What if You were a True Believer in the Multicult?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2015

What joys may come?
What joys may come?

In order to hold a position, it is, I believe, necessary to consider the opposite position. To take on the mindset of the opposition and try your very best to view it from their perspective.

There is one thing I agree with liberals on (though they don’t actually appear to believe it, for all of their chanting): it is important to keep an open mind.

So then. Let us imagine we are true believers in the multicult, and ask ourselves why it is we do so believe in it.

Let us list the benefits of our system, as we defend our ideology against evil racist Nazis who wish for White countries to belong to White people.

Ethnic Food

Confession: I loves me some steak fajitas.
Confession: I loves me some steak fajitas.

Everyone likes ethnic food. I do. I like to eat Mexican fajitas, Indian curries and kebab. This is a genuine benefit, though probably the only real one. And it does not require many foreigners. You could maintain a serious ethnic food industry by only allowing for .0001% of your country’s population to be foreign.


Wow. Weird. Hm. Interesting.
Wow. Weird. Hm. Interesting.

We must note that there is some novelty to having foreign populations mix among you. It is a weird, sometimes interesting thing to witness. But the benefits of this are extremely limited. How often can you look at some Moslem making noises and bobbing up and down on the ground and still find it novel? Eventually, the novelty moves from witnessing the behavior of these people to witnessing the transformation of your own society, which is definitely a novelty, but one with very serious consequences.

The novelty of the behaviors of the immigrants themselves can easily be enjoyed by simply going on vacation to their countries.

And Then…

After ethnic food and novelty of strangeness, it gets difficult to think of anything, even when trying your very hardest. And I have found that this is the case when you slyly ask liberals about the benefits of multiculturalism.

“Learning from Other Cultures”

Theoretically, you could go meta-level and start talking about dynamic interactions of different cultures potentially producing as of yet unknown positive outcomes in the future, but there just isn’t any evidence that this is happening or that it ever will, so it can’t really be listed as a known benefit.

Note that it may actually be technically impossible for a less advanced culture to have any significant positive outcome on a more advanced culture. Mexican musicians have had a positive influence on certain forms of American Western and folk music, but this has been due to an advanced level of musical proficiency in the Mexican culture (a similar thing has happened with Eastern influence on certain holistic medicines and treatments such as massage).

Credit where due.
Credit where due.

On the level of civilization, however, no cultural group has any advancement over the culture of the West, so most likely it would be impossible for an interaction with these less developed and less productive societies to have any positive impact on the West as a civilization, objectively. But there probably isn’t any way to test that scientifically.

Also, cultural exchange does not require mass immigration.

Economic Benefits

The establishment has largely given up on the idea that immigration offers some economic benefit to first world countries, and basically admitted that this was a lie by big business capitalists to drop wages.

Hanging out in the parking lot of Home Depot is probably really a job most Americans don't want to do. But is this a necessary job?
Hanging out in the parking lot of Home Depot is probably really a job most Americans don’t want to do. But is this a necessary job?

Anyway, a rise in the GDP of a country has no direct effect on an individuals quality of life, and the basic economic effect of immigration has been a massive lowering of wages for working class people.


As a right-wing extremist, I am able to recognize that there are certain positive things within the religion of Islam. They deal properly with feminism and homosexualism, for instance, and have a generally masculine culture. Obviously for me, the negatives outweigh the benefits, but for the liberals supporting Islamization, I cannot pinpoint a single benefit. All of the things I agree with Moslems on, they disagree with Moslems on.

So the only benefits of Islam for a liberal are again just the novelties, and I would think that even for a hardcore SJW, after the first couple of weeks of hearing the call to prayer, it stops being novel and becomes simply annoying and gross.

Other Benefits?

In all honesty, this is really all I’ve got. I just cannot think of anything else that anyone would consider a benefit of mass immigration.

If you have other ideas, please give them in the comments section.

Ultimately, however, what we are witnessing in the White supporters of the multicult is a sort of suicidal guilt complex, where the sole benefit is the idea of making up for being better than these people by giving them free things, allowing them to strip us of our wealth. And basically, with the African migrant crisis in Europe, this is being admitted. Within the narrative as to why we must allow these people into Europe, there is no mention of how they will benefit our society, but merely an appeal to how pathetic and helpless they are, how it is our duty to help them.

The recent wave of Latino immigration into the US has followed a similar narrative. Gone are the days of “doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do” being central to the apologetics of liberals. Now it is all about “these people are so poor, we must allow them inside our base so they will live better.”

Objectively, however, we do not produce unlimited resources, and there are unlimited brown people wanting inside our base. Meaning that eventually, the excess we produce will be squandered, and the brown people will have to go back to living how they lived before. So even the economic benefits for the non-Whites are temporary.

The whole program is incredibly dishonest. It has nothing to do with anything other than destruction, and no one is even capable of explaining how it is something different than that.

Under the guidance of the Jews, we have become a self-hating people, begging for our own doom. That is truly the core of the multicultural project.

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