White Homeowner Kills Black Home Invader

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December 2, 2016

Finally, we won a battle!

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  1. crv says:

    An early Christmas present to all, thank you!

  2. There's a whole lot more where those two proto humans came from.

  3. Good riddance, now only 50 million more and we are good.

    The generations before failed us in a very crucial task. It is dirty work but it must be done. Any man with the power and resources that indulged himself instead of stopping the plague of beasts is to blame. The first time a nigger attacked a white person or a nigger male tried to have sexual congress with a white woman, that was the moment each one of them should have been shipped back to be eaten by wildlife in Africa. They have no place here, and the boomer generation who not only turned a blind eye to black crime or race-mixing, excused it and even accepted, promoted it or allowed it are mainly to blame. The advent of 'Look who's coming to dinner' was the alarm that should have signaled white men to war against the jews.

    Instead they sent their sons off to kill the yellow man for no reason whatsoever, killing tens of thousands of young strong men, as dopey 'patriots' saluted the stars and bars and told young men it is your duty to die for some baseless ideal, when the battle to be fought was right here at home the whole time, and the real conflict is white men vs the jew and secondarily the white man vs the nigger and the other shit-browns. Now the problem is much much worse, we have to deal with it and it is going to be terrible, moreso for the SBs, because people finally get it there is no bottom to this runaway freight elevators called America's social system.

    Fuck that total faggot & child molesting monkey Obama, his retard linebacker husband, that satanic whore of Babylon Hillary and all of the jews. It is time for them to be evaporated for all time.

  4. Broward County is infested with the fucking jew. Judges, lawyers, County Commission all from the cesspool NY. That's why the judge is sympathetic.

    Right on Colin. But you have to get jew-wise to see the big picture nigger problem.

    Remember Baretta's bird Fred that omnipresent nuisance lurking in the background? Just like the jew.....

    As always, understand the Castle Doctrine. Your duty to retreat is state specific.

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