Wigger and 2 Blacks Arrested for Murder of Young White Mother

January 7, 2014

Keisha Ward was killed and her boyfriend, Johnny Tyler was savagely beaten.
Keisha Ward was killed and her boyfriend, Johnny Tyler was savagely beaten. Their children found their bodies when they awoke, one dead, and the other seriously injured.

A third person has been arrested in connection to a homicide that happened in Columbus County Wednesday.

Amanda Kay Canady, 25, from Bolton was arrested Thursday afternoon for her role in the death of Keisha Ward. On Wednesday Antwan Johnson and Derrick Pierce were also charged.

Authorities said Johnson and Pierce were found hiding in an abandoned mobile home when they were taken into custody late Wednesday night.

Antwan Johnson.
Antwan Johnson.

Deputies were called to respond to a home on Bussey Road around 1:20 Wednesday afternoon, where they found Ward’s body.

Investigators also found Ward’s boyfriend, Johnny Lee Tyler, who had suffered serious injuries after being beaten by several attackers. Tyler was taken to Columbus Regional Healthcare System.

Friends tell us, Tyler was able to tell deputies who attacked him.

Derrick Pierce
Derrick Pierce.


Investigators believe Ward’s children found the bodies when they woke up. They were not hurt.

“She was an absolute wonderful mother. She did things with them get out there in the yard and play. Sit on the porch with them. She lived for those children,” said Genell Williamson a neighbor and friend.

There were no signs of forced entry into the house, according to a news release.

Amanda Kay Canady
Amanda Kay Canady.

An autopsy on Ward’s body is scheduled for Thursday in Raleigh. Investigators have not released the cause of her death. According to District Attorney Jon David the suspects will face more charges.

Ward’s family members are in the process of planning her funeral with Inman Funeral Home in Tabor City. They say, since her death happened suddenly they’re accepting donations through the funeral home.

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