Was Ghandi a Shitlord? Ghana Negroes Sure Think So

Daily Stormer
October 8, 2016


What a Nazi, smdh.

If there’s one thing I like most in this world, it’s seeing SJW’s infighting.

Now, the blackest googles you ever seen are whining about revered curry patriot Mahatma Ghandi, because he hated Blacks.



Contrary to popular belief, Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t always about peace and love. The world-renowned face of the non-violent Indian independence movement also believed in racial segregation in South Africa and that Indians were superior to black people.

Now, TIME reports that a statue of Gandhi will be removed from the University of Ghana’s campus after students protested and a petition with over 1,700 signatories demanded its removal.



The statue will presumably be replaced with pile of mud wearing a tribal mask or whatever “art” they have in Ghana.

The petition, addressed to members of the University of Ghana council, listed six racist quotes and excerpts from Gandhi’s collected works.

One of the quotes included a letter Gandhi sent to former Prime Minister of England Neville Chamberlain in May 1899, claiming that Indians were superior to “kaffirs,” an ethnic slur for black South Africans. Ironically, Gandhi was living in South Africa to fight anti-Indian discrimination at the time.

No, you retards, there’s nothing ironic about that. You see, you think Ghandi was a SJW like you because he fought for brown people’s rights. But the joke’s on you – he was actually an Indian supremacist who looked down on other people.

So much for these hallowed saints of the church of progressiveness.

Pretty much everyone before 1945 was basically a Nazi by today’s standards. Finding quotes to prove it is a great way to ruin a progressive’s day.


Well, yeah. Not gonna argue against that!

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