we have advanced in conversations with representatives of U.S. state and national electoral organizations, we cannot say that there are any indications that there could be a fraud on a national scale.”

While it’s obvious that the OAS is the servant of its Zionist master, the other states involved in observing the ballot boxes may reduce the likelihood of cheating.

Donald Trump has once again exposed America as a corrupt banana republic.  Expect the Cucks and Israeli citizens at National Review to be up in arms about this “loss of prestige” once it gets to their ears.

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