BASED Shoe Company did a Racism Against Tennis Ape Serena Williams

Daily Stormer
May 19, 2017

Hulk smash!

I would never buy luxury shoes for any woman.

Or any shoes, for that matter – you wouldn’t want them to get any ideas about getting out of the kitchen.

But if I was the sort of cuck who’d buy women shoes, I’d buy them from Gianvito.

And if I thought the esteemed readers of this publication were faggy enough to do so, I’d recommend they do the same. But they’re not, so I won’t.

New York Post:

Managers for the luxury shoe company Gianvito Rossi called tennis star Serena Williams “disgusting” and refused to give her the same discounts as white celebrities, a former employee claims in a stunning new racial discrimination lawsuit.

Whitney Wilburn, who is black, says she was recruited to work for Gianvito Rossi in 2015 from “another Madison Avenue fashion house” where she’d been for five years.

But once she was hired to run the Manhattan boutique, her boss, Grace Mazzilli, was immediately “hostile to Wilburn based upon her race and age,” the suit alleges.

An anonymous insider source provided this picture of Gianvitto’s board meeting.

Wilburn, 46, claims in the Manhattan civil suit that her “experience with Mazzilli left no doubt about Mazzilli’s racial animosity toward African Americans.”

“For instance, when the world famous athlete Serena Williams, via her staff, asked for a discount on her extensive purchases, Gianvito managers responded with racially disparaging comments about Ms. Williams which made it clear that the company did not want African American women to wear its shoes,” the suit says.

Negresses only wear gaudy crap. No self respecting brand wants them wearing their stuff.

Of course Gianvito doesn’t want a brutish Black ape like Serena Williams to wear their shoes. That would drop their market value by half overnight.

Companies making luxury products purposely price them out of normal Black people’s reach, because they know that nothing destroys a product’s air of class and sophistication than being worn or used by goofy prehistoric savages.

She made this exact same face as her school teachers tried to get her to learn to read.

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