White House Mocks Bibi on Twitter

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

April 9, 2015

He's going to be mocked for the rest of his life and after for this.
He’s going to be mocked for the rest of his life and after for this.

The hilarity continues as the White House has mocked Bibi Netanyahu’s cartoon bomb, which he presented at a speech at the United Nations in 2012, with an infographic on Twitter.

I am loving this break between Netanyahu and Obama, because what it is really is a break between American Jews and Israeli Jews.  And that is a very good thing.

What it seems is that American Jews are watching Israel blow the whole game by pushing for things that don’t make any sense, bringing the status of Jews worldwide into question.

Even in Israel, European Jews are not big supporters of Netanyahu, and it was only by appealing to the primitive sensibilities of the brown Jews that he was able to get re-elected.


Israel’s visceral election campaign has exposed a rift that many here thought had long subsided – the deep-seated schism between Jews of European and Middle Eastern descent.

Mizrahi, or Middle Eastern, Jews heavily backed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, while Ashkenazi, or European, Jews mostly identified with the opposition Zionist Union.

That dynamic has been going on for a while but passions have run particularly high this time, with jarring results. Since Netanyahu’s win, the sides have been exchanging insults that have not been heard in public in a generation – with the Mizrahi voters accused of being primitive and Ashkenazi voters viewed as elitist.

The exact population breakdown is hard to calculate because intermarriage is now quite common. But Mizrahi or part-Mizrahi Jews make up roughly half of Israel’s Jewish population.

They have long complained of discrimination by the European-descended elite that traditionally dominated government, military and business institutions.

The complaints have diminished, as has some of the domination, but gaps remain. There has never been a Mizrahi prime minister, for example. Mizrahim far outnumber Ashkenazim in prison – and are far outnumbered in academia.

They also account for many more poor people – and yet the poorest towns, where they predominate, tend to support Likud and forgive it the capitalist policies than have often not served their economic interests.

“Our parents and grandparents have voted only Likud since the upheaval” of 1977, said Malkiram Bashari, who traces his roots to Yemen.

Jewish identity itself is breaking down, as the loss of their religious nature is finally being felt, and they are pushing in various directions. When they were a hive mind, it was always easy for any Jew to know “what is good for the Jews?” but now that question is much more difficult to answer.

Division among Jews is definitely good for Whites.

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