Was the Gary Oldman Jew Apology Completely and Obviously Sarcastic?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2014

Commissioner Gordon is a clever chap.  A very clever chap indeed.
Commissioner Gordon is a clever chap. A very clever chap indeed.  He helped stop the Joker and Bane, maybe he can help us stop these kikes.  Someone has to stop these kikes.

As many a commenter pointed out on the last piece about Gary Oldman, his apology does indeed appear to be completely sarcastic. I feel a bit silly for having not noticed it. But we just expect these Hollywood people to have no spine.

Also in my defense, I am also generally, even in real life, unable to understand British humor without having it explained to me at least three times.

Along with this, I had just woken up, and wrote the thing without having had my coffee.

Let’s look at the full statement, sent both to the ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, once again, with a bit of my emphasis:

Dear Gentlemen of the ADL:

I am deeply remorseful that comments I recently made in the Playboy Interview were offensive to many Jewish people. Upon reading my comments in print—I see how insensitive they may be, and how they may indeed contribute to the furtherance of a false stereotype. Anything that contributes to this stereotype is unacceptable, including my own words on the matter. If, during the interview, I had been asked to elaborate on this point I would have pointed out that I had just finished reading Neal Gabler’s superb book about the Jews and Hollywood, An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews invented Hollywood. The fact is that our business, and my own career specifically, owes an enormous debt to that contribution.

I hope you will know that this apology is heartfelt, genuine, and that I have an enormous personal affinity for the Jewish people in general, and those specifically in my life. The Jewish People, persecuted thorough the ages, are the first to hear God’s voice, and surely are the chosen people.

I would like to sign off with “Shalom Aleichem”—but under the circumstances, perhaps today I lose the right to use that phrase, so I will wish you all peace–Gary Oldman.

So, yes. I am presently unable to read this in a way that does not come off as mocking these rats, scathingly.

He first says “sorry about the stereotype that Jews run Hollywood” and then cites a book by a Jew saying that Jews run Hollywood. Then he actually says “God’s chosen people,” which, unless it is literally boot-licking, can only be taken sarcastically (pretty sure Oldman isn’t a devout zio-Christian who could potentially make such a statement in seriousness). And then “the Shalom” bit – that is hilarious.

So, the ball is in the Foxman’s court. He can either dip out and accept this fake apology that intelligent people see is in fact mocking him and his entire disgusting parasite race, or he can whine about it being sarcastic, and then try and explain how the Jews don’t really run Hollywood while dealing with an academic citation proving that they in fact do run Hollywood.

I suspect Gary has won this round, but his career will now wither and die. However, the best thing for us is if Abe calls out the apology as sarcastic and the drama continues to roll. The more drama there is, the more the Jews expose themselves as hate-filled criminal weirdos who control all of society.

  • Moderate_Racist

    Good song at the end. Thanks.

  • Anon

    The whole JQ issue is heating up. Good! Now maybe we can begin to talk about the solution.


  • wnlatte

    Oldman kinda covered all the bases. He phrased an obsequious apology into something that proved his points. One of the nice things about the English language is the infernal complexity of definitions and interpretations on words…

    The book “The killing of Tony Blair” by Galloway can refer to the deaths of Iraqi civilians at the hands of the Bush-Blair warmongers – but it also connotes the potential punishment for his crimes. :) Vagueness rocks!

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  • Brendon

    Yup, he’s rubbing their noses in it!

    Well played, Gary. I reckon we haven’t heard the last of this, though. There’ll be more ‘Muh Holocaust’ from Abe and Co. shortly…

    Good Times :)

  • lyovmyshkin

    I think Oldman was channeling Galileo with this one folks, the tone was too matter of fact, there was no sincerity or genuflection. It was almost cheery.

    Definitely a troll, loving it!

  • f8te

    So if his apology was so sarcastic why did he go on the Jimmy “disgusting bitch heeb” Kimmel show and prostrate himself in front of the fat jew and his audience for all to see that ‘He’ is NOT a big racist.

    This guy and his fuckin cell phone commercials are a big fat cowardly POS. Commissioner Gordon is not going to save us from the jews. He just went in the fat jews talk show to prove it.

