Who Killed Kim Jong Nam?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2017

So, the brother of the ruler of North Korea is dead, having been sprayed with a chemical at an airport (weird kind of assassination – it’s an Asian thing).


Family and former neighbors of the Indonesian woman suspected of involvement in the audacious killing of the North Korean leader’s half brother in Malaysia are stunned by the arrest of the young mother who they say was a polite and quiet “nice girl.”

Siti Aisyah, 25, is one of three people arrested so far by Malaysian police for possible involvement in the apparent assassination of Kim Jong Nam.

Between 2008 and 2011 she and her then-husband lived in a modest dwelling with flaking red paint in a narrow alley of the densely populated Tambora neighborhood in western Jakarta.

Her former father-in-law Tjia Liang Kiong, who lives in a nearby middle-class neighborhood and last saw Aisyah on Jan. 28, described her as a “very kind, polite and respectful person.”

“I was shocked to hear that she was arrested for murdering someone,” he said. “I don’t believe that she would commit such a crime or what the media says — that she is an intelligence agent.”

The three suspects — Aisyah, a woman carrying a Vietnamese passport and a man said to be Aisyah’s Malaysian boyfriend — were arrested separately Wednesday and Thursday.

The women were identified using surveillance videos from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where Kim Jong Nam suddenly fell ill Monday morning. Malaysian officials said he died on the way to a hospital after telling medical workers at the airport that he had been sprayed with a chemical.

Multiple South Korean media reports, citing unidentified sources, said two women believed to be North Korean agents killed him with some kind of poison before fleeing in a taxi.

Yes, of course they are accusing North Korea. Through “unidentified sources.”

They accuse Best Korea of all sorts of things.

In reality, Kim Jong-Un had no good reason to kill his brother. His brother had no claim and had made no claim to the throne. Kim Jong-Il made it clear, long before his death, that he wanted Kim Jong-Un on the throne, so no one would have accepted Kim Jong Nam as ruler.

Kim Jong Nam

What’s more, there is another older brother, Kim Jong-chul (who, unlike Nam, has the same mother), who has a position in the NK government right now, who is the current heir to the throne, I believe (according to reports, Kim Jong-Un has a daughter, but no son as of yet).

Kim Jong-chul

Also, Nam has shown absolutely no interest in ruling, preferring instead a life of drinking, gambling and hookers.

There was no issue there.

Look, here’s the thing: we’re never actually going to know who did this. Whoever did it used random peasants, who were no doubt hired through a chain that won’t ever be traced back to anyone, definitively. If they say they’ve traced it back – and they probably will say that – they are lying.

So we can speculate, because the media is speculating, and no one has any real idea.

But I can tell you this: South Korea had a lot more reason to kill him than the North did. Accusing Pyongyang of running international assassinations is good propaganda.

And here’s the other thing: the North, even if they wanted Jong Nam dead, wouldn’t have wanted people to know they had killed him. Or, they would want there to be a good degree of doubt about the matter. Jong Nam was very fat. It would have been easy enough to kill him and make it look like an accident. A choking, a heartattack, a drug overdose, a fall down the stairs or in the shower – whatever. Something that wouldn’t be an obvious assassination. Jong-Un is the ruler of a country, and has the means with which to get this done if he so wishes.

So basically, as we will never know who actually did it, we have to apply Occam’s Razor. And the simplest explanation is that South Korea, or some other Western power, carried-out this assassination to make it look like North Korea did it, for the purposes of further defaming the most lied about regime on the planet this side of Donald Trump.

Kim Jong-Un

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