Whites Attack Unarmed Black Man for No Reason

Daily Stormer
December 26, 2016

Institutionalized violence against the innocent.

Notable Replies

  1. Listen to the "lawgic" of the she-boon filming this shizz: "Yo dawg, you kant be out der stealin' sh!t, itz krimuss!..."

    So if it wasn't Christmas, it would be okie-dokie to steal someone elses shizz???...

    These subhumans need to be jettisoned back to the dark continent, ASAP.

  2. Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! These old guys know what to do when a blackie goes out stealin', good thing no generation X types were around.. and this black teenager...., being held down by a couple of elderly people HAHAHA, aren't you supposed to be bad-ass , man this is a funny clip!

  3. The kids here who denegrate older folks, many of whom have forgotten more actual battles than the kids will ever have, amuses me. The old fella used an arm lock

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