    I think the people who interpreted his apology as sarcastic are overly optimistic and are in too much of a need for a hero type to worship. These Hollyjew types are the lowest of the low. They would crawl through a mile long tube of shit to smell the farts of their hebriac overlords. Not people we need to look up to in anyway.

    • wheatandtares

      I don’t think Jimmy Kimmel is a jew. The jews running kikeypedia are careful to point it out if some celebrities are kikes. But Kimmel has definetaly sold his ass to the jew like everyone else who has made it in showbiz.

    • http://www.truthfromgod.com JesusWasNotAJew

      Kimmel looks like a Lenny Bruce/Travolta type Jew.

      Jewish genes from his momma.

  • Hate injustice

    Your doing a great job Andrew! You foreshadowed the apology. Thanks.

  • http://dailystormer brummy

    Obviously taking the Michael and very adroitly,americans,no sense of humour

  • Edward

    of course he was being sarcastic. He listed all the books that they boast in and then calls them gods chosen when Oldman himself is an atheist

  • Magnes


    ” Jewish control of the major media in the media age makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you. It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial superpatriotism. (Sobran 1996a, 3) “

  • Fr

    “Now Foxman says, “At this point, we are not satisfied with what we received. His apology is insufficient and not satisfactory.”

    He also reveals the ADL has “just began a conversation with his managing producer” in a bid to find an amicable solution to the situation.”

  • Dragoner44

    Roger Friedman just made some nasty remarks that Oldman’s career is over now:

    The hypocrisy is disturbing:

  • Magnes
  • Magnes

    The Jews go after anyone for the slightest perceived offense.
    Defending Mel Gibson is not a slight offense, that is enough to
    destroy your career in their world, Oldman knew that I believe,
    he had his apology prepared as he was giving the Playboy interview, lol.

    I saw this apology as mocking them because he immediately
    reminds them he is working in their industry and thanks them
    for his career, LOL , I thought that was hilarious. I think the
    average person reading that would get that, that stands out.

    Then you have the “god’s chosen” comment,
    it too is hilarious, supposedly their industry that he identifies as an
    employee of is so “godly” when we all know they are at war with
    anything decent. ” You can’t argue with ” God’s chosen ” ” , Oldman.

    We can come up with a huge list of people that have had to
    apologize to the Kikes that have no power before and after they
    lost their job. LOL !

    Where is that Joseph Sobran article ?

  • Book Adams

    “Please tell Mr. Foxman that I’ll be right over to suck his dick and apologize.”

  • Cristero

    Definitive proof that the Jews DO NOT control the media:

    “I’ve done the research folks, believe me….”
    –Alex Jewnes

  • blackforest

    According to journalist Chris Heath, Oldman once received a phone call from Dustin Hoffman, who warned him that “a big Hollywood exec.” had said “Gary Oldman is extreme right wing and a fascist “.

  • Harley

    The crucifixion of Gary Oldman could be the tipping point.

    • Maximus

      Jews always overextent. They think they are to big to fail.
      Remember it happened 109 times, it will happen again.


      • Magnes

        This list is not even accurate, since I am here.

        During the War of 1812 for Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire,
        Jews were mass murdered in many parts of Greece, Jews do not promote these
        atrocities against their people because they were the Ottomans, they were
        the administration and the tax collectors. They were invited in by the Ottomans
        and given Thessaloniki after Greeks were genocided, this part of history is known
        and not disputed. There was once a wiki article on this, some Jew most likely put
        it up, it was sympathetic to the Jews and the Greeks were the big bad, it was
        taken down, why ? Because the Jews were allied with the Turks committing
        atrocities and taxing the population, including the child tax.

  • Marat Kyra

    I really enjoyed “Tommy’s” comment. And I would like to have Maximus’s icon in front of my name. No pressure.

    Good post, and good comments.

    It’ll never stop. Never. It’s so ridiculous what can you do. Have families, love your kids. Tell them the truth.

    • Maximus

      Its Justinian the Great from the Byzantine Empire, if you are searching for my avatar pic.

  • Millser

    Is that REALLY his sister on Eastenders ?

  • Garranko

    I have read that Olman is an atheist, so thats make the first to hear the voice of God comment completely sarcastic.

