Westboro Baptist Church Calls Out the Jews in Song

Daily Stormer
October 28, 2013

These are facts.
These are facts.

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church, known for repeatedly stating the obvious fact that God hates fags, have recorded a hit single calling out the Jews to the tune of John Lennon’s ‘Hey Jude.’

  • talmudtruth

    Love it!

  • George

    Paul McCartney wrote “Hey Jude”. :)

    • Andrew Anglin

      Huh. I thought John wrote it for Julian, but it seems Paul wrote it for Julian.

      You learn something new every day.

  • Brett

    Standing with these yahoos to any degree is beyond moronic. Everyone knows about how they picket soldier funerals touting their ridiculous garbage that a Hebrew man in the sky smited the soldier because he fought for a nation that allows queers out in the open. Giving them any positive press craps all over this otherwise stellar web site. Great way to turn off reasonable truthseekers that don’t base their lives on myths translated from Hebrew. I can respect an upstanding, jew-wise Christian who likewise respects that not everyone has all the same views as them, but WBC are pious (with nothing to be pious about), toxic clowns, and if you have any sense at all you won’t continue to post about them here with a positive slant.

    • Andrew Anglin

      This is the humor section.

      • Brett

        I suppose that’s fair enough. Just don’t want to give people an excuse to disregard the info on this site as part and parcel with “backward Christians”, as we’ve seen allusions to in a couple recent comments and of course the first ad hominem people fling out whenever homos are criticized.

        • Ulfric

          Those signs tell the truth. I could care a less who’s holding them.

    • ronnie waters

      The modern world = absurd. WBC is no different than FEMEN except they are on the other side of the
      political spectrum. As far as piety goes, none of this is pious. It’s just theatre

  • Ronnie Waters

    Oh, all your points are confirmed. I hate Jews and hate the kiddie way
    our society treats whites when trying to brainwash us. I admire Westboro, I just wish they would stay away from funerals.

  • ronnie waters

    How funny, disturbing, and sick.

    • Ülfhednar

      Perhaps you ought to go and read about the negroe rapists to educate yourself about what constitutes real sick and disturbing acts.
      Or better still the Jew led and financed Bolshevik murder spree known as the Russian Revolution, where millions were really killed.
      Of course these and other facts of history and crimes perpetrated upon whites in their own lands by non white invaders are kept out of the jew dominated media.
      Usefull Idiots continue to express white guilt, call other whites racists, believe in the easily debunked ‘white priveledge’ myth, believe un affirmative action, believe that six million jews were gassed to death in a genocidal programme by ‘Evil Nazi’s’, will wake up one day to find themselves destitute and homeless in the country of their forefathers.