White Couple Beaten and Left for Dead After Requesting Muslim Neighbour Repair the Fence

A couple were beaten with a baseball bat and left for dead after they asked a neighbour to mend a hole in their garden fence, a court heard.

November 24, 2013

Stan Foster and Eileen Broooks are still suffering from the vicious attack
Stan Foster was brutally beaten with a baseball bat, even while he was lying there defenseless on the ground. Eileen Brooks was also attacked when she bravely tried to shield the blows.

Eileen Brooks, 44, and her partner Stan Foster, 52, repeatedly but politely requested Mohammed Tabib Shafiq to repair the damage he had caused, only each time to be told “tomorrow”.

When they asked again in April for the taxi driver to take action after their dog escaped through the hole, Shafiq snapped, the court heard.

Mohammed Tabib Shafiq was jailed for 10 years after attacking his neighbours with a baseball bat
Muslim thug Mohammed Tabib Shafiq was jailed for 10 years for the unprovoked attack.

After saying “one minute”, he returned with a baseball bat and hit Mr Foster up to five times round the head, even when he was on the ground.

Shafiq, 22 – who was jailed for 10 years for the brutal assault – also smashed former care worker Miss Brooks in the face as she tried to protect her partner.

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  • sven

    The race mixing bitch was the white wife of the imprisoned Muslim thug, who commented on the original Daily Express article. If you click the words ‘Express’ or ‘Read More’ you should be able to read her comments for yourself.

  • Tim

    He should have been tied to the fence and the couple allowed to beat him with a ball bat before he was sent to prison to serve his term.

  • Danette

    Eric555 the fence was theirs and they asked him to fix a hole that he put there

  • fat man

    Only good muslim is a dead and buried one. The time for a action on there race has long passed the time for sepretism has come. Muslims are all scum.

    • Bill Morgan

      The only good muzlims are at ambient temperature…and the sooner the better. If we don’t wipe out those vermin they will destroy the human race.

    • Devin Gray MD

      These comments are deeply disturbing. I encourage both of you to seek counseling. It isn’t good to hide behind the anonymity of the internet- it often emboldens people to say things that they would never say to someone face-to-face, and sometimes causes even worse hate speech as everyone races for the bottom. If this is truly how you feel, write an op-ed for your local paper including your real name and address. Go to your public square with a bullhorn and spread your message. Be willing to listen to feedback.

      • shaunantijihad

        I refer you to my comment on another thread: http://www.dailystormer.com/oslo-to-become-a-muslim-nation/

        You are clearly unaware that genuine criticism of Islamic condoned violence against unbelievers will result in serious retribution by either Muslims themselves or the anti-White State apparatus.

        You feel safe to publish your name because you are in a state of dhimmitude, and feel correctly that you have protected status. Those with a different opinion, however, are persecuted for we do not have the protection of freedom of speech. A great deal of speech is strictly illegal, even though it can be shown to be truth. One may point out examples such as Geert Wilders, who lives in fear of Muslims or Sylvia Stolz, who lives in fear of the State.

        In fact, Sylvia Stolz is an excellent example of what seemingly reasonable people, perhaps people like you, do to those who do not share your multicultural madness. She was arrested and thrown in prison for turning up in court as a defence lawyer for her client.

        Enemies of free speech have desperately tried to delete her testimony as well. This is what happens to honest people who use their real name and address.

        If the link does not work, as it is regularly removed by youtube, look for Sylvia Stolz’s speech “Banned Speech, Evidence and Legal Defense”


        You think it is you who are reasonable. But I want you to watch the video, and then look at yourself as a person, and ask yourself if you are either a supporter of Stolz or not.

  • eric555

    I am not commenting on the beating we all know it was a vile act and he should get life in prison. on the fix your fence issue the couple was wrong. the fence is his fence and if he likes it broken its his right, if they didnt like that their dog was running out they have all the right to build their own fence. I am saying this from experience my fence broke in a storm and my neighbor was bugging me to fix it, i didnt have the funds to do it and just left it until i did. The fence owner has the right to tear down the whole fence if he pleases so if it bugged them so much they could have asked him permission for them to do the needed repairs on his fence

    • Alfreda Barnes

      I believe it was their fence that he had damaged and they asked him to repair it

    • Stan

      Take it to court, or fix it yourself. The whole thing is not worth trying to kill somebody over!

