Vox Media: Snarky Pioneers of The Wall Street Globalist Left

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2016

Last week, I wrote a piece documenting the rise of Neo-Conservative ideas on the progressive institutional left, and traced it back (partially) to the banishment of the tiny elite neo-con wing (what Jews themselves admit is a euphemism for Jew) of the GOP. Now I will delve into the immense support for virulently exterminationist (against whites), pro-globalist “leftist” ideas by America’s oligarchs. Love them or hate them, yesterday’s dreamers, from Che Guevara to the Baader-Meinhof gang, are all rolling in their graves at the jiggly-pec’d Hebrew estrogen factories appropriating certain tenets of their ideology in order to advance a purely self-interested racial agenda.

Vox Media’s (((Matthew Yglesias))) has been catching oven-heat on Twitter for being a Hillary/Wall Street troll masquerading as a journalist. Rather than examining his lack of scruples, he just squeals “Anti-Semites!” Yglesias, whose name means “Church” in Spanish, is actually 3/4  Ashkenazi Jew, but that doesn’t stop him from fronting as an oppressed “Latino,”  even as his website receives 100’s of millions of dollars worth of patronage from his tribal cartel associates in investment banking and Zionist monopoly capital.

This money has bought them lots of promotion, and while they are beginning to decline in traffic ever since transparently giving to principled white leftists that they are a branch of the Hillary Clinton campaign, they remain a powerful instrument of taking attention off the global capitalist machine by promoting hate and violence against working class Americans of European descent instead.

Yglesias is one of the most important people at the ideological helm of the Vox Media cabal, together with Ezra Klein, and a third Jew with the misleading name of “Zack Beauchamp,” together with (((Dara Lind))) and German Lopez appear to put out a disproportionate amount of reports. The CEO of the Vox platform, which is aimed at churning out and pushing into the mainstream ever-fresh Social Justice Warrior talking points, is Jim Bankoff, a Jew who also works for the vulture investment firm Providence Equity Partners, which over-leverages in hostile takeovers of indebted media companies.

This Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit, Dara Lind, is the type of person with the nerve to go around calling white people "inbred".

This Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit, Dara Lind, is the type of hate-filled Jew that somehow works up the nerve to go around calling white people “inbred.”

Aside from a $200 million dollar cash injection from the Jew “Roberts” family owned Comcast (an increasingly omnipotent media monopoly Donald Trump has talked about busting), Vox has used the international finance capitalist connections of its CEO to partner up with  William Morris Endeavors, a Jewish media hive controlled by another leveraged buyout firm called “Silver Lake Partners.”

As an aside here, this is a disturbing trend online that will one day lead to the Jewish monopolization of public access to information and destroy freedom of opinion, as has happened in print and cable. If laws are not passed to, at the very least, discipline capital and limit the accumulation of subsidiaries by mega-corporations, every website will look like Vox.

Ezra Klein

Hate-mongering victim of Jewish consanguineous marriage, Ezra Klein

Why is this a problem? Whenever a website gets popular doing something as innocent as reviewing computer games or blogging about food, Jews show up with big money to acquire and politicize them in a way that attacks normal people. The video game website Polygon, which is hated by most for its in-your-face “Social Justice Warrior” slant, is controlled by Vox Media for example.

There is a silver lining in the clouds, as I believe there is potential in a Social-Nationalist/Gentile Leftist alliance against the “New-New-Left.”

One Leftist media watch dog, FAIR, has called out Vox and Matthew Yglesia’s for being Goldman Sachs shills without disclosing their financial connections to the investment banking giant:

Vox’s Matthew Yglesias (4/25/16) gave a generous write-up to Goldman Sachs’ new commercial banking subsidiary, GS Bank, without noting that Goldman Sachs is a sponsor of Vox.

Despite the obligatory “to be sure” paragraph, where Yglesias ran through some of the downsides (“they don’t have a checking account and there’s no ATM access”), the post mostly served to promote a new product “for the masses” from Goldman Sachs, a company worth roughly $87 billion. One section in particular was glowing:

What Goldman Sachs has that other online banks don’t is a widely recognized brand name built on excellence in other dimensions of financial services that could help further push internet banking beyond the early adopter demographic.

“A widely recognized brand name built on excellence” would probably not be how the thousands it defrauded with faulty mortgages would describe Goldman Sachs.

Another section that defended the world’s second-largest investment bank against “populist” critics concerned about the merger of investment and retailing banking was equally eyebrow-raising:

For fear of looking like pawns of Wall Street, they won’t come out and say this loudly, but [moderate Democrats] quietly think that it’s safer to have an economy dominated by well-balanced universal banks like JPMorgan Chase than by institutions that focus on a narrow set of business lines. Both the Canadian and European banking systems are dominated by universal banks, and during the 2007 crisis universal banks were more stable than narrower banks.

