Adolf Hitler: Icon of Our Struggle

Florian Geyer
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

Today we celebrate the birthday of the greatest statesman of the last century, certainly one of the greatest political leaders ever to have walked the face of the Earth.

To our enemies, this man has become the anti-Christ, and we, who venerate his heroism, Satanists. His raw infamy, or fame, depending on one’s point of view, attests to his objective excellence. Aristotle believed that any person, in order to be virtuous, must have the potential to be unvirtuous in like manner. In other words, any action, in one direction or another, cannot come without power, and Hitler was powerful. Do we wish to see his political goals realized? National Socialism implanted in our own countries? Then we must understand and emulate his power.

And it is for this reason, more than any other, that we are called to remember this man and his works on his day, it is because of his greatness, his vir. In theology we have a special term for this kind of remembrance: anamnesis. When we remember someone in the spirit of anamnesis, we not only recall the reality of their lives, but we enter into the spiritual reality of who they are and what they did. Through anamnesis, we connect with living ancestors, in faith or blood, and participate in the commonwealth of the spiritual reality that they subsist in, meet them as if they are still alive, for indeed, spirit never dies. It is this type of remembrance we strive to when we venerate our political and spiritual leaders. So today we remember Adolf Hitler, a man who embodied the best possible virtues of his race and people in the time that providence demanded of him. Though he naturally did not act single-handed in his struggle, it is a broad agreement that he was the centerpiece of the entire NSDAP regime, along with it’s ideology and ethos, Hitler was an icon for National Socialist Germany, and will evermore be so.

I am an Orthodox Christian, and the veneration of icons of saints and other religious figures is nothing new to me or any other Christian of my type. And while I do not believe Hitler was a saint (as I’m certain some Esoteric Hitlerists will bantz me for), I do believe Hitler is worthy of veneration. By extolling his virtues and lauding the many areas of excellence which Hitler displayed, we are called to reflect on our own personal life, our own vices and passions which we must struggle against in order to prevail against the tiger of the modern world. Do we have the drive and dedication of Hitler? How many of us are willing to be shot and go to prison for the cause of our people? How many of us are really willing to be gassed by our enemies to ensure the survival and victory of our people? These are the questions that we must ask ourselves on this day, are we fanatic enough to do those things which must be done, regardless of cost to our own lives and comfort?

This sort of fanaticism, this absolute dedication can only come from interaction with the real, the true, good and beautiful. No man will die for a toaster, but he will die for his faith, his folk, his family. When Hitler was laying blind from a gas attack on his hospital bed, and it was announced that the Kaiser had abdicated and Germany had suffered defeat, he did not weep and mourn for his comfort, but for his people! Hitler wept for his civilization, and her folk-ways and people, which he saw being ground into fine dust by the forces of international usury and finance. He wept for the millions of young German men who had laid their blood on the altar of their nation and been betrayed by labour agitators and oligarchs. He wept for the millions of young German women who would never experience a wholesome family life, never grow old with their descendants and witness the flourishing of their people. Hitler wept over this, and so ought we, for we find ourselves rapidly hurling towards our own post-modern political climax, where the realities of the rot which has so totally inebriated our society will be made manifest.

And so, like our political forefathers of generations gone by, we are obligated to action. Hitler, suffering from the unimaginable defeat of WWI and the horror of the Weimar period, did not flee from his country, or resign himself to a quiet life. Hitler fought, he organized, he tirelessly combated his own passions and those of the world around him. And against all the odds, he prevailed, his success was massive and sweeping, a total transformation. The NSDAP regime stands as a testament that real political change can in fact occur, but we must be discerning about what is necessary to bring it about. If we want to see the same level of success, we must be willing to pursue the same level of sacrifice, the same level of discipline, the same level of virtue. This is a frightful and dismal demand, and many of us may be up to snuff, but most are products of spiritually Jewish post-modernism, and it will require time and dedication that we may sufficiently build up our spiritual and physical strength. But we are running out of time, we must labour diligently while there is still possibility to save our vineyard, that we may not wake up and find our descendants slaves on the continents our forefathers conquered.

True victory is spiritual, and spiritual warfare begins within you.

Hail Victory!

Florian Geyer is the host of Mysterium Fasces, a spiritually-minded fascist podcast syndicated on The Daily Stormer.

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