We’re the New Normal: Random Trump Supporter Names the Jew to Young Turks Reporter

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2016

When Jewish run NBC debut a sitcom celebrating promiscuous single moms and homosexuality juxtaposed to an old, evil white grandma, Jew creator Ali Adler suggested leaving no room for interpretation on the symbolism by calling it “The New Normal.”

The New Normal: A World Without Normal White Males.

The New Normal: A World Without Normal White Men.

Jews and the people they hate know instinctively that the emotional, mental and physical health of women who have multiple children out of wedlock by multiple random men is disastrous across the board. Jews and the people they hate know that the homosexual lifestyle, its drugs, its diseases, its degradation, its violence – shaves decades off your life. Drop by drop, year by year, the psychological sadism of controlled entertainment continues to intensify the scope of its anti-social mores – in increments.  Jews and the people they hate are at war, but for a long time, only one side was aware of it.

The audaciousness of “The New Normal” didn’t take, and the show only ran for one season. Neither did the feminist reboot of Ghostbusters, or race-agitation of Birth of a Nation. They were almost there, but lately, every attempt at the Jewish culture war version of the flag-raising on Iwo Jima comes under fire. The 2016 election was meant to send in somebody like Jeb to go meet with the resisting white guerrillas and convince us to surrender. Instead, normal white people are coming out of our caves, but this time, for a counter-attack.

Political discourse in America is shifting, and it’s giving Jews the vapors. The above video is a textbook example: a young, random and sober Trump supporter (different from the Harry Dunne looking guy screaming “JEW-S-A”) hoping that Donald Trump will break Zionist control of the United States government.

The best part?

By not openly naming the Jew, and saying Zionism instead, he’s the new moderate.

The connection between the ugliness, pain, corruption and misfortune so many are suffering in our world and society with the Jewish question is indeed not obvious. Jews have invested probably trillions of dollars since the Second World War in ensuring all forms of communication and information are rigged to dump the word “Jew” from any context other than lavish praise. But just like the last 109 times we took them to account, the power of the Faustian spirit lets us hot-wire a solution when walls are erected around the truth.

We have emerging Super-PACs, entertainment of all types, news portals – all together pushing the boulder of reason against the mountain of dark age Jewish supremacy, breaking out of our retrograde and disoriented state to begin sweeping aside all the outmoded prescriptions for life.

We’re the new normal.

Gruppe von HJ-Jungen

Notable Replies

  1. This is my new favourite truth bomb on a reporter, it has topped the Bill Clintons a rapist, Infowars.com guy.
    Give this man a medal for dropping Dr David Dukes name in at the end.

  2. fips says:

    Here are Goebbels’ “Ten Commandments Against Jews,” issued in November of 1941:

    1. The Jews are our ruination. They contrived and brought on this war. With it they want to destroy the German Reich and our people. This plan must be thwarted.

    2. There is no difference among Jews. Every Jew is the sworn enemy of the German people.

    3. Every German soldier who falls in this war enters a debt in the account of the Jews. They have him on their consciences and therefore must pay for it.

    4. If one wears the Jewish Star of David he thereby is marked as the people’s enemy. Any one who, despite that, still cultivates private relations with him belongs to him and must be appraised and treated the same as the Jew.

    5. Jews are enjoying the protection of enemy foreign countries. Further proof of their destructive role among our people is unnecessary.

    6. Jews are the enemy’s emissaries among us. Whoever stands at their side deserts to the enemy in war.

    7. The Jews have no right to pose among us as equals. Wherever they speak up in the street, in the lines before the stores and in transportation vehicles, they are to be silenced not only because they are fundamentally wrong but because they are Jews and have no voice in the community.

    8. If Jews come to you in a sentimental manner, then realize that they are attempting to take advantage of your forgetfulness; show them immediately that you see through them and punish them with ostracism.

    9. After defeat, the decent enemy deserves our generosity. But the Jew is no decent enemy, he merely acts like one.

    10. Jews are to blame for the war. They are suffering no injustice in the treatment we bestow on them. They more than earned it.

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