  • Shaun

    If I was in that guy’s position, that would have been the type of response I would have given. Due to their lack of basic humanity, the Jew takes himself too seriously — don’t be suprised if many of these Jews don’t see that he was taking the piss of them.

  • Tommy

    I can believe that Gary Oldman has seen to much crap, too many people being ground down by the Hollywood Jews.

    Actors, although cowardly, are certainly NOT stupid and know which side their bread is buttered. They understand that talking about the Jews in any non-positive light is permanent career suicide. They have all seen the Mel Gibson car crash.

    The apology is certainly sarcastic and I wish Gary Oldman the best in his forced retirement.

    • Maximus

      After working in the 9 circles of hell the only logical conclusion is to turn into Ben Garrison himself and fight the demonic jew with the power of the cascadian mountain lion while channeling the atavistic morality of Julius Ceasar through your hands to unveil the secret plotting of the jew…

      What I wanted to say is he should draw carricatures like Ben if he gets banned from hollywood.

  • WG
    • Brett

      Oh that is good, very good.

    • Rob

      The ungrateful, arrogant kikes.

    • Krsnik

      The comments there smell a little Jewy.

    • http://www.totalfascism.com/its-not-zionists-its-not-khazars-its-jews/ Andrew Anglin

      Now, the drama cometh.

      • Truth

        Might be time for the Gentiles to leave America, What will that make it, 110 times in the past 2500 years?

    • Maximus

      Summary of the ADL:
      “I swear we don’t run Hollywood. But if he doesn’t apologize we will talk to his manager and he will never get a job again. But seriously we don’t have any power in Hollywood believe me goyim, it’s just a conspiracy from those evil palestinians.”

      • Krsnik

        Their strategy here does not make an awful lot of sense. Jews are dumb as hell sometimes. If they just let this stuff slide, then nobody would care. It’s their heavy handed methods that alert people, not comments about them running Hollywood.

    • Magnes

      Wow ! The stink, the Kikes have no power, major headlines in magazines, who owns who ?

      This isn’t even about Oldman, the Kikes love to make examples out of people to shut everyone
      else up and it works, who is going to defend Oldman now ?

    • Hate injustice

      Insufficient says Foxman! Too bad! Maybe he’s not sorry at ALL for telling the truth about you kikes! Nor should he be! I’m sure you will talk to his producer. But in delusional Jewland that wouldn’t be a veiled threat of Jews working together for Jews now would it you slithering bastard? And the Jews respect and praise Abe’s work! Guess they approve of his blatant lying and deception! Thanks Abe! Your the best example we have for spreading ‘antisemitism’.

  • https://whitetearoom.wordpress.com/ Denise

    It’s alright, dear. We understand. We are horribly used to servile Goyim gorvelling before the feet of the Self Chosen. By the by – I am trolling “mainstream” sites, on this issue – and I am writing Anti Jewetic stuff – worse then anything I’ve written here – and getting WAY more upvotes than the whining Kikes.

    Oldman is apparently a very popular actor. The screeching Hebe treatment is counter productive. I am writing things about how will never work again, no matter how much he grovels. and that the reaction by Jewry simply confirms EVERYTHING. I’m planting seeds. If he’s “disappeared” – the other “civilian” posters, who really like Oldman – they’ll remember this.

    Oldman appeals to a big cross section of the population, I think, more than even Gibson does. He’s had some wild times, in his life – but he’s more on the QT about his personal life screw ups, than dear Mel. Oldman has forged a brilliant career as a character actor – and has a wide appeal to all kinds of folks, who appreciate his intelligent and varied performances.

    Peak Jew Approacheth.

    PS – I’m even getting upvotes for recommending Hutton Gibson’s website.

    • Scott the Strategerist

      That’s what we have to do, Denise. We have to go to OTHER sites and carry our racial message, as opposed to just talking amongst ourselves. I have found, in talking to conservatives, that I can convert them to racism in five minutes. I just use facts about racial differences. We must keep it up in order to avoid our own extinction. So good job on taking the fight to the enemy! :)

      • https://whitetearoom.wordpress.com/ Denise

        Jew baiting is one of my favorite hobbies! I live to serve!

