White Walmart Shooting Victim Still Critical, Black Suspect Charged with Attempted Capital Murder

Arkansas Matters
February 8, 2014

Lori Martin seen here with her family, middle right.

The Faulkner County prosecutor released the arrest report for the 29-year-old man police say is responsible for shooting a mother and wife Monday at a Walmart in Conway.

Myron Terrell appeared in court Monday afternoon, facing attempted capital murder charges for shooting Lori Martin. He was given a $1 million bond.

“According to what we know, Mr. Terrell had clocked out of work and then the shooting occurred,” said La Tresha Woodruff with Conway Police.

Myron Terrell
Myron Terrell senselessly shot the woman while she was in a queue at Walmart.

Law enforcement says the Walmart employee had no connection to his victim. Martin was standing in line with her husband at the time of the shooting.

“We don’t know at this point if he went out to get his gun or if he had it the whole time,” Woodruff said.

According to the arrest affidavit, Terrell admitted to shooting Martin six times.

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