Zeiger Talking Propaganda with Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2016


I appeared on Zeiger’s show to talk about the nature of propaganda and how we can best spread our message to the masses.

The show was great. Rather than the normal format of “reveal your origin story then let’s talk about current events,” Zeiger asked much more directed, interesting questions, and allowed me to elaborate on the methodology I employ in formulating the presentation and narrative of this website, The Daily Stormer.

We talk about trolling, memes, cultural subversion and so on. All of my secret techniques revealed. Except the ones which are actually a secret.

Besides learning from me how to run an effective website, you can also learn from Zeiger how to run an effective podcast by listening to this broadcast.

Zeiger does a regular podcast (it’s new, we’ve been posting it in the radio section), works on the Iron March Forums and runs the Fascist zine Rope Culture.

Notable Replies

  1. Another podcast already? Awesome. Im glad you somehow found time to do more of these lately. Do you ever sleep bro? Im convinced you are just a nazi robot that Weev built.

  2. Andre is real.

    Evalion however is something weev and those who are nameless created with a Trump Endowment. She almost caught her first nigger the other day. She is more powerful than she imagines.

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