Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bear? Europe Split on Anti-Russian Measures

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2016


This vote basically shows the entire sentiment of Europe (at least European governments) toward Russia.


A European Parliament vote on a resolution seen as extremely critical of Russia has allowed the painting of a very precise picture of which countries have the most pro- and anti- Russian MEPs. The Vote Watch website allows us to see exactly how each MEP voted and who the “rebels” are.

The Parliament passed on 23 November the very polarising “EU strategic communication to counteract anti-EU propaganda by third parties”. The resolution, based on a draft by Anna Elżbieta Fotyga (PiS, Poland) doesn’t focus exclusively on Russia (it also speaks of the propaganda by Islamic State), but it generally mobilised MEPs in two camps – those who supported the view that Russia pursues hybrid warfare aimed at destroying the EU, and those who thought such language can only be counterproductive.

The vote was passed with 304 votes “For”, 179 “Against” and a very high number of abstentions  – 208.

The differences in opinion make sense based on the obvious interpretation: the countries who were under communism are more anti-Russian, while the countries that weren’t are more pro-Russian.

Ah, but wait.

There is another pattern here.

The countries that are most anti-Russian are the countries that are least affected by multiculturalism and mass immigration, feminism, the homosexual agenda and every other aspect of the Jewish agenda.

France, Italy and Greece are arguably in the most dire straits as a result of the invasion, and they are the countries with the warmest feelings toward Russia.

While I do understand and sympathize with the Eastern European nations who had troubles as colonies of Russia, the fact is, these people have no idea how bad things are in the West.

Russia has taken a staunch position against liberal decadence, and so it is natural for countries suffering under the heel of the Jew system to have positive feelings toward them.

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