    • Recon0321

      Read it again. It was THEIR fence and that moron damaged it. They asked him to repair the damage HE cause THEIR fence. And had it been my fence, since I carry, and he had come out with a bat he wouldn’t be doing ten years … he would have done life right then and there … dead!

    • Keith

      Eric555, where do you get that it was his fence that the couple were asking to fix? The couple says he caused damage to THEIR garden fence.

    • JBlaze

      Read the story dude. Nothing worse than a ‘fencer’ who can’t make up their mind on who is at fault. It’s clear that the muslim is a nut bag and I hope he’s shanked in prison.

  • http://yahoo keri

    These People (Animals) Muslim’s should not be ALLOWED to LIVE in any White Subdivisions..Period Go The FK BACK to YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!! AND HE SHOULD’VE GOT MORE THAN 10 YRS FOR BEATING THAT GUY FOR NOT FIXING HIS FENCE…..Of Course I would’ve Fixed the Fence and Sent that Jerk a BILL…

  • wildman

    more proof the only good muslim is a dead muslim—they fukin scum should have been beheaded

    • http://yahoo keri

      And the stupid judge only gave him 10 yrs.. WTH…

    • tricia

      i agree america might as well open up the fences at the border.sayin WELCOME ! all towelheads

  • SixMillionJuice

    Shitskins gonna shit.

    • SanMan

      The only good non-white is a dead non-white

  • http://www.atajew.com Truth

    10 years, are you serious?

  • sven

    Yeah, incredible, race mixing bitch is defending him.

    • Billy Ray Jenkins

      Don’t you love the irony? The Majority of White women because of Jewish Feminism HATE and REVILE white Christian Men and call us Neanderthals yet will shack up with a Black or Muslim who does worse to them and says its tolerance? This is the thing, WHITE WOMEN love to be in control and with a NONWHITE MAN they feel as if THEY ARE IN CONTROL. Thats why the Nonwhite men kill and beat them, he knows down deep he will never be anything more than a stud horse or conversation piece and it kills him. No matter how wealthy he is, thats all he is. An inferior woman can submit to a superior man, but an inferior man cannot make a superior woman submit to him. As the Scripture said, be not unequally yoked. Same principle.

      • karen

        I have never heard such rubbish in my life.

        • Bill Ray Jenkins

          My dear, accept my apologies I did not wish to offend good strong balanced women who understand themselves. My diatribe was against the trash and the deceived, and from my 37 years it seems to me most of the problems with people is about power.

      • Apryl

        You sir are a sorry excuse for a Christian and certainly the crazy garbage you just spouted doesn’t represent Christ, Christianity or Christians.

        • daren hopkins

          Yall crack me up! What he stated about the bible is true! So before yall try to debunk his comments bout race mixin, yall need to refresh your self proclaimed Christian, bible verse proficiency!

        • Cliff

          Yes Apryl You are correct in Your statement as a Christian would not say such things.

        • Kris

          as long as idiots continue to elect the muzzie coddling liberals…NOTHING will change! AND for you Bible toting preachers stop spewing your ignorance…perhaps you should open your Bible and learn what God said about battling the satanic forces, like the cult of islam.

        • wayne

          Then where did all this come from if not Christianity?

        • MC

          He is right about the bible saying –
          Be NOT yoked with unbelievers…
          2 Corinthians 6:14
          ASV, WEB, ESV, NKJV, KJV, OJB, AMP & TLV

        • Billy Ray Jenkins

          Apryll my post was about the psychological trait of the majority of white females that seems to desire freedom and control over their own destiny. Jewish feminists have been working against White women for over 200 years dating back to Revolutionary France.

