You Can Get Leftists Faggots to March Against You with Nothing More Than a Piece of Paper

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2017

Today we received the lovely news that someone in Baltimore is passing out Daily Stormer fliers.

More hate flier news, coming at you from Pennsylvania.


Chants and cheers could be heard on the campus of Kutztown University on Thursday.

“We organized a resistance that is hopefully built to last,” said protest organizer Maggie Stange.

Dozens of students are protesting a white nationalist group that plastered fliers across campus.

“This is our reaction to that,” said student Jeremy Griffin, “a united front saying we will not be having that on our campus.”

The fliers were posted in an attempt to recruit students for a white nationalist group called Identity Evropa. According to the group’s social media pages, it is connected to the white supremacist movement.

The posters were quickly taken down across campus and some professors even offered extra credit to students who turned them into art or something positive.

“We are going to resist these attacks and we are going to keep moving forward,” said AdanJesus Marin of ‘Make the Road Pennsylvania.’

Students marching said the hateful fliers they found on campus had the opposite effect. It did not tear them apart; it only brought them closer together.

This is glorious.

All it took was one guy, with a couple sheets of paper, a printer and some tape to get a whole demonstration going.

And look.

They think these demonstrations help their cause. They don’t. They show to the people that they are a bunch of pathetic, humorless losers. A coalition of brown people, women, Jews and a few fat cuck white males.

In other words, all of the worst types of people. Unified together in a mob. To complain that people’s opinions hurt their feelings.

Effectively, any modern leftist march is a pro-white march, in that it serves as excellent propaganda for us, hitting home with our key (read:only) demographic: heterosexual white males.

They see these marches, and it isn’t only disgusting because of how weak and humorless it is – it is disgusting because it is all of the elements of our society which did nothing to build our society organized against the only people who did anything for this society: heterosexual white males.

These are arguably just as useful as our own marches.

Just look at this sad bunch:


We need more of this.

And all you need is a couple sheets of paper, and ten minutes in the afternoon.

You don’t have to go to the school you put the fliers up at. It is 100% legal for you to be on the campus of any college or university, in most public areas. And it is legal for you to put up fliers, as long as you just use tape (none of that paste stuff).


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  2. You can print out your own flyer and hand it in to the administration at your school saying you found it on campus. If they ask your ID say you are afraid to give your identity.

    This will have the same impact as dumping a load of flyers around campus with less (or no) risk to you.

    You can prepare them at home. Put tape on the corners and get the tackiness off by sticking it on something and then pulling it off, so it appears you took these flyers down. Decide in advance where you will say they were posted. They may try to lift prints from the tape. But you will have an excuse for having prints there as you handed them in. Say you picked them up during an early walk through campus. Probably no one will check out your story. What law will you have broken anyway? They won't have actually been posted up.

    Equally, you can hand them in anonymously to the student union or some other group who will raise a fuss. Just walk up with them, give your story, and say bye.

    [Edit: or you can say someone with Nazi and KKK badges handed them to you. Be vague on where so they can't look for evidence on camera.]

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