Missing from this report was any disclosure that Goldman Sachs is a sponsor of Vox’s podcast, The Weeds, co-costed by Yglesias. How much exactly Goldman Sachs pays Vox Media is unknown, but any amount should compel the “new media” company to note this fact when reporting on Goldman Sachs — especially when it’s promoting both its economic and political bottom line.

Vox, which ironically announced last November that it will be moving into Goldman Sachs’ old address at 85 Broad Street in New York, has had an advertising relationship with the investment bank that dates back to at least late 2014, when Vox’s Creative team made content for Goldman Sachs to promote its energy investments.

Readers have a right to know when writers are covering their sponsors, especially when that coverage is broadly positive and dovetails with the economic and ideological interests of the company in question.

So what kind of content does Vox Media produce that it has been elevated to the top of the ever crowded (more financially cushy platforms than people who want to read this trash) Social Judaizing Warrior news dung heap by American plutocracy?

Here’s what this insane and truly deplorable street-stack of vermin nestling in NYC garbage bags do. Read the anti-white, anti-male, anti-family vitriol these kike nation-killers dedicate their calumnious columns to:

“Yes Means Yes” is a terrible law, and I completely support it
by Ezra Klein

If the Yes Means Yes law is taken even remotely seriously it will settle like a cold winter on college campuses, throwing everyday sexual practice into doubt and creating a haze of fear and confusion over what counts as consent. This is the case against it, and also the case for it. Because for one in five women to report an attempted or completed sexual assault means that everyday sexual practices on college campuses need to be upended, and men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.

Critics worry that colleges will fill with cases in which campus boards convict young men (and, occasionally, young women) of sexual assault for genuinely ambiguous situations. Sadly, that’s necessary for the law’s success. It’s those cases — particularly the ones that feel genuinely unclear and maybe even unfair, the ones that become lore in frats and cautionary tales that fathers e-mail to their sons — that will convince men that they better Be Pretty Damn Sure [in gaining consent].

On why white Southerners, some of the poorest people in America today, must be both punished and forced to pay blacks reparations:

You can be a beneficiary of racism even if you’re not a racist
by Ezra Klein

What Coates shows is that white America has, for hundreds of years, used deadly force, racist laws, biased courts and housing segregation to wrest the power of compound interest for itself. The word he keeps coming back to is “plunder.” White America built its wealth by stealing the work of African-Americans and then, when that became illegal, it added to its wealth by plundering from the work and young assets of African-Americans. And then, crucially, it let compound interest work its magic.

Today, white America is one of the richest and most powerful populations the world has ever known. And it wonders why African Americans just can’t seem to keep up. “In America,” Coates writes, “there is a strange and powerful belief that if you stab a black person 10 times, the bleeding stops and the healing begins the moment the assailant drops the knife.”

It’s also the intellectually unserious response of people who believe that because they never owned slaves or drank from a whites-only water fountain they weren’t the beneficiaries of American racism. They may not be the villains of American racism, but they are the beneficiaries of it. The average white southerner in 1832 was far poorer than the average white southerner today, and part of that vast increase in wealth and income and knowledge and social networks is the result of compound interest working its magic on what the slaveowners and the segregationists stole.

It’s as simple and clear as a child’s math problem. The people who benefitted most from American racism weren’t the white men who stole the penny. It’s the people who held onto the penny while it doubled and doubled and doubled and doubled.

There are literally hundreds of articles by Yglesias, Klein, Beauchamp and others extrapolating on the Jewish canard known as “white privilege.” Somehow, Major League Baseball being 60% white in a country that is 65% white is evidence of racism, according to the Jew-deferring chink malcontent Alvin Chang. As I saw someone on Alt-Right social media recently point out: if you declare Jews as powerful, you’re an anti-Semite, if you say the same about white gentiles, you’re a Sociologist.

Will Alvin point out that all the top positions at his own media company are occupied by Jews?

In the end, the only legitimate anti-capitalist force left in the world is our nationalist third position. No band of Jews, whether in Russia in 1917 or Union Square in 2016, will ever do anything but pay vague lip service to wealth inequality. Jews require intense concentrations of money and means of communication in few hands to survive, because without this lop-sided power, populations they steal and suck the blood from rise up and crush them. That is why most white leftists, racially predisposed to some degree of consistency, are uncomfortable with Hillary Clinton, while Vox is throwing everything in desperate pursuit of getting her elected.

The strategy of these kikes is to tell imbeciles and POCs to dedicate their activism and use their machetes against some white family in Georgia making $23,000 a year or some high school kids “culturally appropriating” a Halloween costume, to keep them busy while the Jews financing entities like Vox racially replace us with brown skinned slaves lacking the natural endowments needed to successfully fight back.

But we’re not out for the count yet, which is why Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) can hardly contain his freakout.

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