        • Scott the Strategerist

          Ever read Kevin MacDonald, Denise? I almost think we can put every other book back on the shelf after reading his stuff! (I’m reading it now.) Here’s the Reader’s Digest version: Jews pursue their racial interests. As the perennial minority for 2000 years (and most of the back to the Babylonian period, so tack on another 6oo years), Jewish survival has been based upon hyper-ethnocentrism, and the way they often manifest it is by weakening the majority, whether by mass murder (Communism), weakening the majority (miscegenation and nonwhite immigration to white countries), homosexuality (no reproduction and the spread of deadly diseases), psychoanalysis (you’re mentally ill if you have any group allegiance, whether to your race, your nation or even your own family; you must love either yourself alone or all of humanity without any middle ground), Boasian anthropology (don’t believe your lying eyes; race doesn’t exist, so there’s no reason not to let in an unlimited number of nonwhites and mate with them), civil rights (equality for stupid and violent races), and of course gun control, not because they love you, but so you can’t fight back! Yet the Jews believe none of this since they practice the exact opposite in their communities and in Israel!

          For good or ill though, I’ve gotten VERY busy with business and can’t spend as much time in these debates. (Yes, this business is coming from a Jew, but there’s no morality in where you get your money from.) So perhaps you could help me out? In fact, I’d like everyone to do so. I’m in a debate w/ a Jew right now on AmRen:


          • Harley

            Don’t you think it’s better to avoid a site that lies about the jews being smarter than europeans? I post a comment on there maybe twice in half a year. Advertise Dailystormer or some site that tells the truth.

          • Scott the Strategerist

            No, the site doesn’t advertise that. There’s a poster there who does, and he ruins the comments threads.

          • http://christogenea.org Chris

            I’ll stick to scripture that says Edomite Jews are Satan and the farther of all lies.

            “there’s no morality in where you get your money from”

            Revelation 18

        • moishe

          me too (love jew baiting)

          • Scott the Strategerist

            The mission isn’t to bait or flame. It’s to educate people, and particularly people like most of us, who are breeding age, to get them to mate with, and only with, other whites, and to produce at least three children. That’s the mission. Engaging in flame wars does nothing for our side.

    • 11

      He is a very good actor. It is Hollywood who should suck up to him.

      And exposure of Jewish morality is always welcome. You are evil if you say something which is true and which they themselves brag about, lol. But YOU, peasant, how dare you. This clearly shows they are the hidden aristocracy – exactly what Gary was saying.

    • Hate injustice

      Nice work!

  • Brando

    He fooled me too Andre. When I first read it I immediately assumed that he was groveling to them. I let my emotions get the best of me and was unable process all of the information. After looking into the book that he referenced then re-reading his statement, it was then that I realized that he was totally trolling them. There’s no doubt about it. The statement was meant to appear as though he was groveling while in reality he’s giving them the middle finger. This makes me really happy. That Gary is clever ol’ chap indeed.

    • Mr.White

      That’s exactly the way I interpreted it initially, because I was expecting an apology from him sooner or later if wanted to keep his career. However the mocking sarcasm is very subtle, quite clever in fact. A lesson for me to not read everything at face value.

  • http://trutube.tv/user/HitlerWasRight HWR

    Was Garys’ apology similar to Mel Gibsons?


  • wheatandtares

    Hmmm, I wonder what the common jew (unter-jude) feels about this? Are they just as paranoid and neurotic as the top jews?

    They all have loyalty to their tribe being united in their hatred towards Jesus Christ, which is what makes them jewish.

    • http://www.totalfascism.com/its-not-zionists-its-not-khazars-its-jews/ Andrew Anglin

      I think basically the Foxman represents the majority view of Jews. I have gotten into arguments with everyday Jews who will claim they don’t run Hollywood or the news media. Though they will usually admit they run the banks, then give the “the goyim forced us into it” excuse.

      • Maximus

        Oh god I fucking hate that excuse. We had this bullshit in history class.
        “The evil goyim in the middle ages persecuted us and gave us banking jobs because they were unclean jobs for a christian. Oy vey they expelled us from their countries because we ruined their economy with our greed. The goyim are to blame they forced us to do this satanic jobs it’s not our fault. It’s the fault of white christian males they forced us to be rats. We are poor victims.”