          God made the woman for submission to be a helpmeet and every time a woman steps out of this, she is destroyed. This does not excuse degenerate men, on the contrary it shows a man that he is responsible for his wife’s well being as well as his childrens, both physical and emotional. When worthless men fail their wives and girlfriends, then they become open to this idea of Jewish Freedom which is slavery.

      • Charles Morgan

        Dude ur right screw those babbling bitches.

      • le

        you, sir are deranged. Please seek help.

      • CrimsonTide

        This guy will run off all the good ladies from this site – it’s too bad actually.

        • Bill Ray Jenkins

          As I am talking about EVIL WOMEN, GOOD WOMEN should be slapping me on the back instead of looking to carve my liver. The whole concept of Power Play drives most of this stuff from Feminism to White Women going IR. Now was this a problem when my great grandmother was born in 1903? No because 90% of women then were trained and men talked the talk and walked the walk. The war on White Women has been raised for over 140 years by Jewish Feminists and the Rockefeller foundation.

          I do hate to think any ladies were offended by what I said but rest assure I am not talking about YOU. I am talking about TRASH. Sad thing is today the Trash population is growing thanks to JEWS

          • Stan

            Whats this post got to do with Jewish Feminists or women in general? I must have not gotten the memo!

          • Billy Ray Jenkins

            The Muslim’s English wife was quoted on the website of the Express defending her man. That is what i referred to.

      • CrimsonTide

        This guy will run off all the good ladies from this site – it’s a shame really.

      • corpse

        I think what he said is true for women who race mix. I don’t think he meant all women. Their brains are just twisted and so fucked up from an early age. I am a 22 year old man so I’ve grown up in the heat of all this anti white shit. I remember when I was younger, I hadn’t experienced true sadness or depression. I asked my mom what our ethnic background was. She told me she was half German, and right away I got this horrible sinking feeling. I felt like shit for days and I even felt suicidal at such a young age(7-10). Mainly because at this time I was so into “army” and stuff. So don’t underestimate the power of white guilt.

        • Bill Ray Jenkins

          Corpse the ladies understand what I meant. There is an ugly trait within White Women a desire for control. I expect in all races of women as well. The Jews exploit this.

          The Black Man has lived since slavery knowing his woman is SUPERIOR to him, she can usually always find work and go to colleges when he cannot and he hates it. So the Negro decides to try and get a white or Latin woman to increase his status but even then he cannot increase his status because he knows he is inferior. So he dominates through violence. No matter how much money he makes he is perceived as low. The woman can at any time cry rape and he will be beaten and thrown into prison. Now obviously this has changed somewhat but the perception is there.

          Same for Muslims.

          • Ancient_Gaul

            We don’t have time for trash (feminists) here.

            If Mr Anglin suspects that anything of the sort is found here, your feminist trash comments will be deleted instantly, you shall be blocked.

            You have been warned.

      • JBlaze

        I worry for your future and children.

    • Rebekah

      WHO? Is a “race mixing” bitch in the above brief declaration of the events? It says Miss Brooks was also beaten in protecting her partner, Stan Foster, visibly the victim and a white man. And she has coal black hair which sometimes is a trait of the english, also the irish aryan peoples, but which actually looks dyed, as many women whose hair is graying sometimes do.
      MANY most definitely need to teach themselves reading to understand exactly what is said and stop dreaming up some sort of predisposed conclusions. YES, miscegenation also immigration of foreigners into aryan lands is visibly against all laws of nature, and obviously a plague on Adam kind and also hue mankind, BUT FACTS ARE FACTS! SO at least! Attempt to get them right.

      • Billy Ray Jenkins

        I believe he is referring to a story from another website where the Muslim’s white girlfriend showed up and defended him.

        • Andrew Anglin

          This was confusing to me as well. Sven did not reply directly to the poster who mentioned that on another site, the baseball-batting Muslim’s girlfriend, who is for some reason presumed to be White British (I am not sure how this is known, unless she is commenting with an avatar of her face), is commenting defending the attacker.

  • Heidi

    Did you see that the “wife” supposedly commented on the original article comments section — defending her husband. Of course!

  • Radolf

    I knew this had to be Britain soon as I read the title.