Wyoming Governor Planning to Flood the Place with Savages from the Congo

February 28, 2014

Rep. Governor Matt Mead is asking Obama for Federal funds to bring high risk refugees from the Congo to Wyoming.
Rep. Governor Matt Mead is asking Obama for Federal funds to bring high risk refugees from the Congo to Wyoming.

The Federal government gives US tax dollars to non-profit organizations to import super high risk “refugees” from countries like Somalia. Most “refugees” come from nations that rank among the lowest in IQ, and among the highest in violent crime. Hundreds of thousands of these refugees have now been imported to cities all over America. Most of them live on welfare. Crime rate explode wherever they are settled.

Often, these refugees are given a free pass to commit minor crimes with impunity. The Federal government has made it extremely difficult and costly to prosecute them if they pretend they can’t speak English. Refugees quickly learn to pretend like they speak no English when approached by a police officer. When refugees commit crimes, police often plead with the victim to just drop it.

Now the Republican governor of Wyoming is aggressively working to import these super high risk “refugees” to his state. He is specifically seeking to bring high risk immigrants from the Congo to Wyoming.

Individuals who run charities make money by importing refugees. The Obama administration gives them Federal tax dollars as grants. Some of that money then goes to pay extravagant salaries for the ones running the charity. They get rich, while the public is then forced to pay for welfare for the new refugees. Most likely, Matt Mead is in bed with someone who hopes to get rich off of this Federal grant hustle.

The people who want to dramatically transform Wyoming…

Republican Governor Matt Mead
University of Wyoming
Lutheran Family Services-Rocky Mountain

Gillette News Record…

The governor wrote a letter in September to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement saying Wyoming was interested in establishing a public/private center to help refugees.

The federal agency has responded that it was happy to hear of that wish and the work in progress.
Since then, state officials, University of Wyoming officials and the Lutheran Family Services-Rocky Mountain have been working to put a plan together to make it possible.

“There are some federal requirements and we are addressing those,” said Shawn Reese, the policy director in the governor’s office.

Among the decisions to be made is where that resettlement center will be located in Wyoming. University of Wyoming College of Law students will begin a study to determine the best site for that center with a conference call taking place next week to set a timeline for that work.

“They will be conducting community profiles to determine where it makes the most sense,” said Merit Thomas, who also is working on the project.

The center will receive federal funds.

Coming Soon To Wyoming…

This is what is happened in Columbus, Ohio. That city has the highest number of Somalians in America. The entire Somalian community was imported using Federal funds. Most live on welfare. In this incident, native born blacks and Somalian refugees battled each other other section 8 welfare apartments.

Notice how the left-wing media calls it “affordable housing,” when it is actually taxpayer subsidized housing for welfare recipients.

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  • NS-in-CA

    …I don’t see this going smoothly for the cultural Marxists. Wyo’s are a different breed of folk.

    Time to cowboy up on this one.

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  • Spaniard

    Yeah I heard about that. Hard times indeed, out here you’re lucky to even see a black person. So if they bring a bunch of REAL niggers from Africa here, I bet all them western men will take a second thought about what their grand-daddies told em.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    This needs to be protested and shouted at from every rooftop in Wyoming and everywhere else, one lands here he will have a permanent home in boot hill. The last thing this nation needs is more Negroes, yet we can’t seem to bring them in fast enough.

    Refugee is another word for invader. I curse the Jews after WW2 for giving us that accursed word. The UN Charter says all humans have the right to move anywhere they want. THAT RIGHT THERE was the end of sovereignty for humanity.

  • Billy Ray Jenkins

    If he wants CONGOIDS, just contact Alabama or Georgia, they have plenty of CONGOIDS down there theyd be willing to send him.

    • Cicero

      Take the Boston Negroes too. They are breeding too damn fast…

  • Billington

    I wonder how this will turn out..I lived in Wyoming for 13 years. The people ALL own lots of guns and know how to use them. There is a law that allows non permit concealed-carry of firearms. There is a law there that allows people to kill trespassers no questions asked. If they think they can pull their crime bullshit there they have another thing coming. It has been my experience living there most people are very casually/openly racist and don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about it. Ironically they are very easy-going people also in many ways so things could go either way. I think the congolese refugees will take one look at Wyo in the winter and think they are in hell. The Wyomingers are a long-suffering lot but they also have little time for people’s bullshit. It will be interesting. Consider: Wyo has one of the smallest black populations in the US ( ~2000 blacks in the whole state around year 2000 – one of the reasons i moved there). I expect a large portion of the ‘refugees’ (invaders) will wind up in Rawlins (it has the state penitentiary). LoL I think the congolese could end up in liberal Colorado. I like Wyoming and desperately hope this deal falls through, but if it doesn’t there may be some comedy in the future from this place.

    • Mr.a

      Fight any mosque building its essential

    • http://bclaym.wordpress.com Brandon

      @Billington….good point.

  • bv

    So what’s up with this? Did the NSA catch him on some porn sites or something? What sort of blackmail is being used on the guy to force him to destroy Wyoming the same way politicians have destroyed Europe?
    Whatever the reason, he’s no longer fit for public office. Why aren’t his plans being broadcast on the news so everyone can be aware of it?

    • Billington

      Wyoming politicians have a record of not giving a f*k about what the people of the state want. Remember that guy dick cheney? He was a Wyoming politician. This governor is just a bitch of the republican machine. This article has the answer in it: federal dollars. These people are all whores for federal spending. They don’t care because the african lowlifes will be plopped down in the nasty working-class southern part of the state while the billionaires sit around up in the beautiful north part smoking cigars and congratulating themselves for being such humanitarians and introducing diversity to ignorant knuckle dragging oilfield trash that are the ones making them so filthy rich and stupidly voting for them every election.

  • Mr.a

    great point im just learning the inns and outs of “strategic charities”

    a tool we must utilize

  • http://bclaym.wordpress.com Brandon

    Typical repukelican….conserve only their own blindness. They think they are doing good, but are actually doing evil.

    • Mr.a

      they know their doing evil. dont for once think its not the same team.

      the dems push the agenda, the republicians counter if White America says no…… Name a large Republician program or effort that was not simply money? Democrat, child left behind, dream act, obamacare. Republican always a scale down never a real program ie no mexicans. its a farse.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    This totally sucks! I’ve been trying to move back to Wyoming for over a year. I’m highly skilled in engineering but cant get an interview so this adds insult to injury!

    • Mr.a

      an engineer no interview highly doubtful

      • Vlad the Impaler

        Want to bet?

        • Billington

          I wish you good luck getting back home, bro…keep trying, you will get it..(hint- try the railroad?)

          • Harley

            Can you say what ‘the railroad’ is?

      • Mac

        It isn’t doubtful at all. I have a math degree and was told by the bank I was doing menial contract work for that they preferred hiring Hindus on H1-B visas.

        • Mr.a

          I meant in Wyoming and the coal business an engineer would be good. But do you see a need for real engineering, or “social” engineering like this shit, which is paid marxism.

          • Vlad the Impaler

            That’s where I applied, Green River WY. I’m from back there and want to get back

          • Harley

            Vlad is White, enough said.

            We are in the last throes, brothers and sisters. We must stop simply blabbing on the internet and start doing activism.

  • Felix

    We have the exact same problem in Sweden. You’ll see Somalis everywhere!