Wtf is Fake News?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2016


We’ve been hearing a whole hell of a lot about “fake news” for the last few weeks.

As it turns out, the people talk about it don’t even seem to be capable of explaining what it is.

They continue to mix in literal fake news – like that “Amish to vote for Trump” piece, just totally made up stories – with right-wing news sites like Druge, Breitbart and the Daily Stormer than they just don’t agree with. Apparently, they think they can just keep doing this and no one will notice.

Daily Caller:

Left-leaning BuzzFeed News’ coverage of “fake news” — which has been subject to accusations of misleading the public in service of a narrative —  has focused on hoax websites run by teenagers in Macedonia pushing out lies like “Pope Francis endorses Donald Trump.”

Other left-leaning news organizations, meanwhile, have lumped in legitimate news organizations alongside objectively fake sources.

A list of “fake news” sites compiled by a liberal college professor — a list that was uncritically accepted and distributed by some liberal journalists — included top right-of-center sites like Independent Journal Review (IJR) and The Blaze alongside objectively fake sites. Left-leaning media organizations like the Los Angeles Times and New York magazine distributed the list to their readers.

One website that the Washington Post labeled “fake news” — without providing a single piece of evidence — is threatening to sue the Post for defamation, after being included on a similar list.

In an article last summer, liberal New York Magazine writer Brian Feldman tried to argue that “conservative news” and “fake news” are the same thing.

That some liberal journalists are lumping in legitimate news organizations alongside objectively false sites while at the same time calling for censorship of fake news has lead to concerns that the crackdown on fake news sites — the actual influence of which remains unknown — will be used by liberals to censor their conservative competitors.

lol – ya think?

That is exactly what they’re doing and it’s so obvious that I don’t know how they’re getting on TV and talking about this without blushing.

It’s just outright kooky.

Notable Replies

  1. Retnar says:

    Off topic but either @Nationalist4UK has massively overslept or his mum's banned him from going online again :wink:

  2. They used to call it "conspiracy theory" now they call it "fake news". But what it really is, is the truth.

  3. bijuz says:

    The general populace is not as dumb as the elites like to believe. More and more people, properly distrustful of the MSM lugenpresse, will recognize that "fake news" means "the dangerous truth" and actively seek it out.

    I heard the Cosmic Pizza story vaguely covered with the "fake news" brush off this morning. They are scared to even say Pizzagate because people will look it up online and learn the truth.

  4. It's really weird, isn't it? They'll conjure up a list of like 200 shitty websites that actually post made-up stories just so they can toss Drudge or Breitbart on the list and hope nobody notices. Meanwhile, the Washington Post will cite some dude's shitty website and refer to it as a "team of experts."

    Honestly, I thought they were a lot smarter than this. Have we been overestimating them this whole time?

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