        I also hate how they always portray the middle ages as a dark part of history, when in fact society was much more peaceful back then. And the political system was genius for it’s time. Fuck I have been in a german school we were constantly bombarded with jewish teaching for 13 years. I have heard this stuff so many times.

        • Rob

          The whole of our history is taught like that and “Social History” is the biggest scam. According the kikenvermin the whole of Europe looked and smelt like the docklands with poor whites down trodden until teh coming of socialism and Marx jew as saviour European as oppressor or the filthy, unwashed, helpless, repulsive, stupid untermensch. It’s so transparent its more kike projection. The the shetel was like that but Europe was a beacon of light in comparison to everywhere else.

          Anyway Gary ripped teh jew it was brillant. He sounded like he didn’t a fuck anymore in the interview and we all know that feeling. We find it hard to lie we have to say eventually what we know to be true and Gary Oldman presented truth to kike power beautifully and now he’s laughing in their hooked nosed faces . A Valhalla of sorts

      • wheatandtares

        I agree Andrew. I don’t trust any jew to be loyal to us when the shit hits the fan. If he is loyal to whites he is not a jew. It is that simple.

        The phrase “good jew” is an oxymoron. The jews survival strategy is to stay friendly to whites on a personal level as long as it pays off. But whenever I am around jews I get the feeling that I am not one of them.

        The enmity that God created between the two seedlines is just a part of reality. There can be no reconciliation.

    • Scott the Strategerist

      The average Jew is fed a fear narrative from birth. “Whites hate you.” “Whites are out to get you.” “Another Holocaust will happen tomorrow.” I actually had a Jew, whom I did work for and knew well, tell me that he thought “the next Holocaust” will be in America. I unloaded on him, telling him Jews never had it better anywhere in history than here! My point is that, no matter how good things are for Jews, they think whites are out to get them, and so, to prevent this, they engage in anti-white activities (promoting miscegenation, nonwhite immigration, abortion, homosexuality, gun control, etc.) which makes whites hate them, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t think everyone with a drop of Jewish blood is bad. I don’t think everyone who practices Judaism is bad. I do think the Jewish CULTURE is ROTTEN TO THE CORE, and it’s so irredeemable that the vast majority of Jews should be deported to Israel immediately. We just can’t have a community which has racial grievances against us and works against us. Whether or not their grievances are meritorious is irrelevant.

      • Harley

        There grievances are 100% without merit. They project their genocidality onto us. They barged into Europe to suck off the european masses.

        • http://dailystormer brummy

          They claim they were invited by european aristocracies because they were so educated in finance and science

          • Scott the Strategerist

            No one really knows. That’s called the Rhineland Hypothesis, but its proponents admit it’s only an hypothesis. The major alternative is the Khazarian Hypothesis, which suggests that most Ashkenazi Jews are in fact the descendants from 8th century converts, so they never “entered” Europe because they were in the extreme eastern portion all along!

      • wheatandtares

        Everyone who has the genes inherited from Cain is evil to the core. If this includes every person who is registered in the jewish almanac remains an open question of course. But when Christ returns he will separate his enemies from his friends.

        • James W

          Do you take this stuff literally or allegorically?

        • Scott the Strategerist

          The Jewish almanac??? I know Jews used to register their genealogies, and some Christians complained about that in the NT, but that all came to an end when the Temple was destroyed by Titus in 70 C.E.

        • Scott the Strategerist

          Since you’re a Biblical literalist, don’t you believe that Cain and all his decendants were killed in the Noahide flood?

        • http://www.truthfromgod.com JesusWasNotAJew

          The Bible does not say that the flood was worldwide.

          Christianity does say it was worldwide.

          I will take the Bible.

          These actors generate PR for the Jews. Its all theater and they all get paid well in money, sex, drugs etc. At the same time they star in Jew productions.

          Melvin Gibson did not suffer at all after he portrayed Jesus as Jew with a fake Jewish nose. I wonder if the Disciples were portrayed as Jews as well in the “Passion of Christ”.

          He is very rich. If he never worked again so what? Same with Oldman.

          1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows